Top 10 Best House Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best House Songs of All Time till 2017. House music can be described as loved genres with unique and impressing features. Some of them were recorded several years ago while others are of 21st century. However, time is not a case here. I am featuring on qualities. Have a guideline of top ten list for best house songs of all time.

House Songs Top 10 Best House Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best House Songs of All Time till 2017

10. What they say by Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles is a music producer, audio engineer and DJ in music popularly known in United Kingdom for her work in production of amazing tracks. Her major work is to compose and produce music. What they say is a simple song was produced in 1970 and became very popular at a high pace. Beauty of Jane’s composition includes simplicity in production, groove character and highly executed lyrics. Video itself is taken within a house premise making it absolutely enclosed and interesting to watch.

9. Child by George FitzGerald

child is a deep house track regarded successful ever since George FitzGerald released it in 1999. You can describe it with a minimal stab that is heard like calling somebody frequently. A soft and perfect vocal of a man is heard in chorus area. Chorus parts delivers out more sweetness to fans. Fitz has made effort in music industry and releasing so many tracks but I bet this one is best building a catalogue of greatness. Its beat is fantastic and can play well in woofers or bass earphones.

8. Let it go by Huxley

Let it go is a notable successful package of Huxley written and recorded in 2011 after him giving fans a promise of producing something unique and amazing. It does not come as big surprise because people were already expecting best from him original and vocal sample hits everything into high fabric. Let it go pile drives more than three bass line spins to grip a tight dance floor. Those bass lines can truly make you feel good especially with background melodies that seem to bounce in and out at specific points. You cannot understand what I am explaining to you unless you visit their website and download a copy of it to your personal Computer.

7. Can you feel it by Mr. Fingers

Mr. Fingers released this deep house track in Chicago around 1986 but retaining its freshness although. Can you feel it defines deeply meaning of maturity in music. Instruments are correctly played, smart vocally and well sampled lyrics upgrading Finger’s version acceptable and popular to many people.

Can you feel it is simply best and cannot be doubted at all. Other versions, which were released in 1988 by Rhythm control group called my house, are not that famous.

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6. Hungry for power by Jamie Jones

Hungry for power remix by Jamie Jones shows outstanding features in and enclosed house. Introduction part of it describes a good atmosphere of a cool house that is eventually leading at a high rate. Dark and dangerous corners are encountered with false sense of security hence implying unconsciousness. As title suggests, this man is trouble on how to attain leadership and is seen almost crying. Bass nature and vocals are unsettled at this juncture but forms a good combination anyway.

Hungry for leadership draws success to itself out of good and cooperating producer and vocal analysts.

5. Senseless by Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles is again contributing one more time in our list. She is indeed a vocal star. Having released what they say, Maya is back again with Senseless. Story record behind this track starts with loss contrasting with high melodies of intricate steel drums and high bass. These two contrasting elements form unknown thing after combination. Tuning music itself will relax your mind.

Video is based on house issue n many people have confessed that their worries are always washed away immediately after listening. No wonder it scooped a chance here. This is one of the Top 10 Best House Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Feel it by Scuba

This track is popularly known as feel the love. It’s a composition from Rudimental band in Britain drum and bass instrumentalists. John Newman educated about vocals before recording it as a single debut album. Feel it was featured in a video game most wanted in 2012. In Australia, scuba’s song advertises for Foxtel products. However, this track does not play for long as it only take part in required portions.

Progress continues as it adds lovely atmosphere lines before getting back to main system. Clean vocals as said have contributed to far end of everything.

3. Stay High Baby by Maceo Plex

Maceo Plex’s stay high track holds special positions in people’s hearts as of those fans with passion of getting right genres. Introduction part of it shows talks about introducing an element at breaking speed level. Title and reality are much different because stay high baby allows you to take a deep breath as you decide to continue singing. Lyrics are well elevated. There is a fresh feeling especially to those listening.

Stay high track will always be valued highly in people’s hearts.

2. Chain of fools by Frank B

Frank B is not really a stranger in pleasing and entertaining crowds and chain of fools has proofed it all. He started by working in Dublin Club as a deejay before bringing out melody and tune of Chain of fools. Some of its features include vocals that come in and out by repeating themselves, great bass line dropped at some point and chopped vocal elements.

Chain of fool is a deep track of its own class.

1. Box Clever by Huxley

This is for second time that Huxley’s best production is being featured here. Box Clever takes first position without any opposition at all. Important features comprises of beautiful house beat, great hats and solid kick to keep music going before bass’s arrival in system. Box clever is simple, smooth, fun and extremely seductive to listen to and dance as well.

That is the list comprising of best house songs of all time till 2017. If you are not familiar with any of them, visit their website full download and video viewing for each.

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