Top 10 New House Songs

Top 10 new house songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular House Songs list.

In the year 2015, several house songs are gaining its popularity. People who are fond of best house music should review the below list and find the best music of the year. We have prepared a list of all the top 10 house songs that are trendy and are loved by every listener who are looking for sensible music at home.

List of top 10 new house songs 2015-2016:

Below is the list of top 10 house songs of the year 2015-2016 that is gaining high attention from entire population of the world.

Top New House Songs

1. Robin Schulz – Headlights: – People who are looking for best house song; this is the sound track for them from Robin Schulz. Thus, this house song is a best of the time and is highly preferred by music lovers.

2. Duke Dumont – The Giver (Reprise): – This song is among the best track of the current year, gaining popularity among the best house song. It is listed to be the best house song that is basic reason for everyone to enjoy best time at home.

3. Sam Feldt – Show Me Love (EDX Remix): – Show Me Love is a sensible song that is loved by people who have fallen in love and love to listen romantic and sizzling song at house. This is a classic house song by Sam Feldt and is now an appealing song for every house.

4. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – Soul Makossa: – Soul Makossa is a sizzling song by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP and is now a beauty of every household. People who wish to spend some pleasing time in listening best and soft music can find this track to be the best house song of the year. Thus, people can enjoy an entertainment time at dance floor.

5. Philip George – Wish You Were Mine: – Wish You Were Mine is bets house song of the year and has a long history of success. Thus, this sound track by Philip George is great house jam and people trust it for entertainment and romance at house. Thus, it is a best song for people who wish to enjoy some sensible time at dance floor.

6. Tchami Feat. Kaleem Taylor – Promesses: – Promesses is a amazing house song that is great pleasing song for every house. Thus, this great house music is recognized to be the best music of the year and shows the success story of Tchami Feat. Kaleem Taylor.

7. 99 Souls – The Girl Is Mine (Beyonce vs Brandy & Monica): – This house song is gaining high reputation as a house song and holds long history of its success. Even though this song was released in 2014, still it is a track song of the current year and is preferred to be the best house song. Thus, it has messed up Beyonce & Brandy & Monica and proved them to be providing the best house beats.

8. Bakermat – Teach Me: – Teach Me is another sensational home song that is trendy at this time and is amazing song by Bakermat. Thus, it is highly suitable song for people who are looking for amazing music that is pleasing to ears and hearts.

9. Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better: – Make Me Feel Better is a best house song that is highly popular and trendy song of every household. This sensational music will definitely brings its listener out of the dark and thrill for some time. It is the best song that is suitable for enjoying day, night, summer, winter, spring, and other occasions of life. Thus, it makes each of the moment like a festival and is the best house song of the year 2015.

10. Mike Mango and Dragonette – Outlines: – Another amazing house song in the list of top house songs of the year is “Outlines” by Mike Mango and Dragonette. This song has made this group popular in this segment. This song and Mike Mango and Dragonette are highly loved by people who are fond of sensible house music.

Therefore, people who are desperate of enjoying new and amazing sensible house song, here is an opportunity for them to pick the right song from the above list. This list will definitely entertain their life and will make them love it for its best music, lyrics, and rhythm.


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  1. Nice songs from house party…I hav enjoyed alot with these kinda songs…I made a whole playlist out of this songs…or gave it to my friends ..they really appreciated these song…gud work

  2. Ohh maza aa gya..enjoyed ever bit of it saare songs sunn Kr …perfect songs to listen on a trip ,holidays …enjoyed listening wid my frnds …great work guys …liked Ur list

  3. Ohh maza aa gya yaar saare songs sunn Kr …perfect songs to listen on a trip ,holidays …enjoyed listening wid my frnds …great work guys …liked Ur list

  4. This is wat I was searching for…a handful list of house party songs …loved the composition of every song …great work guys ..looking forward for the next list ..update it soon ..

  5. I hav listened all songs in the list …except few other was like ok ok type …few are really awesome to hear dat everytime …saved it in my playlists..wish more great songs in the list next time

  6. Reprise and Show me Love. My favourites. I’m glad to see my fav songs in the collection on this blog. I follow most of the posts here and just love the compilation! So many songs in my playlist have come from here! Keep up the good Work!

  7. I liked some songs, but not all of them. I think the list should be re-made. But a few songs were very good. Listened to all of them.

  8. Duke dumont – the giver (reprise) is one of the popular song. I keep listening to it very often when am at home. Even the video is really good. The venice beach, where the music was filmed brings out the video well.

  9. Headlights, a song by German DJ and
    record producer Robin Schulz is one of the best song ever. Even the video is quiet good. A small group of pool-goers in an
    abandoned waterpark do water-related stunts in the empty pools which gives the video the best view.

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