Top 10 New Funny Comedy Songs

Top 10 new funny comedy songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular Funny Comedy songs list.

Comedy songs are the best part of the melody as that acts as an entertainment and also acts as a fun agent. There are numerous songs of that style. It is not a genre by itself, but people love to search funny comedy songs a lot. Thus they are the top style of songs that are listed on the website. Here is the list of the top ten of the funny songs that are available online and you must go through them to get the top names at the ease. Most importantly, you will get the list of the new songs, which have been downloaded by you and also that are not downloaded still now.

The list of 10 new funny comedy songs of 2015-2016 is as follow:

We are sure that you will love to swing with the new funny comedy songs

Top new Funny Comedy songs list

1. The Bad Touch- The lovely feat by Bloodhound Gang has been one of the top songs in the list and it is one of the funniest sons too. The musical feat is a nice one, but it is more importantly having a video that is quite attractive and funny.

2. Motherlover- The song has been a lovely feat and the melody in the song has been perfectly directed in the comedy tone by Justin Timberlake. The song related to Christmas comedy is one of the best and the lyrics of the song is so funny that you will love the song the most.

3. Stacys Mom- Fountains of Wayne have always been a genuinely hit band and this one is a perfect sensual comedy. You will love the video of the song too. The song is a perfect one in terms of the download. It has been one of the top popular songs and that has made it a hit in the list of the top songs.

4. Ur So Gay – You cannot expect a better comedy song than this feat by Katy Perry. The perfect lyrics of the song and the genuine tune of the song have made it one of the best of this year. The song is one of the legendary songs of this year and has been downloaded by many to list atop among the ten comedy songs of 2015.

5. Hot Dog – The superb song from the legendry LMFAO has been an outstanding feat and is regarded as a top song of recent times. Not only as a comedy song, as a musical note has this song been rated as a top one among the ten hits. The song has been one of the best among the best in this year.

6. Baby Got Back- Sir Mix-a-Lot is one of the top bands and there are many songs that are listed at the top with the best feats. This song is one of the best among all and thus it has been rated as one of the top most among the recent comedy songs.

7. Because I Got High- The great symphony by Afroman is unrated and it is a miraculous one of the recent times. The song has broken all the records of recent time and that has made it a top song that you can get among the comedy songs of recent time.

8. Pretty Fly- The merry song by The Offspring is gifted with a perfect tone of melody and that also with the greatest tune of comedy. The music has perfect lyrics that are best means for comedy and that made this one a perfect in the list.

9. I’m on a Boat- This song is literally made to make you laugh. The song by T-Pain is having the lyrics to state the foolish act of a person on the boat. Thus the song has been one of the top comedy symphonies of recent times. The song lyrics and the direction have been outstanding to place it at the top of the list.

10. Fat– The legendary MJ cannot be left u, while the sense of comedy is to be reached. The song from Weird has been such and wonderful feat, that you can never leave it from the top 10 list.

All the ten songs that are stated above are the latest comedy songs and all of them are wonderful feats too. Thus get the best of the songs and enrich your playlist with perfect comedy that you can imagine. Get the list updated and listen the best comedy songs.


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  1. Baby got back should get the award for being the best song of the year. It’s sol different and has got such a nice melody. In love with this song. And the site’s also fabulous, giving me a collection of best songs ever.

  2. Wanna get a taste of laughter? Check out the coolest collections out here. If cougars looking for some real comedy, then this site is your destination. The song mottherlover is really cool and you know that when U listen to that. The best site ever, would recommend this to everyone.

  3. Wow guys, check out the latest by bloodhound gang. It’s sol wonderful. I really feel connected to the song. What a cool collection admins, hats off to you. I really like your work and would recommend this tonal, of my gang.

  4. In love with the song I’m in a boat. For it’s the funniest song of the year to me. I was searching for some good comedy songs, when I got hold of this site. It’s a really great site and the contents are damn cool. With only the best stuffs shown, I think one must surely go for it.

  5. Comedy songs are the best songs. No song can ever replace comedy songs in the whole world. And gosh, these videos are just too funny. I laughed my heart out on listening ‘Ur so gay’ by Ketty Perry. And for all the music lovers, I would really love to refer this site, so that you all can get the best of the fun in a nutshell.

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