Top 10 Best Friendship Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Friendship Songs of All Time till 2017. Friends are very important people in our lives. They do us good through offering physical, spiritual or financial support. One way to appreciate them is by dedicating unique messages to them through handwritten material or even songs. Some songs are worthy to perform such work and are listed below.

Top 10 Best Friendship Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Friendship Songs of All Time till 2017

10. That is what Friends are for by Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick is an American singer and actress who made her way into music industry in 1957 by releasing several touching songs. Some of these songs include I will never love that way again, walk on by and of course that’s what friends are for. Of all friendship songs, this one is just touching and of high sensation. I am featuring it here since it has touching lyrics dedicated to a friend. Dionne herself confessed that she recorded it out of true story where a friend stood by another when there was a lot of trouble. Before Dionne, Rod Stewart wrote it in a night Shift movie in 1982. Later on legends like Burt Bacharach together with Bayer Sager also made this composition.

American AIDS foundation have benefited from this song as an inspiration.

9. Umbrella by Rihanna

Rihanna is best known for releasing best hits that touches people of many nations. Umbrella is one of her songs that endure power of friendship and words of support make its lyrics all through. Americans celebrated this song for 7 weeks when it was released in 2007. Umbrella garnered this popular star an award nomination for track of year. Who could have said it will go that far. She was only 20 but gave an extra ordinary perfomance. Let all true friends celebrate it in every anniversary.

8. Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Grouplove is an Indian group that always talks about love between friends. Just as its name suggest, lyrics in Tongue Tied song that was once performed by Lou Raws in 1982 in a special friend attribute. At that particular time, most people were inspired and voted for it as one of best alternative songs for friendship. In mainstream pop radio station, Tongue Tied is among Top 10 list. Not only in this list but has really appeared in many leading ranks.

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7. Wind beneath my wings by Better Midler

This one was recorded in 1999 by Better Midle , an American artist. At first Jeff Silber and Larry Henley were first recorders in 1982 before Lou Rawls performing it among pop chart records in 1983. Of all these artists, it’s only Better Midler who made things right for friends but writing it afresh. Everything about it was so real, touching and romantic. Currently, wind beneath my wings can be described as unforgettable classic with good performance record and Grammy Award for best friend track.

6. You are My Best Friend by Queen

For those people who love their Romantic partners happy always can dedicate Queen’s composition as a heartfelt tribute to your loved one. This is like adding more value into your friendship. Making a contribution in this list, you are my best friend is among top 20 list in USA pop charts and top 10 in United Kingdom. Video itself is amazing and can be found on Amazon ratings. Audio van be downloaded from any legal site.

5. I will be there for you by Rembrandts

Most television series have already made it an anthem as it’s played more often. Michael Skloff and Allee Willis were first people to record it in 1995 when there were no plans at all to do a single release. Fans requested for a full length record versions and their request was met and finally included in a commercial mix of 20 best pop songs. This is one among the Top 10 Best Friendship Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Lean on me by Bill Withers

Lean on me was first introduced in 1970 by Bill Withers and went straight to pop charts and later on became a contemporary pop classic track. Among single pop souls and charts, withers’ composition is best. When I first heard it play on radio, what came into my mind was my best friend who always kept helping me in all manners. Its until you take time and listen to those inspiring messages that you will get to understand really meaning. Make a simple download and own that good experience that many people yearn for.

3. Thank you for being a friend by Andrew Gold

Title of this song speaks all that needs to be known in it. Entire generation, television shows and other groups of people know Cindy fees first record. In 1978 is when fame surrounded it through a performance done by Andrew Gold. Are you looking for an excellent expression of thanksgiving to be given to a best friend? You are in right hands, Andrew will show you how to appreciate and acknowledge friends for good job done.

2. You’ve got a friend by James Taylor

Carole King recorded it first in 1971 in tapestry Album. James Taylor later on did a definition version that hit heads of many people. Few songs can dare come close to this but have not reached its point. Vocals, lyrics and instrumentals are of high quality. What cant a friend listen to in this track. Every single person loves to be loved.

1. with a little help from my friends by Beatles

Recorded and released in 1967 by Beatles, with a little help from my friend is indeed an inspirational track for friendship. Whenever played, all we tend to think is help that we got from friends and how important they have been in our lives. No one can be able to stay alone without friends. Many are times which much of our help comes from them and no excuse is to be given but rather thanksgiving.

These are songs to use in appreciating friends in our lives. Among other romantic songs for best friends, above are best of all.


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  1. In this list one song just touch my soul ” I miss my friend “.I think that this song just tell my story. lyrics are simply heart touching..

  2. I heard all these songs and I really start missing my friends,” Thank you” guys for this unique collection of songs .I LOVE YOU for this.

  3. i am impressed by the music is given on this list i personly like 50 cent for his song best friend i used to hear it plenty of time in a day i feel this is awesome for me.. lyrics are so good of all songs beats are awesome guys ..

  4. These songs will remain special to me…as I have moved to different place for work n missing my friends n closed ones alot… listening to these songs reminds me of all the good memories which I have spent wid my pals …thnx for the article

  5. I miss my friend and you’re my bestfriend are the two songs which I liked the most from this list…it’s a really nice song ..dedicated to all our friends …can be helpfull while going on the trip with friends

  6. You’re my best friend ..this song is really special…lyrics are too gud …and the music is a real melody…love these types songs ..reminds me of my friends..whenever we hangout together we often listen to these types of songs …sometimes it could bring tears in Ur eyes

  7. That’s what friends are for is really gud song…ever since I had heard this song..I hav gone mad for the song…these types of music should be coming often …it reminds us of our good times spend with closed ones

  8. Very cool list of songs ..these songs remind me of my friends..really cool songs to hangout wid friends ..songs describes the friendship..those lyrics are really meaningfull

  9. The relation between friends cannot be described in a word or two. These songs justify these words perfectly. The lyrics in these songs are just so perfect that no one can make them better by any means. The music is also lovely and it has got a distinct flair in it.
    The songs “That’s what friends are for” and “Best Friend” are among my favourites. Amazing work behind the post, I’d say. Viola.

  10. Yes lessi. I agree with you. Thi song has brought a huge change in my life. I could know or find out who are my real friends and who really need me the most. I have experienced a lot such situations where few of my friends ignore me when am in trouble. Only one or two help me.

  11. “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” is a mid-
    tempo in which the narrator tells of various situations where a person might be in trouble, and thus might need a friend’s help , such as having a car stuck in a ditch, or being short on money. The song’s chorus states that in such moments, a person finds out who his or
    her friends are.

  12. Dionne recorded the song that’s what friends are for” as a single to raise money for the American Foundation For AIDS Research. AIDS was a widely misunderstood disease in 1985, and this recording helped draw attention to the cause and educated people about the disease. that’s why i love this song.

  13. Good friends are for keeps Is a song means gives something good about the friendship. I mean it has a good meaning. The carpenters are really awesome. Their composes are the best ones among all.

  14. This list is really amazingly written. The songs in the list are Very good. Friends are the best part of my life. These songs just mean everything to me about my friends. I would like to dedicate all these songs for my dear friends.

  15. You’re my best friend.. Yeah you are!! Haha!! I just love this song to the core. Queen has such a beautiful and melodious voice which brings out the song so well. The lyrics of the songs are really meaningful.

  16. That’s what friends are for is a brilliant song composed by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager. Those lyrics so meaningful.. I mean it just describes the value of a friend and friendship both. I dedicate this song to my friend jake.

  17. I had a very close friend since my childhood. But now we aren’t together. We always used to have great fun. I really miss her. I miss my friend is just a perfect song for me. Those lyrics really mean my life. It brings tears when i listen to it.

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