Top 10 Best Folk Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Folk Songs of All Time till 2017. People many wonder what a folk sons is ,but from our time we might have heard our parents sing the song or tell us about a dance they went and the song which were sang they were folks. These give us the meaning of what they are. They are just song sung in the tradition they discuss a time or an occurrence that occurred back then. The song are different every culture with their song. They were not necessary written or produced in the studio but they were passed from one generation to another orally.

Top 10 Folk Songs of All time till 2017

List of Top 10 Best Folk Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Caledonia by Dougie Maclean

This song was written in the year 1977, Maclean wrote because of how she missed her homeland country, written in Perthshire where Dougie was living before going back to her country. He was born 1954 by a father who was a gardener, he is talented in many areas, singing songs as well as tell tales .Schooled and graduated with a degree in engineering but also worked as gardener too. He is married to Jennifer a musician and they have to children still living in Dunkeld where was born. His hobbies are travelling and writing songs. In the music field he mainly major on tradition songs.

9. Down In The River To Pray By Alison Krauss

Alison born in Illinois in the year 1971.She started her singing career when she was as young as 14 years, in her life she have more than 25 awards brought about by the music she have done. The first studio album she did in Union Station .She got married to Pat Bergeson who is a guitarist and harmonica player in 1977 but later separated in 2001.The song Down in the river to pray which she did in 2000.She withdrew the song from book known as slave song of united states which was published in 1867 and added her new wordings making it look nice and better bringing back the memory of the back times, the song was all about hoe Christianity was condemned back then.

8. Field Of Athenry by Paddy Reilly

He was born in 1939; he is a folk musician as well as guitarist. He was born in Dublin but later moved to New York where he owns several bars there. He is a single man. The song is about potato hunger in Ireland. This was the time Ireland was experiencing hunger and some corns, they were so hard such that the milers there could nit grind them, people could not believe the authority and formed a moved and moved to the stores to confirm .They called the movement Potato Famine some were arrested and taken to Australia where they were imprisoned it was done in 1983 and is the song that made Paddy so popular. Since then the song has been playing all over the nation.

7. Goodnight Irene by Lead Belly

Belly was born in the year 1888 in Mooringspot. He is a song writer and a guitarist. He lived a violent life and thus made his so known, was jailed in 1918 for killing somebody. Goodnight Irene was done in 1933 being one of his greatest songs. Did this song while he was in prison the main aim of the song was to ask the governor to consider his murder case. It was a dedication to the governor which was very influential.

6. Four Strong Winds by Ian Tyson

Ian was born in Victoria in the year 1933 but later moved to Duncan where he grew up. He began his music career in .Toronto; in the later years he worked as a TV presenter. Tyson married two wives whom all divorced had a son with the first wife and a daughter with the second wife. He was a rodeo rider and in his early life he fell and lost his leg during the recovery period that when he sang the song, this was 1963.

5. The Last Thing IN my Mind by Tom Paxton

He is a talented musician who has been in this field for over 50 years. Tom was born in AMERICA in the year 1937.married in 1963 and has two daughters.

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4. Once an Eagle by Laura Marling

She was born in England in a family of 4 where she was the last born. She did the song after listening to tradition=ion music and found them very interesting ,whenever she could pay music she felt so nice and like she was in the air that what influenced her to writing this song. This is one of the Top 10 Best Folk Songs of All Time.

3. She Moved Through the Fair by Annie Briggs

She was born in Toton in the year 1944, her mother later died and the father too she was adopted by the uncle. She was a traditional song performer who was a mother of two did a lot of collaboration with other people. The song was all about a person who died but later was coming back as a ghost to the life.

2. Life ON Mar by David Bowie

He is a known artist born in England in 1947, began his music interest when he was young as 13 but started producing when he was 16 after graduating. He has done so many songs making him to be widely known by people .He have so many awards. His family is not well defined; he later died when he was very ill. The song is all about imagination nothing that led his to write it .It’s just a story.

1. Universal Soldier by Donovan

He became very popular for the performances he did in UK, born in 1946 as a talented musician and a guitarist. He was the first pop musician to be arrested for taking cannabis which is illegal in United Kingdom. The song was based on a true story what he refer as solders was a movement by young men who did not want to move to Vietnam for work which they being forced to do, they come out in the street with some demonstration fighting the use of caffeine and exploitation.

So folks music has been there since the olden day’s .The above are the top ten folk songs of all time till 2017.