Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time till 2017. Talking of a wedding it’s one of the rite of passage, it’s a great ceremony and should be well cerebrate to have the best memories. Not every couple is romantic but when it comes to a wedding situation a romantic song should be played. It depend with the taste of the bride and groom .Having the best dance an song too means a lot, with the two in the begging of a wedding the entire ceremony became so thrilling and so sweet that even the guest enjoy the whole thing. With a poor song even the reception dance it become a bit tricky.

Dance Wedding Song Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Amazed by Lonestar

These is a group of four American musician which was founded in 1992, the members are; Richie ma=McDonald, Michael Britt, dean Sam, Keech.These version was produced in 1999 which it remained in the time line for 8 weeks .it was produced in AMERICA .It is a slow song, which makes a good song to dance .It is very romantic and the rhymes are too sweet for a couple who are starting life as on during their most special occasion.

9. Better Together by Jack Johnson

Jack born 1975 in America he is a song writer, an actor and a producer. He is married and they have three children. He and his wife have been involving d in charity work which is so kind of them. It was produced in year 2005 but later released in 2006, it peaked very well with lot of funs .it is a heart supporting song and sweet to listen to .It have been playing all along since it was released .in wedding situation the song is good and plays so gentle and clear enough the word flow is just perfect, it’s a nice song.

8. A thousand years by Christina Perri

American musician borne 1986.She got married and divorce after 1 and a half years .After the heartbreak she produced ‘’jar of heart’ ’She moved to a different city where she earned her income by music production, during her exploration in the music field she met another guy whom they married and the marriage broke after one year .during the dating period she wrote the song a thousand years which was describing the emotions and the feeling of being loved and having someone by your side always.

7. Make You Feel My LOVE

A graduate with performing art technology from America born in 1988.The song is a romantic song and can be played in the wedding. This is one of the Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs of All Time till 2017.

6. I Won’t Give UP by Jason Mraz

Born in Virginia, raised by a single parent because there parent divorced when he was young. He is married, his hobbies include photographing, and he is a farmer and a business man too. These is a good song to listen so emotional and loving it can be a special dedication to your loved at any time.

5. At Last by Etta James

American musician born in 1938.she have more than one type of music .she even have gospel music. Hd problem with drug addiction where she was taken to rehab Centre. Marriied to musician too, whom they remained in good terms till her death.

4. Crazy to Love You by Leonard Cohen

Leonard was born in 1934 in Westmount. Cohen was a poeter too he used to write books and sin songs too, through music and poems that how he expressed his feelings and what he is going through. He lived in Hydra where he was living with his wife who later died in 2016.He was a Christian and practiced it everywhere he was even when he was on trips. Cohen writing is the best one can have his words just keeps the flow. They are so moving best to dance in the weeding to express your feeling to the person you love most.

3. Marry you by Bruno Mars

Born in 1985 in Honolulu. He started his music career at a very age; in his singing career he has receive so many awards. He have been dating a model by the name Jessica Caban.He was arrested for having drugs and later released from prison his mother died when he got out of prison and this affected him so much. His music has been paying him very well .The song marry me ,was a song he just wrote with no any intension to dedicate to anyone but for just selling it as a hit song .through the e song he have made lot of cash. This song can be danced in a wedding because is just like a question you are posing to your partner where they will marry you, it can be done even during the vows session.

2. Just Say YES by snow patrol

The so n as the tittle is ,,it can a special dedication in your weeding ,you telling your loved one to just say yes and you will show her the beauty in the world of love and marriage .The song is so cool and very romantic the rhymes just flows very well leaving love in the air it’s a sweet song to sing to the beloved person in your at the day of your wedding it so good .Snow Patrol is a group of people who are Gary,Nathan,Paul Wilson and Jonny ,They met in the university and that’s when the music started ,they have been together for so long now doing great in the music field.

1. ALL of me by John legend

Legend borne 1978 in America, he has won so many award sin his life, plays piano too. Married in the year 2013 and married Chrissy Teigen and they have one kid. All of me was his first song which he sang when he was in the university and this led to lot of fame, this is where he began. This song is so romantic so touching and awesome just by the words it expresses the best felling to the one you love most all that you feel. The song can led to tears as long the person you are with you really love her or him .it’s the best you can have.

You have been wondering which is the best song to dance on your wedding day ,the above are best first dance wedding songs in 2017.