Top 10 Best English Dance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best English Dance Songs of All Time till 2017. Dance songs are of different types such as R&B, souls, pop music and many others. Best English dance songs are as narrated below.

Top 10 Best English Dance Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best English Dance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. staying alive by Bee Gees

Gee Bees track staying alive is best known as a disco song from his album sound tract picture motion for fever night Saturday. Bee was assisted by his close friends Robin, Maurice Gibb and Barry in composing staying alive. Upon release this amazing disco track rose to position one in America’s billboard of top 100. Gees got a great breakthrough and became well known by many music industries all over the world. Due to its recognition, most clubs in America used to play it until it got nicknamed club anthem.

9. Freak by Chic

Chic is an American R&B famous band. This band released freak track on 10th July, 1978 together with other tracks like I want your love, love me, meet me at gateway, chic cheer and alongside highway. All of these songs are from same album called Cest Chic. Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers are members of chic band and were writers of Freak. These two co workers were also producers of same.

Storyline behind Freak features a stubborn long queue. Queues are tiresome and boring. Freak is a slow pace dance track.

8. Groove is in heart by Deee lite

This is a famous American dance track produced by Dee elite on 18th January 1990. Groove is in heart was first released as a single debut album and hit so many countries. Before being released in 1990, a group of young men used to perform it in early 1980 but wasn’t released. Groove had a great performance in USA at that particular time was therefore ranked in second position as greatest dance song lists. To add to that, groove appeared on America’s Billboards as top 100 rated songs. Most nightclubs and dance halls in America do play it a lot.

7. Thriller by Michael Jackson

Quincy Jones was the producer of thriller song which was written and recorded by American singer Michael Jackson. Rod Temperton also took part in composing thriller. MTV showed thriller on 2nd December on 1983 for first time in a Halloween performance theme. This song has been categorized top amongst most dance tracks worldwide. Being so famous, Jackson is talented and good in doing break dances. If you happen to watch Clip part of it, then u would agree with me on that matter.

Most of Michael Jackson’s articles are well performed with nice beats, great vocals and powerfully played instruments.

6. Shout by Isley Brothers

Shout is a famous American song and was originally recorded on 21st September, 1959 by Isley brothers. They wrote and recorded this song as response or answers to Jackie Wilsons famous call song called lonely teardrops. These two combinations are always performed in public places with one answering other person’s question. Shout gained much fame after being covered on Australian television show (six o’clock rock) exactly one month upon release. Later on, millions of records were released to many nightclubs, dance halls and dancing competition parties. Isley’s track cannot let you down, beats are well played presenting dances nicely. This is one of the Top 10 Best English Dance Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Vogue by Madonna

From her second soundtrack album I am breathless released in 2008, Madonna presents to you Vogue dance song. Vogue was recorded and released as a single lead article in Sire records on 27th match, 1990. Madonna’s inspiration came from her dancers Gutierez Extravaganza and Luis extravaganza. These two dancers hail from Harlem community which is best known and rich in dancing talents. You can bear me witness that vogue is a dancing song after being associated with popular dancing community. Here are : Most famous English Songs 2017

4. Dance by Justice

it is a second single track from Justice’s first album. Just as its title suggest, this is a common dance song and many of its extended versions mix in a unique style with great beats combined altogether. When Michael Jackson died, his fans decided to dedicate Dance to him having known that Jackson was really good at dancing. On his burial, several dancers gave in to this mission to off their dancing talents.

Dance seems to have few lyrics compared to beats. This is to allow dancing moment to last a little bit longer.

3. Twist and shout by Beatles

In 1961, popular music band wrote twist and shout song. Originally known as top notes, this track was also part of cover single to Isley brothers’ best composition in 1962. Several other artists have now been covered with twist and shout such as Tremeloes in 1962 (please please me) and Beatles (1970 to 1984) in who album. A number of people contributed in releasing Twist and Shout dance song. Most of them are Chucky Rainy (bass guitar and instrumentalist), Ronald Isley (lead Vocal), King Curtis (saxophone), Erick Gale (guitarist), trade martin (guitarist), Cornell Dupree (guitarist), Paul Griffin (piano) , just to mention a few. There were also dancers who worked effortlessly in training their flexible bodies. Amazing results is only what we can observe.

2. Blue Monday by New Order

This song was released as a 12 single track by New order Band on 7th march, 1983 through factory records. It was remade later in between 1988 and 1995 several remixes have been crafted from original one by various popular artists. It has become a popular dance anthem in most dance clubs scenes. Blue Monday is most people’s favorite dance track.

1. one more time by Daft Punk

On top position of our list we have one more time by Daft Punk who is one of French electronic music. This track was released on 30th November, 2000. One more time was included in discovery album in 2001. Romanthony did auto tuned and compressed vocal performances. Popular animated movie films such as criteria have feature one more time in some romantic and dancing portions.

You were looking for best English dance songs of all time till 2017, well you now have them. Credit to my successful research.

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