Top 10 New English Dance Songs

Top 10 new English dance songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular English Dance Songs list.

Dance songs are the best way to entertain and enjoy sensible dance. This is the best way to stay healthy and tension free from the worries and tiredness of life. Thus, we have created a list of all the most popular ten English dance songs that will definitely gain the attention of everyone who love romantic, thrilling, and emotional dance songs. People can review the below list and pick their desired song as per their requirement and preference.

List top 10 new English dance songs 2015-2016:

Below is the list of all the romantic, emotional, and thrilling English dance songs that remained super hit entire year.

Top New English Dance Songs

1. Jack Ü ft. Missy Elliot & Kiesza, “Take U There (Remix)”: – This is among the best and most popular dance song of the year. This song reminds music lover of the versatility and skills of Missy Elliott, as a rap’s reigning queen. She is known for providing some of the best dance songs for people who are fond of some thrilling English songs.

2. Calvin Harris & Tinashe, “5AM”: – This is another amazing English dance song that is loved by dance lovers. This is the best ever song that shows the versatile singing style of Tinashe and is among the list of top new English dance song.

3. Sameblod, “Flourish”: – Sameblod, “Flourish” is another popular English dance song in the list that has entertained dance lovers. This is a unique song this shows the mix of Swedish electronic skills, modern days rave synths and best vocals that makes it an sparkling dance song of the year. Thus, this song is from the latest album of the year and is expects to entertain every music lover.

4. Steve Aoki & Moxie, “I Love It When You Cry (Mokoki)”: – I Love It When You cry, another preferred English dance song that has brought a revolution in love and dance songs. Thus, this is a sentimental, romantic and heart touching song that force tears in everyone’s eye when they listen it.

5. Madeon & Passion Pit, “Pay No Mind”: – Pay No Mind is another hit English song of the year 2015 that has put people back to life. Thus, this is among the best dance picks of the year and month that is updated with best and latest technology. Thus, all these elements make it a best friendly song that is the heartbeat of every dancer and music lover.

6. Alesso & Roy English, “Cool”: – This song is another super hit of its current year and is considered the best English dance song. The tracks of Cool are exceptionally crazy and make everyone to dance in their beats.

7. Morgan Page & Lissie, “Open Heart”: – Open Heart is another good song for people who are fond of some sensational thrilling and romantic dance song so far. This is best among the Morgan’s emotional track that is sensible and easily attracts everyone for a thrilling dance. Thus, this exceptionally amazing song is now gaining high popularity.

8. Chris Brown & Tyga, “Ayo (Jason Nevins Remix)”: – The track “Ayo” is another thrilling English dance song that shows the versatility and pop capability of Chris Brown and Tyga’s club. This best remix song has gained attention from every song lover.

9. 4Minute, “Crazy”: – This song has already reached its height and most successful song of the eye. This song is best created by the use of Middle Eastern-inspired flutes, trap beats and throbbing synths. Thus, the best and crazy song is ready to amaze its listeners all around the world.

10. Zedd & Selena Gomez, “I Want You to Know”: – I Want You to Known is the last English dance song of the year that is able to gain top position in the list. This is the best song of the sweet couple Selena Gomez and Zedd. Thus, the combination of former Disney princess and EDM mastermind has provided a revolutionary song of the year. Thus, this is the best and emotional song of the year, thrilled dance lovers, and is now most popular song.

The list provided above of all the popular English dance songs of the year will provide deep knowledge of the best dance songs of the year. People who were waiting for some sensational songs so far can pick the best one as per their preference and desire.


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  1. ‘5 am’ of Calvin Harris ..wooo I love every time I hear it. It has got nice. Shots ..songs has been made with dedication. . U wud love every scenes in it ..

  2. Nice compilation guys is always my favourite pass of time…so I listened to these songs and dances ..I am really crazy about the dance..steps in the songs are really cool

  3. Gud songs… choreography of the songs are gud…scenes in the songs were really awesome..spotlights are also gud …enjoyed listening to all songs ..nice compiled

  4. Great work guys …I have listened to these songs before n hav loved these …those all are listed over here …nice work …I like Ur post..I have often danced on some of these songs

  5. Very accurately said. Dance is the best way to stay healthy and fit. I dance a lot. In college on stage or in my dorm. I’m a very big fan of dancing and simply love the flow in which people dance. I liked the post very much since most of the songs listed here, I have already danced on them! Pretty awesome compilation work! Amazing.

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