Top 10 New Dubstep Songs

Top 10 new dubstep songs for 2016, all time best most popular Dubstep Songs list.

Dubust songs are the life of parties where people gather to enjoy dance, drink and pleasant music. This music pours life in the heart of everyone and people find reason to listen these sensible songs. Details of all the top 10 dubstep songs of current year is provided in the list prepared below. Various artists have shown their exceptional skills and have produces such classy songs for everyone’s entertainment.

List of top 10 new dubstep songs 2016:

Our team of experts has prepared a list of best and amazing dubstep songs of the year 2017. This list will be a great help for people who are looking for a best collection of top dubstep song of this year.

Top New Dubstep Songs 2016 and 2017

10. How Can We Dance: –

How Can We Dance is another amazing dubstep song that is listed in this list of best songs from 2016 by Hedlok. This is highly preferred song, has gained high reputation in short span of time.


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  1. The songs are quite Okay but I feel the descriptions are very poorly written. I don’t think it is worth reading. Just that I read and refer another website cursing you.

  2. I can’t find all the dubstep songs in the list. Many of them are not even dubstep songs and not new too. Please take care while collecting information and publishing.

  3. Not impressed with this article as much as I did with previous articles. These are not well written and the structure, formation seems so awkward.

  4. Out of the list, my fav song is grimmy wayz. It is an outstanding work by Danny feral. He’s just delivered a great song. It just gets one dancing and moving.

  5. Not much effort has been put in writing this article. These seem to be very poorly written and few are not even popular and few are way too old. Please update.

  6. Are you sure that you have gone through the dubstep genre to make this list? Or do you even know about what exactly is dubstep? This list disappointed me. I expected better articles in this site as few of them are exceptionally good.

  7. Pitbull’s Fun is an awesome track in dubstep. It gets in the genre so well and the beats and bass for a dance track is superlative. That’s an awesome track for sure.

  8. How can we dance is awesome! It is a must play for the late night parties. It has the perfect bass, temponfor a dubstep song.

  9. Rights of passage is indeed a great dubstep for parties. The gentle beats and ideal tempo is just perfect for dancing. It is almost played in every parties and I guess almost everyone is familiar with this sensible song.

  10. Piralife ‘s because you lie is very well compised and written. The beats are catchy and haunting. Rhythm is damn good in it and sounds awesome with earphones.

  11. Woah!
    Pitbull’s Fun is a song that one cannot just resist tapping foot to it. The beats are so good and it is a must in every party these days.

  12. pitbull and fucking Yanni for the best dubstep songs of the year…this was clearly written by someone who has no idea what dubstep even is

  13. WTF_!!!! BEST 10 Songs of dubstep??? this is the badest joke i have heard, and Pitbull – where is dubstep in this song, i think i hate dubstep now after these 10 best.

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