Top 10 New Club Songs

Top 10 new club songs 2015-2016, all time best most popular Club Songs list.

Music plays an important part in enhancing the popularity of clubs, thus, best music always gather heavy crowed at these places. Therefore, people always look for some sensational music at these places. These songs help in relieving stress, tensions, and tiredness of life when people enjoy some best music at clubs.

List of top 10 new club songs 2015-2016:

The music that is played in the clubs generate pleasant and feasible environment for people who visit it. Best music will certainly enhance the beauty and reputation of clubs, thus, people always prefer to enjoy sensational and best music at these places. Below are the best songs of the year that are played at various clubs.

Top New Club Songs

1. Proof of Love by 4Beat Club featuring Daniel Roe: – Proof of Love is a wonderful song that is highly preferred in clubs and gains attention of people due to its beautiful beats and efficient music. This song belongs to Deep House Genre and is an amazing song that has amazing lyrics. Therefore, it is able to gain its position in the list of top 10 club songs of the year 2015.

2. The Other World by Habit to Others, Hunter & Her: – This is another love and amazing club song that is one of the best songs of current time. This song is by club Habit to Others, Hunter & Her and they are known for showing their skills and capability in providing some of the best music to the world. Thus, they refresh the mood and pour thrill, romance, and satisfaction in the heart of every listener.

3. 1999 by Cameron Cooper: – Another mesmerizing song, gained its popularity due to its amazing lyrics, beats, and wonderful music. This song is popular among the people of clubs and it easily catches their attention. Music and rhythm are the main reason for its popularity and is the heartbeat of people who frequently visit clubs. Therefore, people who are fond of some of the best music will definitely be amazed to enjoy such a thrilling and pleasant song at clubs.

4. Next Drop by Deeplomatik: – Next Drop song is gaining high attention from people in the club. It is one of the most admired songs at these locations and entertains everyone who is fond of some of the romantic and sensational music. This is a lovely song with best music, lyrics and rhythm.

5. Love It by Eric Ericksson: – Love It is another music that is highly preferred at clubs and is most sensational song of the current year. Thus, it is highly preferred by everyone who is at clubs and they love to listen it frequently.

6. Sordid Details by Leigh D Oliver: – Sordid Details now a beautiful song that is known for its wordiness, music and lyrics beauty. It truly fits in this list and is one of the amazing club songs of the year 2015. Thus, its music largely entertains everyone and is loved by everyone who visits clubs for rest and entertainment.

7. The Clouds Above by 4 Beat Club: – Above the Clouds is another successful and most demanding club song of the year 2015. This is another best song that reflects the versatility of the members of this club and is popular due t its unique music and thrilling beats. This song is capable to turn boring and dull time into most entertaining and romantic one.

8. Off the Plate by Steve Huerta: – Off the Plate is another sensational song that is highly preferred in various clubs. This song shows the versatility of Steve Huerta and its music and rhythm makes listeners go down their knees and touch their hearts. Thus, this beautiful song by Steve Huerta is gaining popularity day-by-day and known to pour life to club life.

9. Labyrinth Ft. Tinie Tempah – Earthquake: – This is another beautiful and amazing song in the list and is known for its best music, heart touching lyrics. This is the best song for clubs and is known for pouring life to the crowed that gathers at clubs.

10. Shrewd by Frits Wentink: – This is the best club song that is highly referred by people who are desperate for a clubs life. They demand this song due to its unique beats, music and rhythm. This song is known to generate beautiful and romantic environment in clubs and is pleasant to ears of listeners. Even though the critics also appraise this song and find it suitable for clubs. Thus, this is the best song of the year that is highly preferred at clubs. The idea that is associated with the lyrics of this song further makes it a popular song of the year 2015.

Therefore, the list for music provided above will certainly be a great help to the people who are frequent to clubs. They can find the best music and enjoy their time at various clubs.


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  1. I am right now in the club ..n playing some quite a few songs from the list…some are really gud ..enjoying the plate off the plate ..nice one this song lyrics will touch Ur heart

  2. I am right now in the club ..n playing some quite a few songs from the list…some are really gud ..enjoying the plate off the plate ..nice one

  3. The other world the habits to other is a good song with some gud lyrics and the plate is also a gud one ..these songs are with nice lyrics and refreshing music …video was also awesome ..great work guys …

  4. Songs were really energetic….fill u full with energy…perfect club songs…u can enjoy listening to those sitting in clubs..and enjoy the ambience of club … lyrics were really nice …nice work

  5. I love clubing actually. The club which I went often prefers the music which guests love I hav often danced to these songs…these are really wonderful songs

  6. So truly said. Best music will certainly enhance the beauty and reputation of clubs. I completely agree. I love these songs and surprisingly, I’ve heard these songs only in clubs whenever I go in one. I like that kind of flavor in music. Simply Lovely. An amazing compilation. Nice work author!

  7. Over the top of my head, I think Don’t you worry, Child by John Martin should also be here. Otherwise, the list is quite good!

  8. Whenever i feel bored i listen to The take me to the clouds above. It has a power of changing my sad mood happy in jus a minute. With the beautiful and unique voice of London based Shena, he delivers a peak time smasher with a hookline you all will remember.

  9. Off the plate by steve huerta is one of best party pop and club song.The lead track ‘Off The Plate’ is a dance floor monster with the appropriate rave stabs to
    boot. The song has the best music ever. It touches the heart and soul when we listen to it

  10. I love clubing actually. The club which i visit commonly prefers the music which their guests love. And shrewd by Fritz wentick is almost everyone’s favorite there. And since i visit there oftenly even i have fallen in love with those beautiful tracks.

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