Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time till 2017. The musical form known as the blues is no longer popular; but there are plenty of classic blues songs that still are popular among the masses. These songs are down tempo musical forms that tell of heart break and soul ache but they are good music. The following top 10 blues songs are considered the best in the history of this genre.

Blues Songs Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time till 2017

10. The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King

B.B. King is the king of the Blues. He has written many blue songs over the years. The Thrill is Gone is one of King’s biggest hits within his career. This song has an unusual history since it was recorded in 1951 but was not released all the way until 1970. Once this song hit the airways it became the biggest hit in B.B. King’s career.

9. Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters

The Hoochie Coochie Song has an interesting title that is attention getting. The thing about the song is that it many people liked it because of the reference that it seemed to insinuate. This song was made by Muddy Waters back in the 50’s. It has gone on to become a time honored blues classic that continues to entertain audiences to this day.

8. I’m Tore Down by Freddie King

Freddy King was a great blues singer who was real popular during the 60’s. I’m Tore Down was one of his signature hits that transcended the generations. He released this unit in 1961 and it is now a classic blues jam that has transcended the generations. Freddy King’s music has been steadily moving for many years.

7. Red House by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was one of the best performers in the history of American music. He created Red House back in 1966 and it was released in 67. Red House is a song that helped to make a Hendrix the star that most people remember him to be. This song is about Hendrix’s first love.

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6. All Your Love by Otis Rush

Otis Rush was a really great blues musician. He created All Your Love in 1958 and it was well received by the masses. All Your Love was a great song that many people at the time really found to be soulful and great. Otis Rush was a blues man who specialized in the guitar and his playing ability could be heard through particular song. This is one of the Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Love in Vain by On by Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is one created one of the best blue songs in history with Love in Vain. This was a great blues song hit because it is known for its sad lyrics and tones. This was truly a blues song because it was a sad piece. Most blues songs are sad and Love in Vain fit right into the framework of the blues genre. Robert Johnson will forever be remembered for this.

4. Hard Luck Blues by Roy Brown

The 60’s was a great time for blues music. One of the greatest songs recorded within this era was Hard Luck. Roy Brown made this song back in 1960. He had the Griffin Brothers Orchestra back him up. This song was about inward grief and heartache. Once again this song fit in well with the scheme of blues music.

3. Shake your Moneymaker by Elmore James

Many people might not be familiar with Elmore James but he was a really big performer back in the early 60’s. He made Shake your Moneymaker in 1961 and it skyrocketed to the top of the charts. People all over the country took to the song and it was a great hit. The song was covered by many artists over the years. Elmore died a few years after he recorded this jam but his music continues to live on.

2. Dust My Broom by Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson created one of the best blues songs of all time when he made Dust My Broom. Dust My Broom was made way back in 1936. Johnson was a great blues performer who was known for his Mississippi Delta style. There is some argument that this song might have been created by Elmore James but no one knows for sure. Regardless, this blues song is considered one of the best that there is.

1. Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King

This stirring jam by Albert King came out in the late 60’s. This song is number one because it moved so many people over the years and was recorded by a gang of blues artist who really enjoyed the song’s sound. The music moved back and forth between minor and major scales. It was a great piece that has withstood the ages.

These are the Top 10 Best Blues Songs of All Time till 2017. All of these blues songs are among the best that there is and the music has come to define a generation. While blues music is no longer a dominant music form it still continues to entertain modern audiences.