Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs of All Time till 2017. Bhangra songs are meant to relax and entertain minds as well. top 10 of these greatest hits are studied below. Follow carefully for more information. Some of them are hip hops while others are just cool music. All the best as you begin studying.

Bhangra Song Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Bhangra Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Galliyan by Ankit Tiwari

This is a romantic Hindi song release by Ankit Tiwari featuring Natalie Di Luccio on 9th May 2014. Melodious voice from Ankit will always keep you entertained all along hence being ranked in this position in our list today. Galliyan is one of those celebrated Punjabi Bhangra party songs with an aim of giving audience full mood to dance. It is also among latest and fastest growing tracks that were featured in a film known as Ek Villain which was directed by Mohit suri. Galliyan is well played and cannot be compared with any other for its uniqueness.

9. Dance Basantiby Vishal Dadlani

On ninth position I present to you a great composition from popular star Vishal Dadlani from Ungli album. Dadlani features Anushka Manchanda and Emraan Hashmi in his track. Lyrics matches well with its Video hence making a perfect mix composition. Manchanda is a popular Indian singer who has contributed a lot this track through her body moves and dancing styles. She is so talented. Having united with Vishal Dadlani definitely what they produced was a good deal. Vishal as well is capable of rocking things out just as he did in this article. Research shows that so many people are making download in their websites while other are voting it positively in every competition in India. We have no doubt, Dance Basanti is one of the best.

8. Back to Bhangra by Roshan Prince

Back to Bhangra is another perfect hit from popular artist Roshan Prince. This artist is good looking and portrays all romance features whenever performing. Back to Bhangra is part of his success in music and has indeed gained him much fame. It gives all fans need in Punjabi Bhangra taste at large. According to research that I conducted, this track is one the most downloaded and viewed in Youtube. A good number of people are also posting positive and impressive messages and reviews in its website. All credit goes to Roshan Prince for his fantastic work altogether.

7. Soorme by Manjit Pappu

Soorme track is from Manjit Pappu’s composition from Epic Bhangra. It is among Pappu greatest hits capturing most fans’ attention in Punjabi Bhangra. What attracts people most is his soft voice making amazing vocals that everyone could want to listen to and watch as well. Soorme takes four minutes and 35 seconds to play fully.

6. Lovely by Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor cannot be left out in articles like this one. In Lovely song, Kanika is featuring Ravindra Upadhaway, Miraya Varma and Fateh. It was released on 19th September, 2014 and featured in a popular and successful Hindi film known as happy New Year. Lovely adds a lot of impact to many lives of many people who love music. It can be described as hot and high quality presentation alongside nice beats. All these features attract listeners hence downloading since they cannot get enough of it.

5. Mitran De Boot by Jazzy B

This amazing track was released in 2014 and is a world Genre. Jazzy B is a Punjabi language Bhangra singer and songwriter who is trusted by entire India Fraternity for being very successful in his career. He has released so many songs that are mostly featured in Hindi films. Miltan De Boot is part of his success and was featured in a film known as. As a result of this, this middle aged man is a winner of most popular artist of year award and an award for this song as best popular song of season at that particular time. This is one of the most popular Bhangra Songs of 2017.

4. Banda Ban Ja Garry Sandhu

This world genre is another great contribution to my article. It was released from Garry Sandhu’s album known as Fresh all the way and became very successful upon being uploaded in YouTube. Banda Ban Ja track belongs to Punjabi Bhangra songs available in both audio and video formats. Most parties recommend it to entertain audience in dance floors. Most of its important features include well played instruments, amazing vocals and great beats enhancing dance moody. You will not help but dance upon listening to this great hit from Garry Sandhu. Here you can – free download new English Songs

3. Daang UTe Dera by Aman Hayer

Aman Hayer released Daang UTe Dera track on 26TH November, 2014 as a world Genre. This is a single track appreciated by so many fans and holds special place in people’s hearts. Upon its release, Punjabi Bhangra music industry has stepped in new level of music. Millions of fans are making download, others are viewing in YouTube while others are dropping positive reviews in their websites. Amandeep Singh Hayer is best known producing great hits and singing his own compositions as well. This song is part of what he is capable of doing. We credit him for good work.

2. Chall Mera Naal by The PropheC

On second position we have ChaliMera Naal track which was released on 23rd November, 2014. It is recommended where celebrations are held and happy moments reigning all over. I bet that if you listen to it, you will definitely push your seat back and dance vigorously to your fullest. Chall Mera is so popular and reigns in hearts of many Punjabi Bhangra people. all respect goes to the composer, producers and all those who contributed to its release.

1. Patiala Peg by Diljit Dosanjh

Patiala Peg song is so entertaining and was released on 14th November, 2014 by Diljit Dosanjh. It marks really measure of liquor in Punjab Bhangra history hence scooping first position in this competition research. Patiala is capable of bringing live to a boring party and gives fans support in having cool moments in any kind of celebrations.

Those are best Bhangra songs of all time and 2017. Let me believe that you have been highly assisted by my article. if you happen to have any extra information concerning them, drop your reviews and that will help me improve this article.