Top 10 New Bhangra Songs

Top 10 new Bhangra songs in 2015-2016, all time best most popular Bhangra songs list.

The genre of the Bhangra songs is quite popular in this world that is rich in culture. These particular types of songs are enriched in Punjabi culture filled with fast and strong beats which strikes catchy and energising music. The popularity of the Bhangra songs are quite worldwide than any other genre. These songs are loved by the present generation. It represents the culture of Punjab which is famous for its peppy dance songs. The wedding ceremonies especially include the Bhangra songs that increase the mood of celebration.

Presenting the list of the new Bhangra songs 2015-2016

The Bhangra songs are also used for relaxing the mindset with Punjabi folk music with the mix of hip hop. The Bhangra songs are used for relaxing lyrics are generally very simple with modern singers rap the songs of Bhangra. The instruments like dhol, tumbi, sarangi, percussion instruments have been evolved into the beat based music. The lists of the latest Bhangra songs are quite high in musical texture accompanied with the environment around.

Top new Bhangra songs

The list of the Bhangra songs:

1. Patiala Peg: This is the song which has high entertaining song from various peppy songs which might make people relax in party mood. This is recently the best party song with peppy mix of songs. It gives the fans a quite great support with wonderful idea allows them to enjoy it during the party.

2. Chall Mera Naal: This is popular among the fans throughout the country. This wonderful song is amazing with the ability to drag great sets of listeners. These songs especially find their place where you feel peppy experience indeed to celebrate and enjoy.

3. Daang Te Dera: Highly praised and appreciated by the fans this is the song which has found a great place in the life of the music lovers. With this song, the Bhangra genre of the songs has stepped into a new career. Amazing song has created perfect blend in the life of millions of music lovers.

4. Banda Ban Ja: Especially those who are mad about music, are the real admirer of this song. This is the perfect party song making things happen perfectly in an amazing way indeed. This song has hit the dance floor with the hope that it will be carried ahead in no matter whatever party people think to gather and enjoy.

5. Mitran De Boot: In the recent era, these songs sung by the eminent singers have gained popularity all the more with the frequent addition of spice in the party. This song has a proficient Bhangra theme decor in it that is quite liable to drag the listeners mind and soul to dance to the beats.

6. Lovely: This is the song that has likely made an impact in the life of the music lovers with its hot and spicy presentation along with the magnificent tune to amuse the listeners. Listening to the beat, you will start tapping your feet to the tune.

7. Soorme – This is the hit collection of the Bhangra songs sung efficiently by Manjit Pappu. The texture of his voice is just next to the highest peak of success. The picturization of the song infact is also perfect with its singer too. This 4 minutes 35 seconds track is just the right choice to prepare the folks for dance floor.

8. Back to Bhangra: This is the song from the album by Roshan Prince. This is infact a dazzling song which is just the perfect treat to your Punjabi taste. People are downloading it from the internet and sharing it on their social media and even their personal application so that they can take the full taste of it.

9. Dance Basanti: The latest song of the year is right here with its perfect mix of lyrics matching with the lyrics and the vediography. Apart from all other latest videos, this is the best indeed that hit the list of the top 10 new Bhangra song.

10. Galliyan: This is one of the best Punjabi Bhangra party songs with the motto to let the audience dance fully with its charm. Nothing can stand in comparison to the latest Bhangra songs.

Bhangra songs are quite loved since ages. People from all around the world appreciate the music lovers from the 21st century. These songs are quite party livelier within heart and mind. The songs are inevitable with the choice of the club owners enjoying to the fullest. Thus stay connected with the official website with the latest updates.


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