Top 10 Most Popular Music Videos

Top Ten best Music Videos in 2017, hottest and Most Explicit Music Videos.

“hot” is basically one of the relative term – there are some of the music videos which becomes too popular, due to its excitement. The temperatures might become so hot. This hotness is created by some other thing.

List of top 10 hottest music videos for the year 2017

Some of our preferred pop artists brought the heat in this season with their hot music videos. These all are very much exciting, interesting and hot. Here is a list of top 10 hottest music videos in 2017.

1. Madonna ‘Justify My Love’ – We have to get some of the age-defying Kool-Aid which Madonna has been drinking. In skintight bikinis she is gorgeous forever. ‘Justify My Love’ the renowned video of Madonna which takes the first position in the list. But after releasing, video was totally banned by MTV and globally condemned due to its open hot content. This meant the video’s VHS release turned into the highest selling within a day.

Madonna 'Justify My Love', Most Popular hottest Music Videos

2. Shakira ‘She Wolf’ – This is the most jaw-dropping examples of body expression which we have not seen more in a singer. She can do all things with her legs. With a skin color body suit, which look completely naked and extremely hot? You did not realize that is this possible for any human, outside of circus. This hot video is now in the 2nd position.

3. Britney Spears ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ – Britney Spears one of the hottest woman of the world. This was again proving in her popular music video ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ in 2001 which was produced by Pharrell Williams. This popular video is in the 3rd position.

4. Christina Aguilera ‘Dirrty’ – When Xtina was appeared in to the underground boxing ring with chaps, red knickers and very small bikini top and she was surrounded by the other similarly-clad girls. And she is being cheered by many topless screaming men. You were a quite shocked. ‘Dirrty’ by Christina Aguilera 4th most popular hottest music videos in 2017.

5. Chris Isaak ‘Wicked Game’ – Chris Isaak ‘Wicked Game’ an all-time hottest music videos. Helena Christensen with a topless when she was the height of her fame, cavorting around on a beach with Chris Isaak who is in her pants with a vest. They got huge popularity in this video and it is totally in black and white. This is the 5th hottest videos of the world.

6. Justin Timberlake ‘What Goes Around’ – This 6th hottest music videos released in the year of 2007. This is the latest version of Justin’s Future S..  Love Sounds album, released in 2006. On it releasing year, it could easily reach on number 1 position on the Billboard Top 100. Still today this is one of the most popular music video.

7. Jennifer Lopez ‘I’m Glad’ – Jennifer Lopez ‘I’m Glad’ is still an extremely deserving entry into the hot Hall Of Fame. This is the third single music videos from J Lo’s popular album “This Is Me Then” released on 2002. Due to its interesting feature it can easily reached in 32th position on the Billboard Hot 100. Not only that this popular video was nominated for best MTV music video award at the 2003. This is in the 7th position in the list.

8. Lady Gaga ‘Alejandro’ – Lady Gaga ‘Alejandro’ is now in 8th position as the most popular hottest music videos in 2017. Lady gaga herself is a super hot lady, so that it is not a surprising thing that her video get ranked in this list.

9. Kylie Minogue ‘Spinning Around’ – There is exactly nothing else if you watch this video. But it takes the 9th position. Her hot sleek body with a bra and gold hot pants and gorgeous personality made this one of the hottest  music videos.

10. Beyonce ‘Naughty Girl’ – This music video is quite rude. You can watch that Bey’s legs and booty grinding up when she dancing with Usher on a nightclub stage and singing the popular song “Tonight I’ll be your naughty girl. This hot music video is now in 10th position. Beyonce’s curvy body makes the video more demanding.

These all are popular music video for ever, that people cannot forget it due to its sound, music, singing and the hot looks of singer. Due to its super hot contain, though these video sometime banned by different music channel, but still these are on top height of popularity.