Top 10 Hottest English Movies of All Time

Hottest English Movies of All Time, Hollywood’s latest releases and most popular movies in 2017.

Are you one of those people who like to surf bold and adult contents in their spare time. Well you will not accept that publically but it’s a damn truth. If you like the sexy movies with or without a good story line then here is the list of top 10 hottest movies of all time as per the list of 2017.

Presenting the list of most popular English movies of all time

We researched a lot before finding the top 10 names in this category to share with you. Check out some really bold movies below.

1. 50 Shades of Grey: This movie had crashed and shaken the internet when its trailer was released in 2015. This movie was banned at many places. It is one of the most shocking and sexiest movies in the history of world cinema. It has bold dialogues, superhot scenes that will surely move your emotions and impactful storyline. This movie is not only known for its bold and hot content but also for a great execution of the most earning book by E.L James.

50 Shades of Grey, Hottest And Sexiest English Movies of All Time

2. Magic Mike: This movie was released in 2012. This movie was a s.. comedy. It was the most discussed movie of its time. Matthew McConaughey was in the lead role of a male stripper. This movie is full of sensuous scenes and hilarious comedy. The storyline is written targeting the young and colorful audience who love hot comedies. It is a great and hot movie indeed.

3. Brokeback Mountain: The film was released in 2005. At that time it was a controversial movie as it promoted the Gay relationship. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall were in the lead role. It was a great pleasure to see both the amazing actors together on screen. The movie had a touching storyline and it was much more ahead of its time. It had left the boundaries of censorship and society morals.

4. S.. and Lucia: This movie is like an art made by an amazing artist. At many scenes it looks like that director has spent lots of time to create the frame and the scene. In the beautiful scenery and amazing locations, the film is shot with lots of passion and love. The film of course contains many erotic and intense scenes. Even at some places, one of the lead actresses is completely naked near a beach and just covered with the dirt.

5. Bitter Moon: When it comes to hot and boldness, how can one overlook Bitter Moon? It was released in 1992. Imagine the amount of severe boldness at that time. Believe it, it was not easy to make a film like this and release it in front of the audience at that time. Ignoring all the consequences, the director took a firm step and made a masterpiece which was covered with the threads f boldness and sexuality.

6. The Unbearable Lightness of Being: This was a really bold and hot movie which was full of bold scenes. It is an old movie which was released in 1988. A t that time many people were not ready to accept such contents. In 1988, even in highly developed countries, people used to see the cinema with their family and believe it that this film was not worth watching with the family.

7. Caligula: This is also an old movie and challenged all the moral barriers of that time. It was a trendsetting movie at that time. You can guess the genre of the movie from its poster itself. It is a damn sexy movie which attracted a huge mass to watch it for once. It was released in 1979 and was really an astonishing project by the makers.

8. Last Tango in Paris: This movie was popular at the time of its release. It had a serious and sensuous storyline. It can turn on many people who like to watch bold and hot movies with some classic story line. It was released in 1972. You can imagine yourself that was would be the situation at that time when the movie released.

9. Barbarella: It was a really hot movie which was released in 1968. It was full of adult contents. The story was not that much moving but was most discussed only due to its boldness. The lead actress showed a great confidence and bravery by doing such hot scenes at the time when people were not ready to accept such movies publically.

10. Mando Topless: Does the name represent the film’s genre? Well, of course it does. It was released in 1966. It was one of the pioneering movies of its time. It was full of hotness contents and boldness. The movie had the capability of making many men go sweating.

You can enjoy these movies even today. Search for your favorite movies from the list mentioned in your nearest movie libraries