Top 10 New Upcoming Hollywood Horror Movies

Top 10 new upcoming Hollywood horror movies in 2015-2016, all time best most popular horror movies list.

Movies are regarded to be the best modes of entertainment in the recent times. The movies we see are really hard to construct. The hard work behind the screens gets reflected in the screens as well. Movies are of different types. There are romantic movies, action movies, science fiction movies as well as horror movies. Among these the horror movies have made their impact worldwide.

The people love to see the see the horror movies. They somehow get a lot of fun in getting scared. The logic behind its is still not clear to the mankind. This is the way how it goes on. The fun of getting scared is a different one. The horror movies are generally full of suspense’s and thus they are mainly cherished by people worldwide. The movies which have made their screening needs no other description but the ones that are still awaited to make their mark are the ones about whom we will discuss here.

The list of the top 10 Hollywood horror movies upcoming in 2015-16-17

This is a list of world’s top 10 unreleased horror movies. The list is entirely made from their popularity among the viewers before the release. The list as follows:

1. Victor Frankenstein: In this movie the lead role is played by James McIvor and the world famous Harry Potter plays the role of his assistant. This movie has already made its mark in the theaters by its mind blowing trailer. This film leads the table of the top 10 here.

Victor Frankenstein, New upcoming Hollywood Horror Movies

2. Crimson Peak: this movie is from the director of one of the best science fiction movie ‘The Hellbox’. This movie is basically based on a 19th century plot. The big brother of “thor” in the move “avengers” will be playing the lead role here. This movie stands in the 2nd position in this list of the top 10.

3. Scouts Vs Zombies: this movie is basically a comedy horror one. The story is a simple one; about a scout fighting with zombies in the last day of their camp. This film is expected to set a benchmark with its innovative comedy horror concept. This movie stands in the 3rd position in this list.

4. Krampus: this movie is basically adopted from a Christmas character ‘krampus’. The character is basically plays the opposite part of Santa according to the old sayings. Unlike the Santa giving gifts, these monsters punish the negative people in the society on every Christmas. This film holds the 4th position in this list of the world’s top 10.

5. Area 51: this story is basically related to the government laws and regulations with the taste of horror added to it. Unlike the last two in this list, this movie is serious one. This movie holds the 5th position in this list of the world’s top 10 unreleased ones.

6. Audition: this movie is directed by the famous Hollywood director ‘Richard Gray’. This movie is still a mystery to all as very little is known till now about this movie. This movie is expected to open up the secrets directly to the theatres. This movie holds the 6th position in this list of the top 10.

7. Cell: this movie is basically a science fiction horror movie. The story is about a father in a search of his son and wife. This film is ready to hit the theatres soon. This movie holds the 7th position in this list of the world’s top 10.

8. Demonic: this movie is basically a core horror story where a police officer along with a psychologist investigates the death of 5 people. The film is has a very strong plot and thus is expected to make its mark in the screens. This film holds the 8th position in this list.

9. The visit: ‘the visit ‘is basically about a curious mother trying to investigate the reason behind their family disorder after her two children visits their grandfather. This film is in the 9th position of this list.

10. It follows: the name of the movie exactly goes with the plot. In this movie an unnatural force follows a woman after a sexual encounter.

The list of the top 10 is entirely made out of their pre release popularity.