Top 10 Best Selling Rap Albums in The World

Top 10 Best Selling rap albums In The World in 2015-2016 with all time best and most popular hits.

The top 10 best selling rap albums 2017 : The best rap albums are not always the best sellers. This has been due to the piracy in the market, which most of the top liked albums have been doing. The best albums that have shown great sign in the market and earned a lot from the market. Every year some new albums of rap songs are hitting the market and here we made an attempt to discover the top 10 bestselling albums in this category.

The list of bestselling rap albums 2017 which created real sensation in the music world

A rap song is one such genre of music which is loved and appreciated by huge population of people across globe. The rhythm of the rap songs can make any one go crazy in life. It bears the capacity in giving a mood swing to a person who is feeling absolutely down in life.

The most sold albums that have created impact in the market have been listed below. The top sold albums are as discussed below.

1. Furious 7 – It has been one of the best rap music tracks in the scenario. The music has tracked a great profit in 2017 and has gained millions to be placed at the top ten lists. The full song has been downloaded from different nations and has earned huge profit from the different parts of the world.

Furious 7, Most popular rap albums

2. To Pimp A Butterfly – The album has been one of the top songs and one of the top selling tracks of world. The best track has been sweet and sour and that has recorded with a boom in the market. The feats of the album are great and have earned great popularity in the market. The top song from Kendrick Lamar has been famous for the album.

To Pimp A Butterfly, highest selling albums

3. Carter 6 – There are different rap songs in the album are the best feat from Carter 6. The best feat from Young Thug has been very much popular in the list and has earned great profit from the market. The great feat will blow up your mind for sure. The marvelous sound track has made the fans of rap feel mad about it.

carter 6, famous albums in 2015-2016

4. The Album About Nothing – This has been another great rap feat and it has earned huge revenue in the year 2017. The great sound track from Wale has made the fans murmur the song in the college and on the roads too. The great song had shown some great marketing strategy and gone up on the ranking of the top sold rap in the year 2017.

The Album About Nothing, best selling albums

5. If you’re Reading this it’s too Late – The song has been great feat with marvelous lyrics. The song has made a mark in the list with final countdown. These have placed at the top list with huge profit. The lovely track from Drake has greatly influenced the fans.

if you're reading this it’s too late, highest selling albums

6. Ludaversal – This song has marked audaciously and that has been one of the top songs in the list of mostly sold songs in the year 2017. The complete song has been one of the top among the best songs among all the top sings of this year.

Ludaversal, top 10 selling albums 2015-2016

7. 2014 Forest Hills Drive – The song from J. Cole has been one of the best songs in this year. The complete song has a beautiful lyrics and that has been one of the top song in the list of top rap songs of recent times. The song has earned huge lot of dollars and that has placed it in the list of top earning rap song of this year.

2014 Forest Hills Drive, famous rap albums and songs

8. Dark Sky Paradise – This has been one of the most liked songs of the recent time. The lyrics of the song have been liked by most of the teens and college goers and that has placed on the top list of most sold rap album. Tue song from Big Sean has created a great impact on the fans.

Dark Sky Paradise, most liked albums 2015-2016

9. The Pinkprint – This has been one of the top songs of lifetime. The rap song has been sold in the market at best price and that is one reason why the song has gone to the top position. The top most song has earned great profit from the market.

The Pinkprint, all time best albums

10. Nicki Minaj – This has been one of the top sings in 2017. It has been awarded as the best selling rap album of this year. It has taken the best marketing policy and has been gained huge market by easy means. The song has earned millions of dollars on the very first week of the release.

Nicki Minaj, most popular albums

Most popular Top 10 highest Selling rap albums In The World in 2015-2016 and all time best latest hot hits.

The rap songs are popular in this world and the best thing is that they have adopted the best policy to protect itself from the piracy. The lyrics have been very good and have been perfect for the teen. The songs have been liked by most of the music lovers and that shows the trend of the world.

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