Top 10 Richest Bands in The World

Top 10 richest bands in the world in 2017, Highest Earning Bands Of All Time.

The music industry has become a multi billion dollar business and is one of the most profitable niches of media industry. No one knows this fact better than some of the richest bands in the world, who have managed to spin hard cash with their unique skills and ability to create music that has remained etched in the minds of their listeners for ages.

List of top 10 richest bands of the world in 2017

The list of top ten bands for 2017 might surprise many of you as some of these bands have long ceased to exist. However, despite these band not having been around for more than a few decades, the power and influence on the audiences is evident from the fact that they are still considered to be amongst the best.

1. ABBA – Certified unit sales: 58 million – The name of this Swedish band comprises of the first letter of the name of every band member. The band took only ten years to come at par with the other richest bands in the world. ABBA released its first album in 1972 and is the only Swedish band to have achieved this level of success.

ABBA, Richest Bands in The World

2. Queen – Certified unit sales: 61 million – The primary objective of this band, that made its debut in 1973 was to create legendary rock music. Despite the death of Queen’s title singer, Freddie Mercury, the band has become an unstoppable force as it continues to make money from tours and special concerts.

3. THE ROLLING STONES – Certified unit sales: 66 million – This U.K. band originated in the 1960’s and is still quite active and has earned over $200 million through concerts alone. In addition the band has also made some serious money from the sale of the branded merchandise featuring the famous band logo of old rolling tongue and lips.

4. Aerosmith – Certified unit sales 66.5 million – The band, which made its debut in 1970, has been marred by various controversies of the band members. The band produced some of the most famous chart toppers during the 1980’s including the hit Big Ten Inch. With an upcoming tour of the U.S. the band has ensured that the money keeps rolling in.

5. AC/DC – Certified unit sales: 71 Million – This Australian band has always focused on producing electrifying heavy rock music. It has a combined net worth of $200 million. Apart from the band founders Guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC has gone through its fair share of drummers and bassists.

6. Pink Floyd – Certified unit sales: 74.5 million – This U.K. band has been active for the past 30 years and has officially sold over 74.5 million albums. The band is known for producing hallucinatory psychogenic music, a heady mix of rock bred with sonic experimentation that has been responsible for $250 million dollars in record sales and concerts.

7. The Eagles – Certified unit sales: $100 Million – The band made its debut in 1971 and remained active for 9 years before taking a break of 14 long years. However, when they came back together again in 1994, the Eagles proved once again why they had been unbeaten as they began spinning money through various successful tours.

8. Led Zeppelin – Certified unit sales: 111.5 Million – Even though this band remained active for only 12 years after its debut in 1968, they have earned a whopping $ 300 million till date. Specializing in hard rock and heavy metal crossover music, the band is known for its immutable style that changed and entire era.

9. U2 – Certified unit sales: 150 Million – The career of this Irish band has been illuminated by the colors of success and it has a net worth of $838 million. The band is known for generating an even greater amount for global charities through their performances.

10. The Beatles – Certified unit sales: 250 Million – This definitely comes as no surprise for music lovers as The Beatles is the last word in this field. Once the Fab Four made their debut in 1960, the band became a cult in itself, and continues to hold that status even though years have passed since the bands disintegration. In fact, most bands even today are influenced by The Beatles in some way or the other.

The above richest bands have not only created music that has endeared them to the masses but have also created successful careers from this creative skill.