Top 10 Most Expensive Actors in Bollywood

4. Shahrukh Khan:

This Rockstar the famous King Khan SRK stands as an icon in this Bollywood industry. He takes about 35-40 crores no matter whatever he signs. He also has his own home production which is another attractive process. Thus, salary is only a part that he earns from every movie.

Shahrukh Khan Expensive Bollywood Actors 2018

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  1. Ranbeer kapoor is best than oll….. Assi He proves himself in barfi… Rockstar…. Ae dil Hai muskil.. .. As every star have ups nd downs so he also face nd many movies were flopped but akki is also reach at peak by facing that problems… . Moreover one Hollywood star also praise acting of Ranbeer kapoor #…. . He must be reach at peak in future

  2. Hmm! SRK, is d real king and no one compare wit him in world becus. He is globally knw whle oders only limited dia fan and audience in indian pls quit d argument and face d reality SRK is d real king he is better all d actors combined togeder.

  3. U guys, are so funny why wld u be comparin sharukhan wit oders actors so. Salmankhan, amirkhan. Who knws dem in them in world dy only limited dia audience in Indian cinema but, SRK is globally jst quit d arguiment SRK is d real king and One compete wit him. Ind world

  4. Akshay..the real star..baki sab to award kharid lete hain..Shahrukh to apni movie ka ticket bhi kharid leta hai..pshyco..
    Agar film industry main Koi teen khan par Bhari hain to only Akki Akshay kumar
    .Aamir and SRK never done any good thing for public…they just earning money in India and praising Pakistan

  5. अगर आप गौर करें, तो अक्षय के अलावा बाकी सब की छवि को मीडियाई दल्लो ने गढा है ! दिर रात , बार बार एक ही प्रकार की ख़बरों को चला कर और लंपट कलाकारों को महान बताने का सिलसिला 1990 से जारी था ! ध्यान देने योग्य बात ये भी है कि, ये वही दौर था जब देश और समाज का युवा चेतन हो रहा था और नवीनता की और आशा से देख रहा था! इसी दौर में मीडियाई प्रेश्याओं ने दलाली खा खा कर कुछ बेहद दोयम दर्ज़े के भांडों को सुपर हीरो टाइप बना कर जबरदस्ती युवाओं में हिट कर दिया !
    सोशल मीडिया आने के बाद, उम्मीद की नवीन किरण दिखाई दे रही है !

  6. Akshay I think better than all as a human as well… Akshay proved that so many times & it doesn matter its comedy or serious or he is in negative role (as Ajnabee & upcoming Robot 2 etc) ..
    The actor didn get to show his talent in big banner but whatever he achieved today…
    Akshay is true entertainer who entertained us through out the year with 4 films followed by Irfan and Nawazudding who gave 3 films in 2015. Khans are all business man who wants festival to earn money and fool the people. They are not artiste. Artiste should entertain all the year round not just during festival.

  7. i think Akshay bhai har saal mai 3-4 filmein super hit dena bahut badi baat hai.
    Akshay is not only bollywood hero but he is the person who are not getting much more lights like Khans …
    But If you watch Akshay’s movie every time you will find sensational acting & Top quality stories…

  8. akshya Kumar is the box office king.he is not in no. 1 position. But he is a versatile actor.akshya is the only actor in the history of Indian cinema who have earned 2000 crore by doing film only.
    Salman is next as his Being Human does lots of charity work…

  9. akki sir , more film than three khan, everytime film with new director or upcoming director, low budget film, not much expenditure on publicity. and all hits…. otherside all khan – less movie that akki sir, high budget movie, more expenditure on publicity, everytime movie with established director…

  10. Salman khan ka being human good charity but ye sharukh aur Amir khan they are not help when natural tragedies happened in India

  11. sabka baap ,, waise aapko nam sun kr jyda khusi nhi hogi ,qki way hmesa yhi rhte h,
    qki aapne suna h n ” baap baap hi hota h”.
    super star Akshay kumar

  12. Only akki deserved 1 tino khan ki awkad nhi hi akki ke samne khade hone ki faltu hi sale tino khan log tino khanlogo ka bap hi akahay Kumar

  13. we can not think of a real hero without the three khan. no one can beat them because they are unbeatable. I love you salman my favorite of all time.

  14. koi kuch v kahe.. yea baat sab jante he ki salman bhai is the one nd only best actor in bollywood.. are yaaro last action hero he wo..

  15. Aamir, Aamir and Only Aamir. Done 3 all time blockbusters continously. By the way, I hate Salman beacause of his body structure. Sometimes, I think he is fat and overacting. But I like only Aamir. For his perfection, Bollywood is becoming a great country.

  16. Akshay kumar is my best hero. He is the all rounder actor . I proud of akshay Kumar . No.1 comedy hero No 1 action hero etc. Salmaan sahruk amir on is very heavy akshay kumar . I begst fan the akshay kumar.

  17. I m a big fan of akki.I luv u akki.khiladi kumar of bollywood.Akshay kumar is best than the three khans.Akki is best in bollywood…??????❤❤❤❤???
    1.Akshay kumar
    2.Varun dhawan
    3.Sidharth Malhotra
    4.Hritik Roshan
    5.Ajay devgan
    I luv u akki .u are the best actor of bollywood.I love ur film wih kat ”Humko deewana kar gaye”…..I luv this film…i m a big fan of akkkkiiiiiii…………

  18. Comment*Salman khan best no.1 Bollywood actor I love salman khan. salman khan is my fan he is bollywood’s no.1 Actor.

  19. Akki is the best. teeno khan milkar bhi akshay brabari nahi kar sakte kyunki Akshay ke fans uske liye jaan bhi se sakte hai.

  20. Akshay is best of world teno khans milke akshay ki brabri ni kr skte….. hr kise ke bas ki bat ni sal me 4-5 movie krna……deshbgti ke liye v akshay ne bht filme ki ho jo k teno khans ne nhi ki….. akshay sir no1 h aur hmesha rhege….. love u akki best wishis for your next movies… apka karan

  21. all three khans are best 25 years sai raaj kiya h bollywood mai akshay pure saal m 5 movie bhi lakr khans ki 1 movie ki brabri nhi kr pata hrithick ki ti baat hi mt kro vo to akshay sai hi haar gya to khans ko kkya tkkr dega ajay bechara saal m1 movie lata h bechara singham faltu

  22. all three khans are best 25 years sai raaj kiya h bollywood mai akshay pure saal m 5 movie bhi lakr khans ki 1 movie ki brabri nhi kr pata hrithick ki ti baat hi mt kro vo to akshay sai hi haar gya to khans ko kkya tkkr dega ajay bechara saal m1 movie lata h bechara singham faltu rao

  23. Sharukh khan is the king of bollywood

    He is the 2nd richest actor with 650 million dollar
    he is most charming actor . With largest number of female fan following
    he is world biggest global mega superstar
    he earns most in bollywood
    Srk has most number of awards
    he is self made king.

  24. Bhai apke khene se hi Aksay,Salman no.1 ho hate to media or magazines ka Matlab hi nahi hota. Search on google SRK is the world biggest movie star.Media also say bhadsha of Bollywood.

  25. Hrittik roshen is my favourite actor…He is number1 dancer,actor,body bilder in bollywood…I love him and his talent…………………………………….

  26. I love ranveer. He is so wild, bold and hot. He did his best in ram Leela and Bajirao. He is promising and I’m sure he’ll replace khans’s popularity in shirt time.

  27. Salman.. Ewww.. I just hate him now.. I dono why.. Bur his old movies are really awesome.. Like hum apke hai kaun, hum dil de chuke sanam, etc..

  28. Expensive should not matter here.. Rajnikanth.. What the hell.. He doesnt belong to bollywood… And kabali.. Whats there in that movie?? Just bcoz its his movie it need not be a blockbuster!!

  29. Rajnikanth is not considered in bollywood? He does makes hindi movies right? He is the best and he is the most valuable actors. Kabaali is releasing and he gets the highest payment too because his movies go super hit.

  30. Hrithik is the best hero. He is very good looking and a perfect action star. His movies are really awesome. He receives one of the highest payments in bollywood too. He is my favorite.

  31. I don’t know who is the most expensive. But for now it must be Salman Khan. He is being exceptional and is proving that he is the best in the business. I just loved him in Sulthan

  32. Akshay Kumar is being the best. Badshah Shahrukh has been seeing failures. Akshay is doing some fabulous movies and he is back with Rustom. The trailer seems very interesting. I’m sure that it’ll be a hit.

  33. Sulthan has made it at the box office. Salman is the ruler of box-office now. The first day collection for the movie was huge and have recorded highest collection. This proves why bhaijan is the best.

    1. Sallu bhai rocks. No one can beat him even if there is boycott. She has remained the best and he has proved it. Loved Sulthan. It is the best of the year. Songs, action, acting, story are all super hit.

  34. Ranbir Singh is finding his place in bollywood with back to back success with some exceptional acting in the movies like ramleela, Bajirao mastani where he was at his best. He is a promising actor now.

  35. Hrithik will become the best with mohenjodaro.. He has done great in the movie in action and acting. The movie looks great in trailer too.

    1. Rabinarayan rout…tuje jo pasand hain usko suport karna….jab paida hua tha tab kya pathan ne tuje gali de ke paida kiya…jo unko harami bolta hain…

  36. hritik roshan is a multi talented actor in bollywood and aamir khan also like him so no body can compare,, hritik roshan’s competitive actors only in hollywood not in bollywood,,, really he is a best actor,like emotion acting, comedy scene, action scene, like superhero and he is a best dancer, overall he is a best actor in bollywood and no body like him instead of aamir khan

  37. Shahrukh Khan has seen failures in the recent releases. But he’ll make a comeback with Raaes. He will be badshah of box-office again.

  38. Salman Khan will rock in Sulthan. The teaser, trailer looks so powerful. The performance of his is very dedicated and no other actor can be Salman. He is always the best.

  39. Amir khan is the best. He acts so well and gets into the role like no one else in the industry. He is the top star only that he is not interested in making money.

    1. He is the best actor as we saw in PK, 3 idiots, and now for dangaal he has become a beast. Its awesome that he gets into the role like no one else. His dedication level is so damn high.

  40. SRK is the best of all nobody has the capability to become a star like him who is akshay……. who is ranveerr……. forget all those bullsheet
    he is standing for 25 years as king of bollywood and we are sure he will be there for another 25 years….. luv u srkkkkk….

  41. Amir Khan is Mr. Perfectionist for a reason. He renders incredible performances in every character given to him. He is of great social concern and is a good human being. His acting is exceptional and he directs well too. His movies carry a great message for the society.

    1. He is a gem of of an actor. He is Tom hanks of Bollywood. His acting skills is so great and he is highly versatile. He gets into the roles easily and acting seems very easy to him. He is a great human being too.

  42. Ranveer’s bajirao mastani and ramleela was one of best movie he has acted in. Infact, in bajirao mastani he really got into the character. I must say.. Hez really an awesome and leading actor in bollywood industry.

  43. salman had cutest looks in his old movies like hum dil de chuke sanam, mujse shaadi karogi? Wagera.. But his recent looks are stunning! almost all the girls and guys are fans of his six pack!

    1. Yeah. He’s got so muscular now and he is a bad boy with that look. I’m very excited about Salman ‘s next Sulthan and the trailer itself looks awesome. I’m sure that it’ll be a huge, massive hit.

  44. Hrithik Roshan is the most good looking actors of Bollywood. He dances well. He does action very well. He looks very handsome too. His movies go blockbusters everytime. He is the most promising actors in recent past.

  45. Akshay Kumar releases many movies in a year and he is very talented and dedicated too. He is very good at martial arts. His action stunts are very good too. He acts in comedy movies very well too.

    1. Yeah.. His holiday, baby, airlift were all good and blockbusters. But he fails in choosing movies here and there. Like the ones boss, entertainment. Overall he is an exceptional actor and he dedicates very well.

  46. Badshah Shahrukh Khan is the richest actor of bollywood. He has many business also. He pays highest tax in India. His IPL franchise, football franchise, brand endorsements, production hours earn him a lot of money.

  47. Akshay Kumar has recently got back to back success in industry and he is a best actor since long time in bollywood. He is an awesome actor in comedy, action movies.

  48. Salman Khan has seen series of success. All his recent movies have reached 100 crores club. His next Sulthan also has created hype. So, he’s the leading star.

  49. Ranveer Singh has proved that he is very talented right from his first movie, Band Baja Baarat. He was exceptional in his recent Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani. His success has taken his popularity and star value to next level. He will be the greatest actor in coming years.

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