Top 10 Best selling UK Singles 2017

Top 10 best-selling singles in the United Kingdom in 2017, most popuar singles and albums in UK.

Top UK Singles: The UK Singles is the music chart which is introduced by the official company of the United Kingdom. There are many singles which are released in the land of UK. Among those singles there are some which becomes the favorite of the music lovers who actually understands the real meaning of songs. These companies only calculate the best selling music singles in one week over the Unite Kingdom. When a song become a hit it is put in the chart of the singles and said that it is the best selling singles. From the year 2004 the chart has been based on sales of both physical single and digital downloads.

List of top 10 singles in the year 2017

There are many singles which won the heart of millions of fan across globe and few among them manage to get enlisted the bestselling music chart of the UK music industry. We made research and found the top 10 bestselling UK singles in the market.

Below there is a list of top ten singles which comes under the best selling in the market.

1. “Heroes” (we could be) – This single was introduced in the month of 3rd January. It was sung by Alesso. It became the hit song.Many people like the song and they also gave a good review about the song. It is on the 6th position on the UK single chart.

Heroes” (we could be), best-selling singles in the United Kingdom

2. Wish you were mine- Philip George sung it. It was a wonderful song and it has been added in the UK single chart.. It was ranked as second in the chart. When the song was launched it had an excellent feedback from the public.

3. Take me to church- Hozier was the artist who sang the song. In the UK single peak it comes in the number of seven. The feedback of the song was good but mostly the old people like it. The main attraction of the music was its holy lyrics which were framed in an awesome way.

4. Promesses – This song was sung by Tchami. The song has the seventh position in the UK single list. It was published on 17th January. It has beautiful lyrics on it which attracts the listener the most. This song was a super hit when it first came into the market.

5. Lips are moving- it is a sad song and Meghan Trainor sung it. It belongs to the second level of the single list. The song is very recent . The fan following of Meghan Trainor was very impressed after listening to his beautiful song.

Lips are moving, Top 10 Biggest Selling Singles

6. The nights- it is a romantic song sung by Avicii. From the review it is heard that it made a big market. Many CDs were sold of this song. It falls in the level of 6th position in the chart. The song was come into the market on 14th February. Thus it comes under the top ten list of the single chart of UK.

7. Four five seconds- Rihanna, Kaney West and Paul Mc Cartney altogether sung this beautiful song. Listeners got overwhelmed when they first heard the song. It falls under the 3rd position of the chart. Many Cds were sold for this song. The main attraction of the song is the music and the rhythm of the song. It so not very fast nor slow, and thus it can be heard in any occasions.

8. Say something- it is also a love song. It is sung by Karen Harding. You will find it in the seventh position of the UK single list. It had an awesome lyrics, and thus people like it. This song is mainly for the lovers and they gave a great feedback of the song. The song was released in 7th February.

9. Love me like you do- this romantic song has caught the heart of many lovers. It was sung by Ellie Goulding .  It is in the first position of the single chart. The lyrics of the song are very touchy.

10. Outlines – Mike Mago and Dragonette sung this beautiful song. It is on the 8th position of the chart. It was released on 14th of February. The feedback of the song is also very good.

Outlines, Best Selling UK Singles Of All Time

These are the top singles in the market. People who are the music lovers go and get it from the market. If you are interested to know more about those songs which comes in list after these top 10 songs then you need to search on the web.

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