Top 10 Best Selling R&B Albums in The World

List of most popular R&B albums and artists in the world in 2015-2016 and best selling albums in 2015-2016.

The best top 10 R&B songs which are for those music freaks! R&B songs are the genre of songs that are being released through the Billboard in United States. These songs are ranked by the radio airplay audience from all corners of the world. The mysteries of life are really very similar to the mystery of these songs. This is so because the songs speak of the storyline that surrounds the theme of the songs. There are many musicians who have taken the help of this R&B platform to start off their first debut task with the music industry. One who understands the beauty of the songs; understand the power of this cool genre.

Love for R&B songs remains incomplete without listening to the bestselling rock albums

The full form of the R&B songs is Rhythm and blues. These genres of songs have received millions of accolades from the teenagers, adults, musicians all over the world. This was the modern style of music that took a funky turn in the new musical times. This particular genre has a different yet distinct sound than its forebears whereas it is much fuller with different melodies and beats.

Here are different types of music and R&B albums in the year 2017 which are discussed below.

1. Furious 7: The sound track of this album is on the first number of the R&B soundtrack. The music of this is presently on a particular genre which succeeded to drag the audience towards them at one go. This had a wonderful impact on its listeners. The name itself suggests the effect of the music.

Furious 7, Official R&B Albums Chart 2015-2016

2. Cherry Bomb: The name of the album is an excellent mix of soundtracks. This is the fourth studio album by the American rapper Tyler, The Creator. It was released with two tracks. The album features unaccredited with the guest appearances supported by two singles- Death camp and both songs having a single music video.

Cherry Bomb, Top R&B,Hip-Hop Albums

3. To Pimp a butterfly: The third studio album by American rapper Kendrick Lamar. This album is released by Top Dawg Entertainment. This was distributed by the Interscope records. The platinum selling of this album reached to the level of winning multi-Grammy record.

To Pimp a butterfly, highest selling R&B albums 2015-2016

4. If you’re reading this it’s too late: The Canadian recording artist Drake recorded this album rightly by him. The first release that it had was through iTunes Store without prior notification. Thus, it was found that the mix tape was tweeted as an iTunes link from the Tweeter feed of his account.

If you’re reading this it’s too late, Best R&B Albums of All Time

5. Love in the future: This is the album that suggests, it is the best music album produced executively by the legends. The album lead single was released on March 25 and the following songs were released as and when decided in the dates found exclusively on the websites. Listening to the song will really make you feel very good and perfect.

Love in the future, List of the biggest selling R&B, Hip Hop albums of all time

6. Reclassified: This song is the reissue of the Australian rapper and this is the studio album that found its real meaning after their release through the Instagram post of the artwork. The album received numerous accolades which became available for the digital purchase on the same day in the United States.

Reclassified, Top-Selling R&B Artists

7. Essential R&B: This is a wonderful composition done by various artists who are just the perfect range of products. The songs that are re edited in the R&B music pattern is taken mostly from the songs that were published in the 90’s. This album perfectly paints the union of all the artists and their wonderful creation in one place altogether.

Essential R&B 2015, The 20 Greatest R&B Singers of All Time

8. Back to Black: This is the album that is smoothly picturized and the recording artist Amy Wine house, rightly released it on 27th October 2006. This was functioned by the Island Records. Not only this, a deluxe edition is also been featured in the name of B-sides, rare and the live tracks, as well as the debut DVDs which are being sold all over the world.

Back to Black, Top 10 Best-Selling R&B Albums Ever

9. 2014 Forest Hills Drive: The third studio album that was recorded by the American hip hop artist J. Cole was released on December 9, 2014 through the Dreamville. The album mainly reveals the words of the speaker that spoke about the positive attitudes. This album was certified as gold album by the recording industry.

2014 Forest Hills Drive, Best Sellers in R&B Albums

10. The PinkPrint: The versatile songs of this album made this album stand among the very best R&B collection. Therefore it is ranking in the list of the top 10 R&B song album. Pink Print by Nick Minaj made an agenda that she would be presenting her audience with some good form of music that would make her ever rejoiced in all corners of the world.

The PinkPrint, Best selling R&B Albums and songs for 2015-2016

Amazing top 10 R&B/Hip-Hop Albums in the World, Most Popular Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and songs.

All these songs and the R&B categorized albums are still being rejoiced by the people and are wonderfully accepted among all ages. So, keep listening and stay tuned to the songs.