Top 10 Best selling Rappers in The World

The best selling, Richest and Highest paid top 10 rap artist of the world in 2017, most popular Best-Selling Rappers of all time.

Rap along with the tunes of the top rappers in the world! – Rapping is a new pattern of the song. Rather it is the song that represents distinct fusion of voice. The storytelling, ability and the creativity of the singer is just the perfect combination of the general influence with the usage of the microphone. The singer has to be indeed perfect with his or her singing. The Rap infact is the controversial as itโ€™s often misunderstand by the outsiders stunningly blasted as the rap with violent and misogynistic street culture.

The classic rappers rocking the world- Presenting the bestselling rappers of the world 2017

Ironically the rap songs has been the most important and yet the latest genre of the music. Rap songs are one such genre which are loved and appreciated by people of all ages. If you are a true fan of Rap songs then we are sure you will be interested to know the names of bestselling rappers. Here is the list of the top 10 best selling rappers of the world.

The richest rappers are as follows:

10. Rakim:

The father of modern rap is none other than Rakim. He is the one perfect with his intense cutting production along with the graceful wordplay. The subject matter of his songs is centred on the fallibility of the mankind.

Rakim best selling rappers 2016

50 Replies to “Top 10 Best selling Rappers in The World”

  1. Eminem Eminem Eminem guys only n only Eminem he just teach the all rapper that what is the rap and how to do it . All other are good but not a bit of Eminem….

  2. Very nice piece of informantion as the rappers we listen to daily.My favorite is eminem.He is simply amazing and i love him for that.He is the bestt,love u for dat mann

  3. The number one is the Rap God for real. He is truly an amazing talent and his speed and precision in rapping is just unmatchable. His raps just makes the listener to go wow and his songs make the perfect companion when in agony.

  4. Tupac Is one of my favorite rapper. Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper, record producer and actor. his acting skills are also really good. His alBums all eyes On me is my favorite album of his.

  5. Shawn Corey Carter known professionally as Jay Z. He is an American rapper,
    entrepreneur and investor. He is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists in America. his hip hip moves are just mind blowing and freaking.

  6. Rakim is an American rapper. His oroginal name is William Michael Griffin, Jr. One half of golden age hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential and most skilled MCs of all time. I love rakim’s rap.

  7. all these rapper has done very well but I think they have started waring out with know time on there side again and age ….there is these guy call dee2 I met he is just too good……rap lines are mature and waoooo

  8. Eminem is my god. I worship him like hell… his raps will blow your mind..he is god of raps. Eminem Eminem Eminem Eminem..

  9. u guys have to watch out cus #SARKODIE is coming as the best and fastest rapper in the whole world.i believe he can do it so just watch out

  10. I live rap music. They might sound bad to many but, I’ve been a lover of rap music. It’s like raps seem so close to your heart than the complicated lyrics. Especially Eminem boosts me up when I feel low.

  11. Eminem. I like him and I’m waiting for his new album. He is just incredible and his speed is unmatchable. And I would just die to listen his new album.

    1. His Without me from Suicide squad is really good. Maybe you should check that out. And I’m expecting something outstanding from him in his next album. He is truly a God in rap music.

  12. I love Eminem. But I’m waiting for his new album. It’s been so long that he has released one. He is such a great rapper. Anyone can easily fall in love with his raps.

  13. I love raps. Especially ones from Eminem, Lil Wayne and all. They are the best music. They can calm ones soul and also awaken one within. These are better than any hip hop music.

  14. Eminem is truly the best. He is the gem, a rare gem. He gets all the pain he has suffered in his songs. His songs soothe a heart that has been broken. His speed, his accuracy, and his words are the best one can ever get in rapping.

  15. Nothing like EMinEM in this world. He is a legend and his raps never fail to motivate me when alone and stressed. He is a genius, he is God of rapping. It’s like someone like Eminem weren’t born and won’t born also.

  16. Eminem is a total rap God he makes me fell happy and I’m not the only one going through hard times and makes you feel like you’re not alone ??

    1. See that’s what’s wrong with this world. All of you are uncomfortable with different when you shouldn’t be.

  17. Eminem’s albums get sold in a flash and his popularity is like no other rapper in the world. He has set up his own standards in rapping and that is unbeatable.

  18. All these rappers are awesome. One has to see that most of them are black and it’s the answer for the racists. They are very talented and they entertain the whole world and very popular.

  19. Eminem is always the best. He has always been the star in the field. He gives some never before kind of raps and people love it. The albums sell out in no time. That is Eminem for you.

    1. He is the Rap God. Only he can rap in that speed and get the rhyme properly. He has always expressed his life and his story in his raps. He is my favorite.

  20. Lil Wayne is also a great rapper. He has a unique tone and his voice is very catchy. His rhyming is good and his raps carry the sense of Carrebian accent. His raps sound well.

  21. One and only Eminem! He is a gifted artist and make she listeners go crazy with his perfect rhymes and tempo of the Rap. He is the beast in rapping and does it in super fast speeds but he is very spontaneous too. He is such an amazing rapper.

  22. A great list and well deserved top spot by the Rap God. Eminem expresses pain, attitude, his story, compassion, aggression and everything in his raps to make them the best. A listener gets so addicted to his raps and tries to get the lyrics as fast as he does. He is a magical music artist, Eminem.

  23. Eminem making it top to the list like always he is the Rap God literally Rap god holding a guiness record for maximum spoken up word in a minute and he is really awesome surviving all the odd against the life throwed at him quite cool and strong man

    1. Exactly. Eminem is the best rapper. All his albums are massive hit. He has unbeatable speed and incredible rhyming. I admire his immense talent.

  24. I really respect the kind of lyrics Lil wayne do its so high up intellectually that its right that only intellectual people get it but he is really awesome and deserves to go in hall of fame of rapper too damn fucked up sh*t

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