Top 10 Best selling KPOP Albums in the World

Top 10 best selling South Korean albums in the world in 2017, best-selling albums in South Korea.

Trendy KPOP groups and their amazing album: Day by day the Korean music industry is going high in the international market. There are KPOP music groups, and they have a huge fan following in the market. The current KPOP world is very competitive as all of them are introducing new songs in the market and they all are becoming hit. They have a huge demand in the market mainly by the Korean young teenagers. There are many Korean companies who are introducing many KPOP groups and they are the most cool groups in the music industry. Here, in this article we will list the some of the famous KPOP albums.

List of top 10 KPOP albums 201

If you are true lover of KPOP music then it’s important on your part to know which albums made their place in the top 10 bestselling albums for the 2017 currently.

Below in this list there are top 10 best KPOP albums which are very famous among the young generations.

1. Mamacita/ This is love- This album has been released by the famous boy’s Korean group Super Junior. The songs in the albums are wonderfully sung and thus they are very famous among the teenagers. The bits of all the songs in the album are very good and thus they are in the high demand among the youth.

Mamacita - This is love, Top 10 bestselling KPOP album 2015-2016

2. Overdose- This album was introduced by the famous collection of boys EXO. The album is recently launched in the market and it hit the market demand. All the songs of the albums are so good that they are not only liked by the young generations but also they are very demanding among the adults also.

3. Mr. Mr. – This album is sung by the famous girl group Girl’s Generation. This is a girly album and the album is a hit among the young girl’s generations. The songs which the album contains are very trendy and fashionable. The main attractions of the songs are its attracting music which tends the music lover to buy the album.

4. Got it? – This famous album was sung by the extraordinary group GOT7. This album has many outstanding songs which have hacked the heart of the music lovers. The type of music which is used in the album is fantastic. Just because of the awesome music the album is in the top ten lists of 2017. The sale of this album is quite high and the music lovers also gave a good review.

5. Season 2 / Be Back- Season 2 is the revised version of the album Season 1/ Be Back the most stylish Korean boys group Infinite. The group has all the singers who are below 16 of years of age. Though they are so young yet they are very famous. The songs of their album are very prominent among the youths. The type of music they like, this album has that entire hip hop music with the pop songs.

6. Skool Luv Affair- BTS has introduced their new album. This album has all the love songs. Though the songs are romantic yet they are sung in the pop version. The recent romantic couple mainly the teenagers will like the songs of this idealistic album.

7. Crush- 2NE1 has launched their new album in the market. The album has lots of romantic pop songs. The songs are liked by the adults. The lyrics of the songs are quite tough to understand by the teenagers. This is one of the oldest brands and every year they launch famous albums which hit the market.

8. First Sensibility- B.A.P has introduced their recent KPOP album in the market. The album has many beautiful pop songs which have stolen the heart of the pop lovers. Thus they have a high demand in the market. The music used in the songs gives the actual smell of the pop trend. The songs are very trendy also.

9. Tense/ Spellbound- TVXQ’s all the albums has a high demand in the market. This album is also having a high demand. All the pop lovers is buying the album in such a high rate that sometimes there is a shortage of this album in the market. The song of the album gives a good message to the listeners.

10. Red Light- The Korean girl’s group f(x) has introduced this beautiful album in the market. The songs are heard by both the youth and the adults. The songs are very stylish and trendy.

Thus the KPOP lovers go and get these wonderful KPOP albums. If you are willing to know more in detail about the Upcoming KPOP albums which may make a place in the top 10 list in coming time then keep visiting this section at regular interval.