Top 10 Best selling Korean Female Idols in Japan

Top 10 best selling Korean female idols in Japan for 2017, most popular Korean female stars.

Korean idols- play the latest KPOP music- Korean female’s idols are very popular in nowadays. They are very famous for their latest KPOP music which has hacked the heart of the KPOP lovers. One who loves the Korean pop music to them these idols are very famous. The types of music they use in their songs are very latest and give the trendiest touch in the songs. People who love the pop music for them they are the most known face as they are very popular pop singers. Not only they sing but also they dance and entertain the audience.

List of top 10 Korean female idols 2017

We made an attempt to find the Korean idols whose popularity made them bestseller in the industry of japan.
Below here the list of top 10 Korean idols who are very famous in Japan. Mainly they do performance in groups.

These performances are very glorious and they are liked by maximum people.

1. Yuri – Girl’s Generation- The best KPOP singer in the industry in Yuri. She is an excellent dancer also. She entertains the audience by her beautiful songs and her dance. This combined pack made her stay in the top most list of the Korean Female Idols. She has also won many awards. Her albums are very popular in the market.

Yuri – Girl’s Generation, Top 10 best selling Korean female idols in Japan for 2015-2016

2. Hyuna – 4 minutes- The most sizzling and the hot singer is Hyuna. She has hacked the heart of many boys by her looks and her voice. Her albums are very famous in the market and thus they all contain outstanding KPOP songs. She is one of the most versatile singers in the industry.

3. Nana – after school- She is the most beautiful face in the Korean Female idols. She is the youngest also. But her voice is so good that it attracts people and she had a very huge fan following. She is one of the singer from the After school band.

4. Park Jiyeon- Tara- Her looks and the beauty made her in the top most lists of the best female Korean idols. Her voice quality is very good and hence she gives us the most popular KPOP music. Her albums are sold in a high price in the market due to the high demand.

5. Yura – Girl’s Day- She is the most popular girl in the Pop music. Her song attracts the heart of the pop lovers. She sings her songs in the most stylish and the fashionable way. She had a great fan following who are very fond of her songs. Not only she the male fan following but also she had a huge female fan following.

Yura – Girl’s Day, Top 10 Most Popular Korean Girl Groups

6. Jeon Hyosung- Secret- You can say that she is the most popular and the best KPOP singer in the pop industry. Her tonal quality is very good. The texture of her voice is so good that after hearing her song once people be the fan of her. She does many stage performances and all of them are in a high hit.

7. Jaekyung- Rainbow- She is the awesome singer of the rainbow band. She is a model also. She has got many fans in the industry and thus her Cds are sold in a very high rate. All the songs from her album are a super hit in the market. Her dance also attracts the heart of the pop lovers.

8. Bae Suzy- Miss A- She is an outstanding singer. She is an actress also. She is the leader of this KPOP band. Her voice quality is so good that it attracts the pop music lovers. She is the most adorable singer in the industry who has hacked more or less the heart of all boys by her beautiful singing.

9. Ga In – Brown Eyed Girls- This band is very famous because they produce always the mist charming songs in the KPOP industry. The songs they sung are very popular among the young generations as they produce the trendiest KPOP songs in the music industry. The songs they actually sung are very unique and this is the reason they are so famous in the market.

10. Uee- After school- This is a popular band who has formed the band after their school. The band is basically from the South Korea. They formed this band in the year of 2009 and from then onwards they are very famous among the KPOP music bands. They songs they sung are hit in the market.

Uee- After school, Best Selling K-pop Artists of All Time

Thus these are the most famous female Korean singer in Japan. They are very popular for their POP music in the industry.