Top 10 Best selling Hip Hop Albums in The World

Top 10 best selling hip hop albums of all time including new hip hop singles and albums in 2017.

Hip hop albums- are in demand among the young generations: Nowadays there is a trend among the young generations that they like to hear the hip hop albums. Thus there is a high demand among them for these albums. Each and every musical website introduces top albums of the year and the hip hop lovers search for the greatest songs of the recent year. In our country we find many famous hip hop music artists. They are not only famous among the young generations but also they are very famous among the adults. There are many hip hop albums which are really famous.

List of best hip hop albums of 2017 and all times

One of the favorite genre among youngsters are no doubt the Hip Hop songs and when the same is played with Hip Hop dance form that music gets a new dimension which is loved and appreciated not only by young generation but also by the adult group.

Below there is a list of best hip hop albums of this year. These albums are not all recent albums but still they are on the top ten lists of bestselling albums of the year 2017. They are:

1. Speakerboxxx/ The Lover Below- This is the bestselling album of the recent years. This album has all the hit albums of all time. There are many old hip hop songs which are very popular and on this album you will get all the songs. These songs are popular among all the hip hop lovers.

Speakerboxxx - The Lover Below, The Best Selling Hip-Hop Albums of All Time

2. The Marshell Mathers LP by Eminem- One of the most famous albums of Eminem is this album. Till date they have sold 10.5 million of copies. This album has also broken the record of Britney Spears’ record. This is to mention that this is a solo recorded album by Eminem.

3. The Eminem Show by Eminem- Eminem is a very famous hip hop singer. This album has many of his hits of the hip hop songs. The one who are a fan of the singer they can buy the album as they will like it the most.

4. Life After Death by Notorious B.I.G- The full album contains of 24 best tracks of hip hop songs. If you are a hip hop, lover then this is the best album that you should buy. You will find all the actual hip hop music here.

5. Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt’ Em- The album consists of all the unforgettable songs. The hip hop admirers who are very fond of these songs among them the album is very famous. Till now the album has sold 10 million of copies which seems that it is in high demand among the music lovers.

Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt’ Em, New Releases in Rap & Hip-Hop Albums

6. Greatest Hits by 2Pac- The album was first released in the year 1998. From that year they are running smoothly in the market. The singer had done an awesome job in this album and they had applied all the smallest music tricks which had made the album the great hit till now.

7. All Eyez on Me by 2Pac- In this album we will the standard of the actual hip hop music. The main thing about this album is that when the music lovers buy this particular album they used to buy it in a bulk which means they not only buy the album for themselves but also they buy it for their friends and family. Hip hop lovers gave a remarkable review about this album.

8. Licensed to III by the Beastie Boys- The album is really famous to the school boys. The style they love to hear in the hip hop this album provide them with that style only. The songs in the albums are very stylish which will give the mode of dancing to the dance lovers also. The play of guitar which the album used was really awesome.

9. Country Grammar by Nelly- This album was first released in the year 2000. This artist is very famous among the hip hop artists. From the year 2000 till date they have sold about 8.5 millions of album. The songs of the album are very famous among the hip hop lovers.

10. Get Rich or Die Trying’ by 50 Cent- This band is very famous among the teenagers. This hip hop album is not a recent one but still it is very popular. When the album was first released then it sold about 872000 copies. The songs are very trendy till date and they are having a great demand in the market.

Get Rich or Die Trying’ by 50 Cent, highest Selling Hip Hop Albums in music History

Thus the hip hop lovers who are searching for all time hip hop hits they can get these albums. It is sure you will get your favorite songs here. Keep visiting us as we will keep you updated with more information about the bestselling Hip Hop albums.