Top 10 New R&B Songs

Top 10 new R&B songs for 2016, all time best most popular R&B songs list.

Whenever we are sad or happy, music is the option we generally choose for refreshing our mind. Music has different genres. People from all over the world love different genres. Music is not only a mind refreshing stuff but also mode to stay healthy. In different parts of the world music is widely practiced to stay healthy. Music can also be a mode of meditation. Trance music is generally used for meditation. The music is a part where creativity has no limits. The basic concept of music is to produce sounds which is ear soothing, it is not necessary to have an instrument for playing music. There is a genre in music where no instruments are played, the body parts are used for producing different kinds of music; acapella the genre it is.

List of the The top 10 R&B songs 2016

Here in this article we will be talking about the genre that has turned up in the recent years. The R&B genre is one of the world’s top most music genres these days. This is a list of the top 10 new R&B songs in 2016. The list as follows:

Top New R&B Songs 2016 2017 List

1. Secrets:

like the last season, this song is still standing in the 1st position in the top of the R&B list. This song is sung by Jr. Hi ft. The Weeknd. This song has everything to it. The lyric is just awesome and the composition needs no 2nd introduction.


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  1. The weekend is my fav R&B singer at the moment. He is just brilliant and he has brought some new life to R&B music. He is very talented and many songs of his have been hits.

    • That earned it from fifty shades of grey is truly amazing. It is the best R&B you can get. The tone he has sung is itruging.. I love it.. And he is my fav singer too..

  2. Wait for a minute is a great song.
    I love just love it simply. A perfect r&b song that. I just feel freaking good listening to it.

  3. I love Rihanna for her voice and the way of singing. She’s just outstanding and the some of her songs have been the chart busters for a long time. Especially her collaborations have got her a lot of success.

  4. Not all these are the best R&B songs and this is pretty old list. Shit man, get the new and more updated list. That’ll be freaking good man. I was in search of a list of new songs and this didn’t impress.

  5. For me the weekend is the best R&B singer right now. His songs have just become so popular all around. Can’t feel my face, the hills have been some of his best songs.

  6. These are not new and not impressively written. Please update the list. Few of them are not famous also. But u love some of the songs in the list.

  7. All R&B is my fav genre. It’s fucking good Mahn. One can have any shit in life but these songs make you forget em all. Its a kind of tripping for you.

  8. Well well.
    It’s a good list and there are more new R&B songs that can be called the best. Keep updating the contents atleast with 15 days frequency.

  9. Wait for a minute is a good song. Tyga and JB have brought a new combination with a very fresh sound with this song. It’s good to listen to this.

    • JB is improving dude! He is getting very popular and his songs too are good these days. Never imagined that he’ll get this good! Lol!

  10. The weekend is a sensational R&B singer. His lyrics are freaking crazy and sets up exotic tunes for his songs. He sings them so very well. His other songs like Can’t feel my face, earned it, tell your friends are all so dang good.

    • The weekend’s songs are addictive. He just kills it with his seducing, slow voice and tone. He has a differnt kind of taste. Can’t feel my face is one heck of a song. He is one rising star in R&B songs.

  11. I love this shit is a crazy song yet addictive. R&B artists like Chris Brown, trey songz have got a great track with I love this shit. It couldn’t have got any better.

  12. Rihanna! I love her voice. What now has been played like hundreds of times in my ipod till now. The music is very catchy and lyrics are haunting.

  13. Wait for a minute is very impressive and JB shows his maturity as a singer after his album Purpose. Tyga impresses as well. It is in my Playlist rn and I like that song a lot!

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