Top 10 New Punjabi Dance Songs

Top 10 new Punjabi dance songs for 2016, all time best most popular Punjabi dance songs list.

Music is the best way to express the feelings. The music is used for various purposes. Some take it professionally whereas some adopt it for fun. Music is the best way to cherish the happiest moments in life. There are various forms of music in the world. Music has been making the world go crazy from the ages. Indian music has always been one of the most talked about music forms in the world. Indian music is famous all over the world for its varieties and adopting different forms from worldwide. Music in india is practiced in various languages. One of the major languages is the Punjabi. Punjabi songs are best known for its dance beats

The top 10 songs list in Punjabi 2016 which will make you rock

This is the list of the top 10 Punjabi dance songs in 2016. The list of the top 10 is as follows:

Top New Punjabi Dance Songs 2016-2017 List

10. Ik Saal:

This song is by Jassi Gill, one of the most popular composers in Punjab. He is regarded to be one of the most versatile musicians who have produced a lot of variations from time to time. Though this holds the 10th position in this list of the top 10 but it is liked by most of the Punjabis.


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  1. I wish ‘ik saal’ was the first in the list. But the article is very poor. Its not at all updated . All the informations are too old to be posted.

  2. I like this list a lot. I’m a lover of Punjabi beats and all these songs are really good. I wish you did lists like the best Punjabi dance songs ever and many more like that.

  3. There’s a lot of Punjabi happening in bollywood. Punjabi dance songs are going popular as any other. The song Kala Chasma is a great dance number. I love that song and this list has good songs too.

  4. Painkiller is an incredibly great Punjabi dance song. Thank God you’ve included it. That is a an event mass hit. It has a great bass and beats to be a dance track.

  5. wakra swag is such stupid song. may be the music is good. but if honey singh had sung that, i think it would be a super hit.

    • No. I love that song featuring Badshah. He is the best rapper. Honey Singh doesn’t even know what is rapping. I just hate him. Dont compare Badshah to Honey Singh.

  6. even though am not a punjabi, am a great fan of punjabi songs, wakra swag and love dose are my favourite ones. honey singh is just awesome in that.

  7. I love ikk Saal song. It is so appealing for a bangra. A perfect dance number that can turn a wedding house to a party night.

  8. The very recent songs like whakra swag, suit are all so good. They are great Punjabi songs with some exotic beats and perfect tempo for dance.

  9. Punjabi rappers have set a trend now. They are just fabulous and the Punjabi numbers are perfect for dance and party. The beats and tempo are so tailor made and a perfect bhangra steps.

  10. Honey Singh is the pride of punjab. He is internationally famous and has millions of fans. He has earned a great popularity and his songs are also so great.

  11. I love patiala peg by Diljith. A perfect Punjabi dance number. Agree or die. It is the best in the list. The tempo and Punjabi music make it a perfect one for dance and party.

  12. Grow up dude! Listen to some food music and don’t spoil your ears by listening honey Singh’s songs. Horrible music composer. He is the worst Punjabi rapper. There are other fantastic singers from punjab. I hate him.

  13. Patiala peg by Diljith is a party rocker. The exotic Punjabi tempo and beats are just pumping for a dance. He’s the best entertainer in Punjabi industry as an actor and a singer.

  14. Honey Singh sucks. I can’t find one reason to call him a good rapper. There are other best Punjabi rappers like Bohemia, Raftar, Badshah. They rap it like fluid and while this guy auto mixes his voice and raps so bad.

  15. Love dose by Yo yo honey Singh is awesome for party dance. The beats is so good and the background scores is also good. The lyrics and the way he did the Rap is just fantastic. HONEY Singh is the best Punjabi rapper. No one can replace him.

  16. Jaaan is a great song for parties. The beats and tempo are brilliant and any one taps their foot for it. The youthness in the song is high and that makes it the best Dance number.

  17. Love teri bhabhi by Ninja amazing rap and lyrics love the style of Ninja long breed hair amazing dance moves superb video Yeah lets dance

  18. Jaan by Happy Raikoti amazing track love for its music and lyrics with the amazing meaning and the foremost music is so great really deserves the number one spot

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