Top 10 Best Punjabi Dance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Punjabi Songs of All Time till 2018. Popular artist and song writers from Punjabi origin have been rooted greatly in releasing amazing dance tracks featured in this article today. top ten of them are studied below.

Punjabi Dance Songs Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Best Punjabi Dance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Lk Saal by Jassi Gill

Jassil Gill is one of the most popular, romantic and successful music composers in entire Punjab community. His performance is admired by many people in entire Bollywood music industry. Ik Saal is part of what he is capable of doing. I bet if you take a view on its video, there is no doubt that you will get attracted. Gill is best known for playing slow pace dancing tracks. Saal takes 5 minutes and eight seconds to play fully and has more than 15 million downloads so far.

9. Bapu Zimidar by Jassi Gill

Its Jassi Gill again taking in position nine with his amazing article known as Bapu Zimidar best heard in Punjab. People from this area love this song very much and can never get enough. Holding in 9th position, Bapu Zimidar was released on 2014 from his album, return of melody and its video gained him a nomination award of best Punjabi music as best popular song of season award at that particular season. An official video was uploaded to YouTube on 6th October 2016 and takes a period of three minutes and forty seven seconds to play fully.

8. Maan by Bilal Saeed

Not only in Punjab community, is Bilal Saeed common and best known by many fans from India. He is always outstanding and makes to be in 8th position of this article and takes part mostly in film songs for Hindi and Punjabi films. Maan was released from a single track album on 20th December, 2014 and takes duration of four minutes and two seconds to play completely. A total number of 46,000 downloads have been made so far especially in video formats. Its video is readily available in YouTube.

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7. Sniper by Sukhe Musizal Doctorz

Sniper is a Punjab Pop song written and released by Harry Chapin. He has contributed a lot in this article by releasing Sniper which is a brilliant song played in most places of Punjab. This is just a small pop composition which takes 2 minutes and nearly 58 seconds with more than 12 million download made ever since it was uploaded in internet and other legal Websites. Dilin Nair popularly known by his stage name, Raftaar (rapper) is featured in this video. Pop lovers enjoy watching and doing Pop break dances at large.

6. Teri bhabhi Hai by Ninja

Teri Bhabhi Hai is a popular comedy and quality music from Ninja featuring JSL Singh 9X Tashan. JSL is an Indian film Director and singer popularly known for doing Punjab tracks. His performance in this track contributes a lot to its growth in market. We could not have completed this article without featuring this popular track with most amazing body moves and dancing styles. All these features have contributed to its fame attracting more than one million YouTube viewers with a lot of positive reviews dropped in that same website. Video format is best when you want to enjoy best of Teri Bhabhi composition. This is one of the Top 10 Best Punjabi Dance Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Banda Ban Ja by Garry Sandhu

On our fifth contribution we have this great composition from Garry Sandhu. This popular Punjab star is best known for this latest Punjabi dance song. Most people in Punjab love watching and downloading especially those of youth age. Garry is one man who portrays a unique performance that cannot be compared in anyway. This track is suitable in night dance parties but of slow pace. Banda is recipient of best Punjabi song of season received after his live performance. Vocal are well presented including instrument setups and performance as well.

4. Painkiller Miss Pooja

Painkiller is dance song popularly known by Indian youths who enjoy its rapping genre and more so performed by young people. Their dancing styles cannot be ignored by any young man viewing it on internet. Amazing lyrics, great vocals, instruments especially beats are some of the characteristics that define it. We could not have made any mistake of omitting this popular hit for young generation. In oneness with Punjabi fraternity offer Miss Poona a huge credit for her fantastic and good job. Fateh and Shortie are featured in this video at large.

3. Patiala peg by Diljit Dosanjh

Dijlit Dosanjh is a Punjabi film actor, singer and television presenter popularly known for his great stage performance and great vocals. He has been featured in more than 20 famous songs from his own albums. All of them are readily available in Youtube and other legal Downloading sites. Patiala Peg is one of his famous and successful compositions released into market on 11th September 2016. It’s the latest released dance song in Punjab and most featured in social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at large.

2. Love dose by Yo Yo Honey Singh

On 2nd position I take this chance to introduce to you Yo Yo Honey’s great stuff. Born in 1On 2nd position I take this chance to introduce to you Yo Yo Honey’s great stuff. Born in 1983, this young star is a great hit in whole of Punjabi history. In his rapping nature, most of his tracks are voted in by young people hence scooping a chance in this article. Due to that reason Honey is regarded as one of those highest paid rap singers in India.

1. Jaan by Happy Raikoti

On top of our article we have this amazing article from Happy Raikoti known as Jaan. Happy is a well known Indian Singer and lyricist from Punjabi origin. You can trust him for great performances hence his article has been ranked in top position with amazing and unique features like great vocals and well played instruments. We humbly credit his dancing song Jaan this position.

These are the best Punjabi dance songs 2017. They have unique and great features.

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