Top 10 Best Mother Son Dance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Mother Son Dance Songs of All Time till 2017. Wedding ceremonies usually concentrate on the bride so much leaving out the groom especially when it comes to the wedding dance party. You will always see the bride dancing with her father to some of the best father daughter dance songs. The bridegroom also should get an opportunity to dance with his father as a sign of showing thanks to her mother for how she raised him up with a lot of love that made her son to feel the need to raise a family of his own that will resemble that of his mother.

Top 10 Best Mother Son Dance Songs Of All Time

The groom should also dance with his mother as the bride dances with her father during the wedding day. Below is a list of the top 10 best mother son dance songs of all time.

List of Top 10 Best Mother Son Dance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Happy Ever After in Your Eyes by Ben Harper

Starting of our listing is this amazing song from the album Both Sides of the Gun by Ben Harper. This is the ideal song for the son to dance to with his mother during his wedding ceremony. The lyrics of this song are a message to the mother that the son will always be happy in his life with his new love. This song would definitely not miss on the playlist of the songs to be danced to during a wedding ceremony.

9. Only You by Joshua Radin

This amazing song by Joshua Radin will definitely be the perfect message for a mother and a son to dance to as they dance their last dance with each other. In this song, the singer passes the message through the amazing lyrics that the mother will always be the only one that the son has ever loved for than anything since she was always there for him. As the lyrics of this song flow smoothly into the ears of the son and mother as they dance it will make them have a flashback of the moments they had together.

8. Mother Like Mine by Band Perry

This is one of the best songs that have been sung by one of the most amazing voices. If you are a son, you definitely need this song on your wedding playlist because it is one song that was written in praise of the amazing jobs that is done by mothers in this world. When dancing to this song with your mother you should face her and utter to her that there is no mother like her in this world and that you will always treasure her.

7. Love Me like A Rock by Paul Simon

This is an amazing song from a voice that has been known for singing incredible and amazing that can be dedicated to both fathers and mothers. In this song on the official video, there is a scene of a child growing up holding unto her mother’s hand. This song should be a dedication to all mothers by their sons not only on their wedding days but also on their day-to-day living as it expresses deep love to the mother.

6. You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins

This is one of the best love songs and one of the favorite choices for the songs to be used during a mother son dance especially in wedding ceremonies. The lyrics of this song is a message from the son to the mother that though he will be living to go and leave with his new love his mother should always remember that she will always have that special place she had in the heart of the son from the time she raised him up. This song can lead to you getting very emotional as you listen to it. This is one of the Top 10 Best Mother Son Dance Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Child of Mine by Carole King

Throughout the above song, we have been focusing on the songs that only a son would dedicate to her mother, let us change and look at this song Child of Mine that is the best choice for mother to choose when they need that mother son dance song. In this song the lyrics shows the emotions that go through the mother as she raises her son making it the best choice for a song that will bring back the childhood memories with the mother.

4. Letting Go by Suzy Bogguss

In this music video there is a scene of a young man growing up, going to college and ending up marrying and all this while the mother has been in touch through the whole period but when it comes to marriage she finds it hard to let go. A mother should dance with her son this perfect song. This is because it allows them get into the emotions and feeling of letting of her favorite child. This song when you listen to it you will definitely feel the emotions associated with letting go of a person you love and treasure.

3. My Wish by Rascal Flatt

The wish of every mother is for their sons or daughters to grow into the man they always raised them to become. This is the perfect song for a mother to dedicate to the last dance they have with their son as they wish them all the best as they into the new life of not only being their sons but of now being a husband and a future father. This is the perfect wish come true for every mother when their sons marry.

2. Through the Years by Kenny Rogers

Through the years is one of the best songs that every son would love to dance to with their mothers especially during their wedding day. One of the most amazing voice in the country music, Kenny Rogers, sang this song. Tears will roll down your cheek as you reflect on all the year you have been through with your mum to the point you have reached to become a man of your own.

1. Its Your Song by Garth Brooke

The best mother son dance song is this amazing song Its Your Song by Garth Brooke. It is an emotional song that was sang in 1998 as a dedication to the singer’s mother. The lyrics in this song will definitely create the emotions in the son as well as the mother of the amazing times they have enjoyed together as the son grew up. It is definitely the best.

These are the top ten best mother son dance songs 2017 that every son and mother will definitely choose to dance too especially during the son’s wedding. You should include one of these or all in your wedding playlist.