Top 10 New Mother Son Dance Songs

Significant factors about Top 10 new mother son dance songs for 2016, all time best most popular mother son dance songs list.

Today, celebration for wedding is not only for the bride. Boys too celebrate their wedding ceremony by celebrating mother son dance. We all are quite familiar with the father daughter dance during her wedding. Today, grooms to do special arrangements to express their valuable emotion to their mothers during their wedding ceremony. Many songs have been recorded in recent days which can be treated as best mother son dance songs.

List of Top 10 new mother son dance songs for 2016, 2017

Top New Mother Son Dance Songs List 2016-2017

Searching the best song for mother son dance during son’s wedding is not an easy task. Here we can take a look at the top 10 new mother son dance songs 2016.

10. Teach Your Children:

This song was first released in the album Déjà vu by Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young famously known as CSNY. This album is hugely expressive and emotional too. During every wedding, a son can choose this beautiful song to dedicate his mother. This song can be a good choice to have a dance between a son and a mother.


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  1. You’ll be in my heart is my most loved song of the list. It is so emotional and touching. I feel how much my mother means while I listen to this song.

  2. All these songs are evergreen and are so good too. I feel that these songs show that special bonding between a mother and son. The emotions, sentiments are so very well expressed in these songs.

  3. Very unique list this. I’ve been getting several unique list in this site.
    Very well done. I hope to get more and more.

  4. These songs are lovely but they’re all too mushy
    Could we get a list that says love but has some life in them😊

  5. This is a very good list. Very much impressed as how good are the songs are arranged. This helps to play for any ceremony in a great fashion.

  6. Any ceremony like marriage or engagement, these songs rock the party. It is good to be dancing with mom, probably the best seeing her laugh and enjoying.

  7. The mother and son relationship is best described in these songs and all are evergreen. A good list this and all these songs are occasionally played in marriages.

  8. yeah! You are right.. It shows bonding between mother and her son. And these song lists are really amazing and best for such dances.

  9. Mother son’s dances are one of the oldest traditional followed by english people specially during weddings. Its really amazing to watch such dances.

  10. Only you is the best song on earth to show a mom’s feelings. The verses so well written and well composed and takes all the sweet feelings into ones mind.

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