Top 10 New Mehndi Party Dance Songs of Bollywood

Top 10 new mehndi party dance songs of Bollywood for 2016, all time best wedding dance songs list.

Songs on various occasions makes the special celebration of wedding a memorable one. Without particular occasion song, the tradition and Indian wedding does not provide the real pleasure, hence people always prefer to look for the suitable super hit songs for the right rituals. Mehndi is one of the most admired rituals of Indian wedding that is dedicated to entertain ladies in the wedding ceremony as they listen to various songs and dance. Thus, the choice of best song largely decides the pleasure and unforgettable memories of mehndi occasions.

List of top 10 new mehndi party dance songs of Bollywood 2016:

Wedding is an unforgettable moment of anyone’s life and so as the occasion of mehndi. Below are some of the finest mehndi songs that make this special moment unforgettable in entire life. People can pick the right song and enjoy this ritual and dance that will pour life to celebration and enhance the beauty of Indian weddings.

Top New Mehndi Party Dance Songs of Bollywood in 2016 and 2017

10. Mehndi Ni Mehndi: –

This is the most amazing and romantic mehndi song from movie Apaatkaal. Thus, song selection plays vital role in optimizing the pleasure and memories of particular mehndi occasion.


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  1. Mehndi is a great part of any wedding. I always love it to have the best Mehndi dance numbers and this list gave me many of them. These are like the evergreen best Mehndi songs in Indian cinema.

  2. Perfect for the wedding dance and fun. You can rock the ceremony with these. Just like any other music.. These Mehndi songs juts light up the environment.

  3. Thank god I found this list and thanks to the author. It’s a damn good list and I’ll play all the ten songs in my sis’s Mehndi function. Thanks a lot. A very good list.

  4. mehendi lagake rakh na is one of the best song for mehendi functuon. whenevr i listen to that song i feel like dancing on the spot.. haha!

  5. this is such an amazing lis! haha.. i have heard all these songs played in mehendi functions and i never missed that dance and fun.

  6. Very good list! Hahaha. All these are must play in any Mehndi celebration. London tumakada is also a very good Mehndi song I guess.

  7. Mehndi lagake rakhna from DDLJ is the most evergreen song ever. The tune is so fresh and the maybe for the popularity of the movie, it’s songs are also popular even now. This song is a must play for Mehndi ceremonies.

    • Yes. It has been played compulsorily in almost all the Mehndi ceremonies since the movie released. It has a great energy to boost everyone in the function. It has a nice beats and tempo for a dance.

  8. Mehndi is one important thing in a marriage ceremony and many bollywood songs join the party. There are some classic songs that are the must play in any Mehndi ceremony. In the recent times London tumakda is a great Mehndi song.

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