Top 10 Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time till 2017. What comes in your mind when you hear the word hip hop being mentioned? Well, many of us associate hip hop with violence and explicit lyrics. However, there are so many hip hop songs that have positive messages in them about life. These songs teach young generation that crime does not pay and that doing drugs is not good. Hip hop for a long time has been associated with the black community in U.S.A. but over some time this has changed and there are so many people of different races that engage in hip hop music. Below are some of the best hip hop songs of all time.

Hip Hop Song Top 10 Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time till 2017

10. C.R.E.A.M By Wu-Tang Clan

Cream means money in hip hop culture. This amazing wu-tang clan crew in their studios recorded this song in 1993. The leader of this crew, RZA was the leading producer of this song that was in enter the wu-tang clan album. In this song, the group admits that the majority measure success by how much money. That is why you find a line that states, ‘cash rules everything around me’ they portray hunger for wealth and success in this song.

9. In Da Club by 50 Cents

This song was recorded at the aftermath studios by none other but the legend himself, Dr Dre. Many consider this hip hop track as one of the finest ever for its slow flow and killer beats. It is a party song, which you are likely to find everyone dancing to in clubs. It is my favorite hip hop track up to date.

8. Straight outta Compton by N.W.A

This song was done by hip hop all-stars who included Easy E, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Mc Ren and Krazy Dee. Together they formed this group N.W.A (niggas with attitude) in this song; they are all against police brutality against black young men and racism. This is a truly hardcore hip hop music although it contains explicit lyrics in it.

7. Dance with the devil by immortal technique

This hip hop track stands out from the rest. It has a story line that is very educative to young men who are planning to engage in crime. It shows how bad crime is and it can help change those already in crime. It is actually a great song because of the message and the flow. This song was released on 14th September 2001.

6. Put it on by Big L

In this song, Big L features Kid Carpi who is an American rapper. Buckwild produced this amazing song that was feature in Big L’s album, lifestylez ov the poor and dangerous in 1995. However, the writers of this song were Coleman, Anthony Best and Roy Ayers. This song talks about how important it is to be unique by doing your thing. It is a great hip hop song with tight lyrics and great beats. Although Big L was a great hip hop artiste, many were the time that he was underrated.

5. Stan by Eminem

There is no way this list would be complete without me mentioning Eminem. He released this song on 9th December 2000 featuring Dido. This song was number one in U.S.A and eleven other countries after it was released. This is one song that not only make a name for Eminem, but also many people still associate him to this song up to date. This song speaks about a fan of Eminem who was obsessed writing letters to him. He writes these letters hoping that Eminem would write back which he does. This song has a great flow of lyrics and the beats are also awesome. The song however does not have a happy as the fan commits suicide on a bridge. This songs is one among the most popular Hip Hop songs 2017.

4. N. Y State of Mind by Nas

Many consider Nas as one of all time hip hop greatest. This song was produced in 1994 talking how dangerous life in New York is. Dj premier produced this great song that was feature in Nas’ album, lllmatic. It is a great hip hop song to listen to when you feeling low.

3. juicy by notorious B.I.G

Biggie as many referred him, was and is still one of the best hip hop artist to have graced this world. His rhymes and flow were incredible and you can instantly fall in love with his songs. Juicy was featured in Biggies album, ready to die in 1994. In this song, Biggie talks about his early life in poverty, drugs and his current good life. In general, it talks of his story from rags to riches. This song was and is an inspiration to anyone who appreciates nice hip hop songs.

2. changes by 2pac

When it comes to hip hop, 2pac is a true legend who inspired many black people in America. This song talks so much about real life situations at the time. This song talks about police brutality on black population, drug abuse in the ghettos and racial discrimination among other things. Tupak Shakur was a true genius when it came to song writing and delivering punch lines. This song still rocks and it is hard to believe it was done in early 90’s. apart from the beats this song is educative in a way trying to unite people irrespective of their color, social class and political differences. It is my all time favorite hip hop track.

1. Lose yourself by Eminem

This song was written and sang by Eminem and was released n 28th October 2002. This song was a success for Eminem as it was the first hip hop song to win Academy Award for best original song which it did in 2003. Other awards from this song include being number one on Billboard Hot 100, Grammy Award among many others. A narrative song is great to listen to. Listen to this song and you will definitely understand why it tops this list.

Now you are familiar with the best hip hop songs of all time and 2017. Now, what is left is for you to turn up your radios and enjoy those great hip hop songs.