Top 10 New Feel Good Songs

Top 10 new feel good songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular feel good songs list.

People who wish to set their mood into feel good and romance, feel good songs is the best options for them. These songs pour happiness, swing their moods, and entertain every moment of life. Then, this is the right time to gain much from these songs, as we have picked the best songs of the year as per their download and preference from listeners.

List of top 10 new feel good songs 2015-2016:

The feel good songs are the reason of happiness and entertainment of almost every listener. These songs pour romance, pleasure, and entertainment in everyone’s heart. Thus, people can review our below provided list and pick the best feel good time as per their desire.

Top New Feel Good Songs List

1. Joy To The World by the Three Dog Night: – Joy To The World is among the best feel good song that provides best and pleasant atmosphere that sets the good mood of listeners. This song is full of best notes and rhythm that will make its listener to dance and enjoy every moment. Thus, all these elements of the song make it a funny and entertaining song.

2. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper: – Girls Just Want To Have Fun is an amazing feel good song by Cyndi Lauper and is loved by every listener. This song will make its listener dance flawless without any reason. The beautiful lyrics and music of the song makes the best of the present time.

3. I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash: – I Can See Clearly Now is another sensational feel good song, as it is composed by bets music, lyrics that makes it beautiful song for everyone.

4. Dance To The Music by Sly and Family Stone: – Dance To The Music is highly preferred by teenagers and is a great entertaining song for people who are in love. The lyrics and music of the song will definitely entertain and pour good feel in every listeners heart.

5. Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves: – This is another feel good song that is based on memories and emotions of past days. It also emphasis on the best memories and fun in future days, as its lyrics and music provides a tension free time. Therefore, this is now a decent song and is among the most popular song of this year.

6. All Star by Smash Mouth: – All Star is currently a new and most amazing sing by Smash Mouth. It is currently heartbeat of every young generation and is best feel good song. This song will make everyone dance and enjoy every moment of the life. Thus, this specialty of the song makes it so popular and desiring in current year.

7. Celebration by Kool & The Gang: – This is another feel good song, it will compel its listeners to enter in a dance floor and enjoy every moment of life. This is the most preferred song of the year and dance parties. Thus, it is now a most preferred and entertaining song of the year.

8. YMCA- the most funny song by Village People: – People who once listen to this music will never forget it. This song is capable to entertain everyone and makes him or her laugh, thus it proves to be the best feel good song of the year. This song is able to gain the attention of every individual despite of the age and emotions. Thus, people can have best song to dance.

9. Wake Me Up Before You Go by Wham: – Wake Me Up Before You Go is another sensational song that rejoice everyone and is a suitable song for parties, dance and entertainment. Its rhythm and music makes it most preferred song and is the reason for the entertainment of its listeners.

10. Dancing In the Streets by Martha and Vandellas: – Dancing In the Streets is another charming and feel good song of the year that will pull its listeners on the dance floor and will pour eagerness to attend parties. It is an amazing song and its lyrics, music and rhythm makes it one of the best songs of the year.

Hence, the above-mentioned songs have proved to be the best ones and top listed in the list of top 10 feel good songs of the year. People can enjoy these songs and enjoy every moment of life.


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  1. Wake me up before you go is one such song which I can hear whole of my life without getting bore ,the moment this song starts I just can’t stop myself from hearing it, totally mesmerized by this song ,,very touching lyrics

  2. This list seems to be quite interesting with some unique, evergreen songs included. What I consider is that the song lyrics. Wake me up before you go is one such song that impressed me a lot. It’s a great composition and has an outstanding lyrics.

  3. The original version of “Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas was produced in 1964 by William “Mickey” Stevenson .The song highlighted the concept of having a good time in whatever city the listener lived. The idea
    for dancing came to Stevenson from watching people on the streets of Detroit cool off in the summer in water from opened fire hydrants .

  4. Wake me up before you go wham is the best new feel good song. I heard that This was inspired by a sign Andrew Ridgeley
    used to put on his bedroom door reminding his mom to wake him before she went to work. The sign said, “Don’t forget to wake me up before you go go,” with the last “go” mistakenly repeated. The song became Wham’s first American hit. Its really a strange fact actually.

  5. Village People – YMCA 1978 Classic Song that will make you want to dance. This song is Played at most weddings, parties, and other functions. It is one of the best evergreen song having beautiful lyrics and tracks. I love it.

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