Top 10 New Father Daughter Dance Songs

Considerable factors about Top 10 new father daughter dance songs for 2015-2016, all time best most popular father daughter dance songs list.

The relation between father and daughter is always very emotional. This emotion becomes extremely hart touchy at the time of marriage of daughter. This is the moment when the loving daughter has to leave her father to stay with her life partner. Though this situation may not be expressed in words, but still some songs are there which are able to express this deep emotion between a father and a daughter.

List of Top 10 new father daughter dance songs 2015-2016

Hence, when we are searching for the best father daughter emotional songs, we can take a look at the top 10 new father daughter dance songs 2015-2016.

Top New Father Daughter Dance Songs

1. Fathers and Daughters: This song has a real feeling that a fathers expresses about his daughter. The lyrics written by Leroy Parnell and Tony Arata. Here the father says that his daughter just look like an angel. Here the father recalls the memories of his little daughter when she was just a baby. With such expressive feelings, this song has been placed at number one.

2. Because You Loved Me: The famous Canadian singer Celion Dion recorded this song nicely. Her heart touchy voice has made this song to place within the list of top 10. This song is from her fourth studio alum Falling into You. The beautiful lyrics were written by Diane Warren.

3. Isn’t She Lovely: Another lovely father daughter song is Isn’t She lovely which is recorded by Stevie Wonder. This song is from the album Songs in the Keys of Life. This song is immensely expressive and this song is just perfect for a father to express his feelings to his beloved daughter.

4. A Song for My Daughter: This is another emotional song which is highly expressive. Every father will definitely love this song and will do a dance with his daughter during her marriage ceremony. The lyrics of this song describe how a daughter grows up within her father’s arms and how much her father love her. This awesome expressive song has been recorded by Mikki vierick.

5. My Little Girl: Tim McGraw, the famous American country singer, is the co-writer of this beautiful song. This song is from the album Love Story. The lyrics of this song will definitely create an emotional moment between a father and daughter. On the marriage occasion of a daughter, a father will surely choose this song for her daughter.

6. There You’ll Be: There You’ll be is a song which expresses the feeling of a daughter for her father. The lyrics of this song express how a daughter misses her father when she is getting married. Here we are thankful to Faith Hill to present the song with utmost emotion to make this song within the list of top ten father daughter songs.

7. Through the Years: Once we are searching for some father daughter dance songs, we can not miss the song Through The Years recorde by Kenny Rogers. The lovely lyrics and the way of presentation have made this song within top ten. This beautiful song was written by Steve Dorff.

8. You’re Gonna Miss This: Every father should never miss to express their emotion to daughter during her marriage ceremony. The song You’re Gonna Miss This will be the right song for a father to express his emotion to his beloved daughter. Trace Adkins has nicely performed this song with his awesome vocal.

9. Daughter of Mine: This is the song which will definitely express a father’s love for his daughter. This dance song will mesmerize the wedding ceremony. John McDermott has performed this song nicely to express the emotion of a father for his daughter.

10. Stealing Cinderella: Stealing Cinderella is another beautiful song which can definitely make a father to dance with her daughter during her marriage. Basically this song expresses the feeling of the prince charming of the bride who is dancing with her father. The prince charming is expressing the beautiful relation between a father and a daughter.

Those above are some great collections of dancing songs for a father and his daughter. A father can choose any of these top 10 songs to dance with his beloved daughter during her marriage.


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  1. The list shows some really nice songs in this genre..I hav listened to most of the songs as my daughter kept on playing these songs

  2. I cant believe this. My daughter played 3 of the songs off of the list! I liked them very much. Internet is such a vast space. Good collection you have here!

  3. This is truly and amazing list. Omg!!! I found this. All these songs, I had heard before and even now when I listen to these, I get flashes of my childhood memories. These are like literally heart touching songs. Especially my little girl song is my fav of this list.

  4. ” Stealing Cinderella ” is a debut song recorded by American country music artist Chuck Wicks. it really deserves to be in the topmost place in this list. Its a perfect song for a father and daughter which is heart touching .

  5. I listened to this song my whole last trimester when I was carrying my daughter and listened to it at the hospital as I was having her in 1979. She is now having her first child who is also a girl. I have sent this song on to her and her
    husband as truly they will feel the same way. Thank you tim for such a beautiful
    heart felt song..

  6. Isn’t she lovely is thr best father daughter dance song i ve ever heard. It has got a really nice track. Whenever i listen to it i remember the dance which i had done with my dad on my previous birthday. That was really memorable.

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