Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time till 2017. Weddings are some of the best moments in people’s life since it marks a great transition stage of the life of the bride or the groom. The bride is the most important in the wedding as she gets to be walked down the aisle by her father. The father is given an opportunity to share in the happiness of his daughter as she gets to move to a new stage in her life, so when choosing the best wedding songs you should also consider the best father daughter dance songs to be involved during the wedding ceremony.

Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time 2017-2018

There are some of the songs that have been very famous as father daughter dance songs that have been repeatedly used in weddings when the father of the bride is dancing with his daughter. Below is a list of the top 10 best father daughter dance songs of all time.

List of Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time till 2017

10. Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks

Father daughter dance song should be a song that will express the emotions going through the father and daughter as they say good-bye as the daughter will now be leaving her father to join her lifetime partner and this song has not failed in creating this kind of emotions in the heart of the father and the daughter. This song is about a prince charming who is expressing the beauty of the relation she had with her father. This is an amazing choice for the after wedding dance party.

9. I Loved Her First by Heartland

This song from heartland is one of the best simply because of the message it has and the emotions it creates when the father is having his last dance with his daughter before she gets to join her lifetime partner. In this song, the father is telling the young man marrying his daughter that he is not the first person to love his daughter but he was the first person to do that. This amazing song will not only make the dance a remembered day in the life of the daughter but also bring back the memories of the days the daughter spent with her daddy. Here is the list of new English Songs 2017.

8. It’s for My Dad by Nancy Sinatra

This perfect song will be a dedication to the father by her daughter. This song sung by Sinatra has been listed as one of the best father daughter dance song since it not only make the dancing amazing but also enables the daughter to remember the treasured moments she spent with her daddy till the age she has reached of being married off. This song always brings joy to the father as he feels that her daughter still loves and treasure him though she will be leaving to stay with her partner.

7. You are Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins

Just as the title of the song says it is a song that will be perfect in the wedding dance between a daughter and his father. It is a song that can be sang by both the daughter and the father. They tell each other of how they will miss having the same moments that they shared together. A very emotional song will not only be perfect for the dance but also amazing for the good-bye moments between the bride and the father.

6. Through the Years by Kenny Rogers

This song written by Steve Dorff and sang by Kenny Rogers cannot miss in this listing simply because of the amazing lyrics contained in this song. Through the years is a song that will reassure the daughter that the father will always be there for her even though she will not always be next to her every time she needs him. Kenny Rogers has been known for his amazing song and in this one he has not failed in making the dance experience for the daughter and father worthwhile.

5. Father and Daughter by Paul Simon

This amazing song can be perfect for a weeding dance between the father and the daughter especially when its music video is played during the wedding dance party. In the music video, there are scenes of a girl’s room and this will be perfect in reminding the daughter of the amazing days that she spent at her daddy’s house. The lyric in this song are also very sweet and soothing. This is one of the Top 10 Best Father Daughter Dance Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

This song will definitely be the perfect choice for all fathers who want to make the wedding dance one to remember always. One of the best country music singers Tim McGraw sang this song from one of his best albums by the name Love Story. The lyrics in this song are definitely a sure bet in creating an emotional moment between the father and the daughter. Every daughter is the little princess to her father.

3. A Song for My Daughter by Ray Allaire

Another amazing choice when it comes to the best father daughter song that a father can choose to dance in the wedding of his daughter is this song from Ray. This song has some very amazing and sweets lyrics. In the song, there is some lyrics of how the daughter always grows in her father’s arms and the daddy never fails her in proving how he loves and treasures her. Every father will love to dance this song with his daughter on her wedding day.

2. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

This is one of the best songs not only for the father daughter dance but as a love song. This song’s amazing lyrics were written by Diane Warren and sang by Celine Dion. The heart touching voice by Celine Dion has made the lyrics of this song to come out as clearly as they are expected. This song is definitely a choice for the daughter who would want to appreciate her father for loving her always.

1. When You Need Me by Bruce Springsteen

The best song in this category of the best father daughter dance song is this amazing wonderful song sang by Bruce Springsteen. This song will be the best choice for the father who wants to ensure that the last dance with their daughter will be remembered for days after. It is an assurance to the daughter that the father will always be there for her when she needs him.

These are the top ten best father daughter dance song 2017 that every father and daughter should include in the playlist of the dance songs to be used in their wedding party. This song will definitely create the emotions and memories associated with the relationship between the father and the daughter.