Top 10 New Dance Songs

Know the top 10 new dance songs for 2015-2016, all time best dance songs list.

You must be planning for a party this weekend. The foremost thing that you will be looking for in this party is the dance song. These dance songs are going to entertain you most and they are the most needful things that are required in the party. You need not have to worry about the best of the dance songs. Get the top 10 songs for dance from here and use them for the party. You will surely entertain the visitors in the Jam session, with the rocking songs of current year.

The top 10 new dance songs 2015-2016 are:

Top New Dance Songs List

1. What Now- Can you feel or think of a party where there is no dance? Can you feel a dance party where there is no song from Rihana? The top song from Rihana in this year is the first one to be played in the playlist to set the mood of the party at the right tune.

2. Electricity and drums- The song from Aude in the bad boys is a lovely entertainment oriented song and it must be the perfect one for the party. The lovely music with the song has been excellently arranged with the perfect feature of the notes in the song.

3. Youth by foxes- It is one of the greatest songs that have been written by the foxes and you must choose this one in the song list, so that your visitors get the perfect entertainment. The perfect beats of the song is going to ensure the entertainment for the entire party.

4. Feva- Ranny has been an outstanding name in the musical world and there can be no party of recent times, where there I no song of this star. Keep this feat at number four to boost up the dance floor at the right time with the right energy.

5. Work B**ch!- The song from Britney Spears must not be missed out by any chance. This is a lovely feat and is perfect for the dance floor. Thus miss it not on the party night. You must be enjoying the feat perfectly with the extraordinary beats of the song.

6. Give us back love- This one must be the first preference in the party song list. Arrange the playlist by keeping the song at the middle. If you place it at the top, the other rocking songs will be shadowed. Thus keep that in the middle.

7. Stay the night- The lovely feat from the Zedd is one of the best dance songs released in this year and is sure to be there in the list of the top dance songs in your weekend party. In the video of the song, you will find that Hayley Williams is there featured.

8. Lights out- The excellent feat is perfectly made for the parties, when you are planning to enjoy the night party with your friends. The perfect note arrangement from Jessica Sutta is going to make the party perfect for all your friends.

9. All night- Lcona Pop has outlined the song perfectly with the lively music, so that it can fit rightly with the party feel. The song can turn out the party and the dance floor to a live concert. Select the bass boost for this song as an equalizer setting to get the most of the entertainment from it.

10. Animals- The perfect dance song from Martin Garrix is one of the best feats of the current year that is worthy to be there in the party mix. You must not miss out this song by any chance in the party.

Get all the songs in the playlist right now. You can get the songs for free download at many of the sites where the latest songs are listed. Some of the songs that you will find in the list are so popular that you can find them in the first page of the search engine too. Most importantly, you can get the ultimate fun, if you arrange a high quality video arrangement. In such case make a list of the video songs from YouTube. This will be the perfect match for your purpose and for your entertainment. So go ahead with the lovely party along with the lovely feats.


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  1. Rihanna’s what now is a wonderful song to dance for. Well, i keep dancing all the time if What now song is played all the time. Haha! Rihanna’s voice has a kind of magic in it. Whenever i get bored i listen to her music.

  2. Youth by foxes is just woww. I never miss that song in any parties i attend. It has got the beats which are Really very beautiful to listen to. Its the best new dance song in this list and it was supposd to be on the topmost place.

  3. Animals is an amazing song. The lyrics are really good and has good meaning too. Martin garrix is a famous singer. All his songs are really beautiful and best for parties. Its just perfect for a dance.

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