Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors

Know the name of top 10 richest Hollywood actors in 2017, highest paid list.

You must be a fan of the Hollywood movies and surely the admirer of some of the actors. The best actors are rewarded the best payment and they are entrusted with the top net worth. You will be looking over the net to know the top richest stars of the industry and here is the list of the top ten actors of Hollywood that are the richest with the best net worth. There are countless actors and infinite great names, but finding the richest of them is really a tough task. However the name of the top ten of the stars is listed in this site for your knowledge.

The top ten names of the richest Hollywood actors 2017 are as follow:

Hollywood is the industry of glamour and entertainment and the actors of the industry work really hard to establish them.

Here we present the names of richest Hollywood actors

1. Jerry Seinfeld- He is not a movie star, but crossed all of the hit actors by his role in the TV series. He is the top name and his net worth is 820 million dollars, which is far ahead of all the film heroes.

Jerry Seinfeld, Richest Hollywood Actors

2. Tom Cruise- Many thought that Nicole Kidman was the lucky stone of his, but he proved that he himself is the lucky stone with series of hit movies under his belt. He is the second contender in the list with 480 million dollars of net worth.

3. Johnny Depp- The star of the Pirates of Caribbean is in the third position among the richest actors of Hollywood. This star character has been one of the significant actors in terms of success. He crossed 50, but looks like 354 with a net worth of 450 million dollars.

4. Jack Nicholson- He has been a producer and director, but he has been into some of the great movies in terms of an actor. He is not a star in terms of acting, but is an admired actor for critical roles in some of the generic movies. He is the fourth name in the list and his net worth is 400 million dollars.

5. Tom Hanks- The high rated actor has been in many good movies and he has been a real star of the good movies for the last decade. He is there in the list of the rich actors at the fifth rank and his net worth is 390 million dollars. He has directed and produced some movies even.

6. Keanu Reaves- The matrix man is at the sixth position in terms of richest stars and he is one of the most successful actors in the industry too. Net worth of this highly admired star of the industry is 350 million dollars. He has been a star matrix and is thought to be playing in the Matrix 4 even.

7. Arnold Schwazeggar- The big name is now the governor of California and he has been a star throughout his career. He has been mister Olympia numerous times and in the film industry his presence has created a great success. He is the seventh among the richest stars in the film world and his net worth is 300 million dollars.

8. Adam Sandler- He is 47 now and is still active with lots of top quality movies. He is the eighth name of the list and he has a net worth of 300 million dollars. He has been one of the moist successful actors of Hollywood and thus he is there in the list of the richest names in the film industry.

9. Patrick Wilson- He is the ninth contender of the position of the richest Hollywood actors and he is having a net worth of 275 million dollars. He has been engaged in many good movies of the industry and he played different critical roles in the movies as well.

10. Will Smith- The super talented actor who has many good movies and a great fan base is in the tenth position. He has been one of the best actors of this century and he is placed at the tenth position with 215 million dollars of net worth.

All the names in the list are of the great actors for the last decade. The top name is of the star TV actor, and thus it proves that US is having more TV watchers than movie watchers. The net worth of the richest actor reveals the same thing.