Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Professional Gamers in The World

10 Of The Highest-Paid Professional Gamers of the world in 2017, Top Earning gamers.

Playing games for a living sounds like a dream. Believe it or not, there are gamers who are doing exactly that making some serious money. The e sports earning is great from all gaming strategies that proves competitive to the world. There are about 100 gamers who have earned over $100,000 as prize money. Even the counting of the sponsorship deal the income received from streaming their practise games on services like Twitch.

The highest paid successful gamers in the world as per records of 2017

The highest paid gamers in 2017 are listed in one proper list, making it supreme in all ways. The list may have fresh names which might prove that they are the best. Success is not always on the luck. Most of the time, it is the style of the game and the strategy used in the game that makes the difference. Get the names of the most successful among them. If you are a close followers of them, you must be looking for the top names among them. Thus get through the list and get the best support for you. The list is as follows:

1. Lee Jae Dong: The huge sum that is moving on to Star craft: Brood War moving on the world’s top Star Craft players. The Jaedong became one of the world’s top Star Craft players. He is ranking on the top most of the list.

Lee Jae Dong, Highest-Paid Professional Gamers

2. Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishtutin: The annual earning million of about $200,000 playing Dota 2 in a single tournament. He is really dedicated to what to play those sole mid skills; he is regarded as one of the most creative players in current role. The tweet is really challenging and provides great success in creativity.

3. Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel: the annual price that he earned is about $454,919.23 from the 36 tournaments. The world’s prominent professional gamer has succeeded to reach his playing first-person shooters earned him massive cash prizes and sponsorship deals with major computer hardware companies.

4. Oleksandr ‘XBOCT’ Dashkevych: The annual earnings of $453,311.74 are being earned from 41 tournaments. Another Dota 2 champ, Ukraine’s Dashkevych has been ranking in the money since 2011. He carried out his play professionally and is thus is one of the player on Natus Vincere who is still recognized well just because of his game.

5. Jang Min Chul: He is one of the top StarCraft II players in the world representing from his place. This Korean player has made more than $450,000 regularly placing in tournaments from all sides since the year 2010. This Korean professional is nicknamed as MC.

6. Lee ‘Flash’ Young Ho: The current income that this Korean Star Craft: Brood War and also the Star Craft II player earned about $269,972.27 before the age of 18. The Young Ho moves have created quite a great lot of scopes for the game like- Wings of Liberty who plays under the alias currently playing for the KT Rolster.

7. Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov: He is the one who has a record of earning $450,480.14 from 39 tournaments. Competitive Dota 2 was a game that gained him quite a good amount indeed. Puppey is one of the prolific captains in Dota. After his recruiting was done, he helped his team to victory in both the way.

8. Jang “Moon” Jae Ho: He is one of the War Craft III players featuring the documentary- Beyond the Game. He is one of the star players of the StarCraft II player and made earnings of $12,799.73 from two tournaments before he was even 18 years old.

9. Jung “Mvp” Jong Hyun: He is the one who plays both StarCraft: Brood War and StarCraft II. His largest prize was $50,000 from playing Star Craft II in a tournament in 2011. He is from Korean.

10. Jonathan ‘Loda’ Berg: The Sweden’s Jonathan “Loda” Berg has been on the 12 different teams. He gained recognization when he joined The Alliance in 2013. He is taken first place in 23 tournaments. The different teams gained recognition when joined.

All these highest paid gamers are the most successful ones creating new aspect in the world of video games. Stay tuned to the official websites just to get the best information indeed. Hurry and stay connected.