Top 10 Successful And Highest Paid Goalkeepers in The World

The world’s top 10 best and highest paid goalkeepers in 2017, most popular goalkeepers in soccer.

Football is the one of the most popular game in the world in recent times. Goalkeepers are regarded as the wall and the game controller in a football team. Footballers these days are judged keeping two types of matches in mind, the club matches and the matches they play for their country. Goalkeepers appeared for the world cup gets a bit more priority than the rest.

The top names of goalkeepers who enjoys a handsome pay for their job in 2017

The list is entirely based on their international records for both their club matches and their country. Here is a list of world’s 10 best goalkeepers 2017 along with their FIFA ratings as follows.

1. Manuel Neuer: He is famous for often playing the role of a defender in the field and with Bayer Munich last season he had 27 clean sheets in a total of 52 appearances. Neuer has earned the Golden Glove of the World Cup with a stunning performance by making 4 clean sheets in 7 games.

Manuel Neuer, Highly Paid Goalkeepers in The World

2. Gianluigi Buffon: He is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. The Juventus goalkeeper was named 2013/2014 Europa league goalkeeper and has a descent record of 18 clean sheets out of 33 league appearances for Juventus. The 36 years old goalkeeper has a record of 745 league minutes without conceding a single goal.

3. Thibaut Courtois: He is 22 years old had been playing for Atletico Madrid and had a terrific last season with them by winning the La Liga with some sensational saves throughout the season. He is currently playing for Chelsea and in the urge to get a place in the first XI. He is rated 85 by earning one point.

4. Peter Cech: This Czech goalkeeper was named the EPL keeper of the year and he also earned the title of Premier League golden glove winner. In spite of having an unfortunate injury in the Champions League semi-finals, he maintained a clean sheet for 16 league games.

5. Iker Casillas: The Real Madrid Goalkeeper had a bad season by losing in his place in the league games. His performance against Netherlands was not that good and was also seen week against Chile in the second game. Dropping on from the last FIFA, Casillas is likely to be rated 85 this season.

6. Hugo Lloris: This goalkeeper is famous for his reflexes and terrific saves and has appeared in the World cup for France. He has a descent World Cup record of 3 clean sheets out of 5 appearances. This French goalkeeper has kept the rating of 84 this time and has the potential to do better in the coming seasons.

7. Salvatore Sirigu: This 27 years old goal keeper was named Ligue 1 goalkeeper of the year. He has appeared for the first time in the World cup in the opening game against England. This Italian goalkeeper performed quite impressively in PSG the last season.

8. Samir Handanovic: Though this Slovenian goalkeeper is generally underrated when it time for the listing but he has got the ability to stand up for the team in the toughest times. For the last couple of seasons he has proved himself the best goalkeeper in the Serie A. He is playing for Inter Millan and by keeping 15 clean sheets in 36 appearances he had a great last season.

9. David De Gea: This Spanish goalkeeper has been playing for Manchester United and he has proved himself as the game saver for the team many a times. The 23 years old Spanish goalkeeper was named United’s player of the season for an amazing for the last season. By gaining two more ratings from the last season David has earned 84 ratings this time.

10. Diego Lopez: This phenomenal goalkeeper appeared for 36 times in La Liga last season saving 18 shots. Though this time it’s tough for Lopez to find a place in the first XI due to the arrival of Keylor Navas. The Spanish goalkeeper is rated 84 this year and playing for A.C Milan.

The list of the top 10 goalkeepers 2017 is entirely based on their performances in the league matches as well as for their country. They are also the highest paid goalkeepers of the recent times accordingly.