Top 10 Richest Poker Players in The World

Know the top 10 richest poker players 2017, World famous poker players list.

Poker is the biggest game of gambling and there are some of the stars in this game that has claimed most of the tournaments and thus proved them to be a magician. If you are a fan of the game, then you must have seen them in the TV, and if not get the names of the top richest names from here.

Presenting the names of rich and popular poker players of the world in 2017

In case you are a lover of poker then it is important for you to know about the richest as well as successful players in this field. Here we are listing the top 10 rich players in this category.

1. Antonio Esfandiari – He is the youngest poker player and is one of the top players of the game in the world too. He has great winning records and is a popular face in the game as well. He has been one of the richest players in this game and he has been a star in all form of the game. He is the youngest to win a World tour for pokers.

Antonio Esfandiari, Richest Poker Players in The World

2. Erik Seidel- He is another popular name in the game. He has been in the game after he has out thrown all the opponents in the backgammon and after coming out here in the poker, he won seven World Series to top the list for many years. He has been the second richest player of the pokers and is a well known face among the fans.

3. Sam Trickett- The best player of England has not even reached the thirties. He won different tournaments in different part of the world and that made him a star player of the list. He is a name that is considered to be one of the biggest players of the poker and he is the third richest player in the game of the game.

4. Daniel Negreanu- You will find this Canadian star poker player in the TVs and thus he is a popular face among the fans. He has been a star player and a winner of many of the games and tournaments of poker. He was once stated to be a magician for the success in the game and is now a star player to be listed at the fourth rank.

5. Phil Helmuth- He is known to be the player who often outburst in the game. The style of the game of this player seems to be most unplanned, but the player is one of the most planned poker players in the world. He has been one of the top players of the game at one time and is now a common character in the TV.

6. Phil Ivey- He is another common name in the game and is a common character to the watcher of the game of poker in the TV. He is a huge gambler and is one of the top names that are named as the magicians in the game. He has the ability to win 10 million dollar from one single board.

7. Michael Mizrachi- He has been one of the big names in the game of poker. He is better known as grinder in the game of poker and has been the seventh name in the list of the richest poker players of the world. He has won all the major tournaments in the game and he even bets on his own performance.

8. John Juanda- He is from Indonesia and is the top poker player of the nation. He is not the World Series winner, but has won the bracelet for many years. He is a common name in the game of the pokers in the TV and he is there in the list of the richest poker players at the rank of eight.

9. Jamie Gold- He is the winner of the same cup in the year of 2006 and he is now a renowned TV personality too. He is the star poker player who is renowned to be one of the richest in this field. He has won the game with a record margin, which is a record still now in the game of the poker.

10. Joe Hachem – He is the tenth name among the list of the top poker players who are the richest. He has been the owner of the World poker event of 2005 and from then he never has to look back. He was once a top name in the list and now he is the tenth name among the richest poker players of the world.

All these players are star players and their name is in the list for that reason. Get the name of them and also watch them play in the TVs.

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