Top 10 Richest Oil Tycoons in The World

Know the top 10 richest oil tycoons of the world in 2017.

Oil has been the product or the natural resource that proved to be more expensive that the jewels and as a proof of that, it has created some of the great tycoons that are richer than all the jewel collectors collectively. There are many in the list, but the top ten among them has been listed here in the site. The ranking of them has been made according to the current net worth of them and you will find that all of them is more than the billions of dollars.

Presenting the list of richest and successful oil Tycoons of the world in 2017

It’s true that it needs great effort for establishing and to get success in the oil industry of this world. There are selected few people in this world who managed to become rich tycoon in the industry. We worked well to find the names of the rich oil tycoons.

The names of the oil tycoons are as follows.

1. David Koch- Koch Industries has been one of the top companies of US and it is the biggest name in the petrochemicals industry. The two brothers of the Koch family are the top tycoons in the world and their net worth is neck to neck. The current net worth of the chief executive of Koch Industries is around $44.9 billion

David Koch, Richest Oil Tycoons in The World

2. Charles Koch- He has been the brother of the Koch and his net worth is minutely less for he is the vice president of the company. The current net worth value of this brother is around $44.8 billion. The value is always going up with the change of the business condition and the asset size of the company.

3. George Kaiser- BOK financial corp has been one of the top farms of the world in the petro sector. It has been one of the growing companies. However, the last year showed a downgrade of the company. The chairman of the company is having a net worth of $13.2 billion, which has gone down by 0.1 billion from the earlier year value.

4. Richard Kinder- He is the CEO of the Kinder Morgan energy and his net worth is fourth in the list of the biggest oil tycoons. The net worthy of this chairman is around 11.3 billion and it changed from the previous year’s account by around 3 billion dollars.

5. Harold Hamm- Continental Resources has been one of the top farms in the sector of the Oil and natural gas segment. The CEO of the company is the fifth name in the list. He has been one of the top in the list and at the third position previous year and it has downgraded by 50% to make his net worth reach at 9.3 billion.

6. Elaine Marshall- She has been a stake holder of the company, Koch industries and she is there in the sixth position in the list. She has been a stakeholder for her husband and she is enjoying a net worth of $8.3 billion recently. Her net worth has gone up by 6% to reach it where it is now.

7. Ray Hunt- Here is the name of a legend and his son. H.L Hunt has been the founder of the Hunt Oil Co. and his son is now in the seventh position in the list of the oil tycoons. He has a net worth of 5.6 billion dollars and due to recession, it has gone down by 7%.

8. Milane (née Duncan) Frantz- Here is another mistress in the list, who has been there in the list due to her father, Late Dan Duncan. He has been a legend in the industry and his daughter is now a tycoon with 5.5 billion dollars of net worth. It has gone down by 7% due to recession, but she is still there in the eighth rank.

9. Randa (née Duncan) Williams- She has been one of the top woman tycoons and she is again a tycoon for her late father, the CEO of the L.P. Enterprise. She also found a downfall of 11% in the net worth and it reached 5.5 billion dollars in the current year.

10. Dannine (née Duncan) Avara- She is the sister of Rand and she has been in the list also because of her father. The net worth of this lady is also same and that has also gone down by 11% from the previous year’s count.

All the names that are referred in the list are the richest oil tycoons. Most of them are from the same family and they are the heirs of either their husband or father.