Top 10 Highest Paid Tattoo Artists in The World

The Top 10 Richest Tattoo Artists of the world in 2017, Most Expensive Tattoo Artists.

The tattoos are among the trendy style that is being associated with the fashion industry. On a regular basis, Tattoo artists are updating themselves so that they do not have to face the issue of outdated designs. The tattoo artists are earning about $100 per hour for offering the best design. The list below is one of the best survey report of the top highest paid tattoo artists in the world who are earning in lakhs and millions at times.

Here is the list that indicates the best tattoo artists who are also paid hefty 2017

The list of the top 10 tattoo artists is the one of the latest one. The tattoo designer need to invest a lot of time in making a picture perfect and side effect free tattoo on your skin. We need to accept the fact that it is a true creativity and imaginative power of the artist which matters the most while making a tattoo. Are you concerned about the fact as how the artistic will create impact on your personality through the tattoo design that you imprint on your skin.

The list is as follows:

1. Scott Campbell: His customer includes celebrities’ like- Josh Harnett, Marc Jacobs and the late Heath ledger. The specification of the tattoo that he has in his typography makes its antique embellishment for the customers who come to him. The per hour charge that he holds is about $1000 in the first hour and $200 every exceeding hour after that.

Scott Campbell, Highest Paid Tattoo Artists

2. Ami James: The second most expensive tattoo artists is Ami Tattoo takes a charge of about $500 per hour. He is seen to work on the TLC shows which make a perfect show for the audience. The shows like- Miami Ink and the NY Ink is just correct shows for those who are his fans. He has his own shop named tattoos by Lou.

3. Anil Gupta: The famous tattoo artist is among those famous tattoo artists who make a great impact over the fashion world in the recent trend. He charges $450 per hour and the exceeding hour is calculated accordingly after that.

4. Paul Booth: The charge that he makes is about $300 per hour. The devotees of Love seek his designs to get draws on their skin. The artist is well known for the love designs that he makes. The TV shows that he casts in are quite high in demand by the fans. Apart from all liabilities he does have his own restriction which makes him rank among the best known artists of the industry.

5. Kat Von d: The name is quite sound in the fashion industry. The superior knot that she makes for her customers are a real pattern of latest trend appreciated all over the world. She charges around $200 + per hour. At the studio, it is about depending on the level of the aspect that takes into impact the size and the shape. Nothing can make her down among all these tattoo artists. She is among the highest paid successful artist of the fashion world.

6. Stephanie Tamez: Ranking on the 6th position is the world’s one of the most renowned tattoo artists who are just the real galore of the fashion industry. She charges per hour $200, thus there are many customers who makes a frequent visit to her clinic.

7. Brandon Bond: This supreme tattoo artist has made a regular income of about quite good handsome money through her tattoo designing. He possesses his own clinic and shop where customers can get their favorite design from him with a per hour charge of about $400 per term. The more time that he takes is the real expensive presentation all the more.

8. Dave Tedder: This man is just an amazing artist who can make the tattoo look alive at just $150 per hour. He erudites and finally settled with the John Coiro and Novi Filopovich overlooked on him. He later on challenged and left Bull dog so that he can join the Babylon Tattoo.

9. Bob Tyrell: The one, who charges $150 per hour, drags good amount of money as well as the customers who are his real fans owing to his talent. He basically concentrates in the truthful black and gray designs with superior portrayals.

10. Mike Rubendall: The charge is about $125 per hour. He is too serious with his work. The customers are real assets for him. He is basically socialized with the eastern art and the fusion of the western.

These artists are the real talents in the industry. The per hour charge that they charge makes things all the more beautiful. They are known for their expensive designs and masterpiece art. Stay tuned to the official page so that you do not miss the latest updates.