Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Quarterbacks NFL

Most Popular Quarterbacks NFL, The top 10 hottest Guys of the NFL in 2017.

Football is the most famous game in the world. Millions of people wait for every interesting match of their favorite team. Some of the leading quarterbacks from different football teams have unbelievingly huge female fan following.

List of the top 10 hottest quarterbacks NFL 2017

You will surely burn from jealousy by knowing about their craze amongst women. The list of top 10 hottest male quarterbacks NFL 2017 is mentioned below.

Checkout the list by yourself decide yourself that they should be loved or not.

1. Collin Kaepernick: He is the hottest and most popular NFL quarterback at present. He has looks to die for. He is from San Francisco team. He really got some killer moves and amazing attitude. He is a lady killer. He has been in many relationships with hottest girls in the world. He is performing well in matches and enjoying his life with lots of money and hot chicks.

Collin Kaepernick, Most Popular Hottest Quarterbacks NFL

2. Matthew Stafford: He plays for Detroit Lions. He is the star quarterback of the team. He has a personality which can spell magic on any women in the world. He is one of the most desirable sports players. He has his own style of playing and hence he drives woman crazy behind him. The applause and shouting from his female fans during the matches is clearly noticeable.

3. Russell Wilson: Russell plays for Seattle Seahawks. He has a great physique. He is physically very strong and charming. Every woman in the world will die for that hot sports body. He works really hard for the matches and his skills have brought him at this stage where he can get any super hot woman he wants to be with.

4. Tom Brady: New England Patriots is the team for Tom Brandy. After Collin and Matthew, he is the most desirable quarterback among the ladies. In many matches, his woman fans just come to see her live. Females are insane behind him. He has a hot personality. He manages to look hot both in the sports wear as well as casual wear.

5. Aaron Rodgers: Aaron Rodgers plays for Green Bay Packers. He is a highly paid quarterback in nfl. His moves and style keep the female fans attracted toward him. The way, his female fans support him during the matches, it looks like Aaron is the honey and female fans are the bees. He has the potential to get the hottest lady in the world.

6. Cam Newton: The team for which Cam Newton plays is Carolina Panthers. He is a star player. He plays as a quarterback and believe it that he is damn good at it. With his skills and practice, he has earned quite huge money from his career and has able to impress thousands of hot girls who love football.

7. Andrew Luck: He plays for Indianapolis Colts team. He is quite popular and highly paid in his team. He can control any woman in the world with the charm of his personality. He is quite popular on social networking sites too. He gets thousands of like and comments daily on his photos, specially from women.

8. Tony Romo: He plays for Dallas Cowboys. He is quite rich in terms of money and fan following. He has amazing curves in his body. His fitness drives every women crazy behind him. He is enjoying his stardom and making his moves better as a quarterback. He has a great future ahead.

9. Chad Henne: He plays for Jacksonville Jaguars. Girls and women die to see his bare body and curves. He is indeed very popular within the female fans. He respect his game as well as his fan following. He always try to make his fans happy. He is one of the most desirable quarterbacks of all time.

10. Geno Smith: He plays for New York Jets team. He is the heartthrob of many young girls. He is a very charming and handsome quarterback. He has an amazing face cut and texture. He is quite interesting inside the sports and outside the sports.

These were some of the hottest and sexiest quarterbacks NFL in present time. Next time if you see a NFL match then just try to focus on the female fan followings in the presence of the above mentioned hot quarterbacks.