Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Pop Singers in The World

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Music can heal several wounds. The taste of music differs from one person to another. Many people are addicted to hard rock and metal music while several people like pop music. Even the classical and soulful music is loved by millions of people in the world.

List of the top 10 hottest pop singers of the world 2017

When it comes to pop music, how can one forget the top and leading pop music divas in the world? A hot pop singers increases the warmth of a song millions of times. You can hardly resist yourself after seeing the hot performances of these divas.

Check out the list of top 10 most popular and hottest pop singers 2017.

1. Britney Spears: Few decades ago, Britney Spears was a pop sensation. She was the youth idol at that time. Her songs and performances used to make people go crazy. At present she doesn’t do that much frequent performances but still she has managed to gain lots of popularity. She was born in Mississippi.

Britney Spears, Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers

2. Shakira: When melodious song comes with magical lyrics and a superhot body, it’s none other than Shakira. She is a well established pop singer. Her Latin beauty drives people mad. She has a huge fan following. She has made the world proud by singing and performing the Waka Waka song in the World Cup. Apart from singing, she likes writing songs. She has written many of her songs by herself. l

3. Latharine McPhee: Latharine McPhee is a well established singer in Hollywood. She has won millions of hearts from her rocking pop sings and hot performances. She is as hot as her songs. She was born in California. She was seen in American Idol and from there only several doors of success opened for her. She is now a super successful pop singer.

4. Kylie Minogue: Kylie Minouge is a very famous name in the field of pop singing. She can really spell magic on pop song lovers. She has amazingly performed hundreds of sings on the stage and has lit fire on stage. People go crazy after listening to her song. Her beauty and amazing voice quality has brought her so far. She is literally a pop sensation from Australia.

5. Rihanna: There is hardly anyone who is still unknown about Rihanna and her songs. She usually appears in news and magazines for her bold and extraordinary personality. She has given super successful events and shows so far. She is one of the most paid pop singer in Hollywood music industry. She was born in Barbados.

6. Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera is a pretty and hot pop singer. She can control her audiences in any show in a very well manner. She has proved herself as a complete pop singer so far. Presently she is busy with surprising projects which will soon be released. She was born in New York.

7. Avril Lavigne: Avril is the youth heartthrob at present. At such a young age she has managed to earn quite big amount of money and success. She was born in Canada. Her looks, her fashion statements, her cuteness, her perfect body and many other features in her can make anybody go insane.

8. Nicole Scherzinger: She is a famous pop singer. She has done much professional song writing too. She was born in Hawaii. She has a huge fan following on social networking sites. She is able to rule millions of hearts with her hotness, attitude and impactful voice.

9. Madonna: Madonna is the most famous name in the world of pop singing. She is above 50 at present but has managed to maintain her beauty as well as voice in an amazing manner. She has given several successful song, performances and events. She was born in Michigan.

10. Beyonce Knowles: She was born in Texas. She is quite famed amongst the youth. She got really hot curves. Her voice is very pleasant and powerful.

These were the top most pop singers who rule millions of hearts through their extraordinary beauty and talent. If you listen to any of the songs above, you will surely addict to them. Thus enjoy the hottest pop performances and choose the best pop singers according to you.