Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Male Singers

Top 10 most popular Male Singers in 2017, Hottest and most Handsome Singers.

Today everyone is crazy behind the music and the singers. There are many singers in the world who are leading the music industry. Apart from the middle aged established singers, there are many new and sensation singers in the world who have achieved great success in very less time.

List of top 10 hottest male singers from the world in 2017

Music when adds with glamour it offers a great refreshment to mind and there are few singers in this world who along with their music can appeal the mass with their smart, hot look.

Here is the list of top singers who have amazing singing ability as well as hottest personality that can make the audiences go crazy. So if you are a fan of any sensational singer then you must check this list out to compare you favorite singer with these leading sensations.

1. Usher: He is one of the most multitalented celebrities in the world of music. He is best known for his song YEAH. From his first album only, he got tremendous success and managed to make a huge fan following. He started his career as a professional singer in 1991. Today with the singing, acting and song writing skills, he is ruling the industry.

Usher, hottest and most popular Male Singers

2. Chris Brown: His first album was a super hit. He is a singer and dancer. The album which gave him fame is co-incidentally named F.A.M.E. After that he didn’t look back and went on touching several heights. He has many hit singles in his bag of success. Today he is one of the most famous male singers of 2017.

3. TAIO CRUZ: He is a n amazing singer, song writer and song producer. He has a unique style of singing. His voice is powerful and his attitude during the live shows can set the stage on fire. His best creations include Dynamite and Break Your Heart. He is quite popular among his female fans.

4. Bruno Mars: He is basically known for his melodious and sweet voice. He focuses on romantic song which can touch your heart. He is quite popular among girls and couples as he can create magic in the love songs. He is a singer, song writer and song producer.

5. Drake: he is also one of the leading multitalented singers. He can write wonderful songs as well. He is a very famous celebrity. He is basically from Canada. He carries a hobby of acting as well. He has acted in some television shows too so far. He mainly focuses on his singing career and he is really good at it.

6. Kanye West: Kanye West is already in a limelight from a long time. Whether it is his multi skills in the world of music and art or it is the link up with Kim Kardeshian, he has gained lots of public attention in past few years. He is an amazing singer and song producer. He is an artist as well. He is the heartthrob of many song lovers.

7. Pitbull: Pitbull is a famous name in the world of music and rapping. His career is quite impressive. He has an amazing and unique style of singing and rapping. He has done many successful individual albums and singles as well as super hit projects with the collaboration of famous celebrities.

8. Justin Bieber: He is the perfect example of social media creation. He used YouTube as the platform to show his talent and rest is the history. He is just 21 years old and has millions of fan following. He has given many successful albums and singles yet.

9. Justin Timberlake: He is such a great sensation in music industry. From his looks to his singing ability, he can make any woman fall in love with him. He has also acted in many movies like Bad Teacher and Friend With Benefits. He is a multitalented celebrity now.

10. Macklemore: He is also known as Ben Haggery. He is a talented singer and rapper. He has a decent fan following. With his looks and powerful voice, he has managed to bring his name at no. 2 on this list.

These were the young and sensational music heartthrobs of the world. You will be lost in their performances as well as their eyes as both are completely irresistible. These celebrities have given the music industry a new height. As they have provided super hit tracks in various genres, all of them are liked by millions of world audiences.