Top 10 Hottest And Most Popular Black Male Country Singers

List of top 10 Famous Black Country Male Singers of the world in 2017, Black Male Country Music Singers.

Country music is basically well known musical genre in as well as outside America. But this is mainly white-dominated genre; most of the music lovers do not appreciate the fact that African American singers can take the important role.

Presenting the list of hottest black male Country singers of the world in 2017

If you love country songs and the dashing singers who sings these songs then you in the right place as we are going to share with you the names of top 10 black male singers of this genre.

Here is the list:

1. Charlie Pride – Charlie Pride is ever known for his melodies voice, that’s why he is one of the globally recognized black county musicians, not only that he is also a talented songwriter. After Elvis Presley, Presently he takes the second position in the list of best selling performer, because recently he was signed RCA Records. More than 45 years of his career, Charlie launched huge number of solo performance, that’s why he takes the 1st position in this list.

Charlie Pride, Most Popular Black Male Country Singers

2. Darius Rucker – Darius Carlos Rucker one of the renowned county musicians is a Grammy award winner as an American country singer. In 1989, this great performer gained huge fame in the Blowfish band and Hootie. Apart from his signing tallest He is also talented rhythm guitarist. So that he was the main rhythm guitarist and lead singer for these bands. Darius Rucker takes the 2nd position in this list.

3. Aaron Neville – Aaron Neville is one of the multitalented performers from New Orleans, Louisiana. Now he is 74 years, but age does make any factor for his. He can do all thing related music and performance. He does jazz, pop, soul etc. from the introduction of his career; he worked with six global music labels and also give top lots of hits along with this he released four platinum certified albums. His globally popular black county musicians take the 3rd position in the list.

4. Cleve Francis – Cleve Francis who is one of the highly rated black county singer as well as songwriter takes the 4th position in this list. He was from Jennings, Louisiana. Basically Cleve Francis was a heart specialist, but he mainly made his popularity in music. As a singer he professionally debut in the year of 1992, after that He has worked with world top label like Playback and Liberty music labels. Presently he works with Liberty.

5. Cowboy Troy – Born on December 18, 1970 in Victoria, Texas, Cowboy Troy is one of the popular Black Country music singers. Not only is that he also a great hip-hop performer. This great singer is also a registered member of world renowned brand Muzik Mafia. He started his music career from this childhood; he appears into limelight on 2005 with his first solo album produced by global music company Warner Music Group. After that he gets huge popularity. He is now in the 5th position.

6. Trini Triggs – Trini Triggs is one of the established American country singer. Born in Louisiana, in the year of 1965, he started his career on the entertainment industry 1998 through a self-titled. He worked with various globally recognized brands. He is in 6th position.

7. Dwight Quick – Dwight Quick is one of the talented singer and songwriter of America. Born on Nashville, North Carolina, He is popular due to his unique traditional style which he mainly blend with country music, so that he is compared with the legend of country music legends Alan Jackson and Clint Presently, he is 7th best black singers.

8. Milton Patton – Presently, His age is 23-year, but he takes the 8th position as the top Black Country singer. He is from Forest City, Arkansas. Since the introduction of his career, this talented performer works with various universal brands. Not only is he singer he is also a talented performer.

9. Scott Eversoll – Scott Eversoll who is also a renowned Black Country music singer, takes the 9th position in the list. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, many people like him for his melodies and traditional voice which is extremely sounding rich voice. This is one of the special quality of country music’s hero. as other country singers, Scott started his career from a young age, but in the late 80s he got a big break. He works with various globally recognized brand from introduction of his career.

10. Carl Ray – Carl Ray who is handsome, gorgeous and owner of a killer voice is a talented songwriter as well as country singer from Texas. Due to all these quality he can easily hypnotized music lovers in all over the world. Live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, presently he is a powerhouse in both the international and local country music.

Though they all are black, but they all are as talented as white singer. Apart from their singing ability they also are talented song writer as well as performer. They also worked with world’s renowned music brands and That’ why they are also a name of a brand.