Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Hottest Actresses

Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses in 2017, Hottest Actresses in Hollywood. When the entire global film and entertainment industry is referred, the single synonym for that is Hollywood. Hollywood is the origin of all the legends in the film and television industry so far. Everyone has definitely a favorite actor in Hollywood whose action or emotion is loved.

Apart from the actors, there are several hot actress in Hollywood who exist on the top of the social networking sites.

Have a look at top 10 most beautiful Hollywood actresses in 2017.

10. Jennifer Aniston:

From a very old television show for youth, she is associated with Hollywood industry. She was damn hottest actress then too and she is still damn hot. Young men still can’t stop them fantasize about her after seeing her hot photo shoots. Apart from the boldness and beauty, she managed to bag some prestigious role for really bigger projects. She got several awards and nominations for many films. She is still ruling Hollywood with her charm.

jennifer aniston most beautiful hollywood actress 2016


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  1. Hey Top101,

    Love this post. Not only are these celebrities beautiful, but they are also amazingly brilliant and hard working. You won’t just find them at the nearest mall kiosks.


  2. Yeah,she is just burning bright.her lips is alcoholic.her eyes..!oh,what am i gonna say about her eyes?the way she look..oh it’s mesmerise me..

  3. Angelina. She is a damn good actress. She is even hot too. Paying more money for her is worth. If she takes a single part in a movie, the movie will be box office hit..

  4. She is very beautyful as well as so tallented….i am a big fans of her ever and ever..
    I lyk her acting with her charming beauty..

  5. Rosario Dawson is clearly one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. And that combined with a sharp intellect, make for an incredibly attractive woman. Agree or disagree with her, she one one the brightest and most articulate celebrities of recent times.

  6. in my opinion,body ,soul brain that connects with a lady,skin with skin,eye with eye,retina of my with retina of a hollywood lady helps to join together

  7. Wanted Margot Robbie though. She looks smoking hot in Suicide Squad. She has done so well too. She looks fabulous in the entire movie and seems a very promising star.

  8. yeah.. why is emma not in the list? she is more beautiful, hot and gorgeous than these beautiful ladies. better replace jenifer with emma.

  9. the list is good.. but its not on the right place. please try to rearrange it.. and all the actress in the list are not so beautiful.

  10. Emma is my fav actress. But she isn’t in this list. She is the most gorgeous, hot, sexy and everything. She is just sooper attractive and impressive in appeal.

  11. Cameron Diaz is one timeless beauty I’ve ever seen. She is so damn hot and she has gained a lot of popularity for her performance and beauty.

  12. Scarlett Johansson is the hottest. Her body is the sexiest in Hollywood. She has a great structure and her looks, eyes, and smoking hot lips are all so appealing. She has the glamorous look and she is my favorite actress.

  13. Scarlett Johansson is so beautiful and hot looking. Her body appeal is great and the way she makes her body iconic is great. Her eyes, lips, chin are the key to her beauty.

  14. Angelina Jolie is my gorgeous angel. She is the best looking woman. She is hot and glamorous. She has intruging structures and perfectly crafted figure. She has been the icon of feminism with her role in spreading awareness of breast cancer.

  15. This is a great selection of most beautiful hollywood actresses, very difficult to choose,but i will keep Sacarlet johannson as my favorite one. She is so beautiful.

  16. Scarlett is the hottest actress right now. She has perfect body structure and curves. Her smoking hot pair of eyes are seducing. Her lips are alcoholic! I just wonder how there can be one such sexy lady.

  17. Beautiful list. Everyone here are so good looking and impressive. They are the most desired and amongst most searched for in the world Internet. Especially Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie are so very hot and beautiful.

  18. Cameron Diaz has been known for her sexy and glamorous, hot looks in her movies. She has a great structure and she has killed it on screen with her hot body. She has a naughty, seducing smile. I loved her in the Knight and the Day.

  19. Omg! Jennifer Aniston is 47 year old and she is People Magazine’s most beautiful women. Her body is fit and her skin is age defying she is ever young looking. Just astonishing that she is still good looking at that age too.

  20. The wonderwoman deserves a place up in this list!
    She so damn gorgeous and sizzling hot too. Her body is in perfect tone and her performance in FF7, Batman vs Superman were all good. This Israeli actress is setting up fire in Hollywood with her sexy appeal.

    • Yeah. She was so good in Barman vs Superman and I recently found her pictures from upcoming Wonderwoman. She is so hot and sexy. Her body is glamorous and the eyes are seducing.

  21. We watch thousand actresses on screen is not it? Yes we surely do but really few can touch your heart by their skills and talent and most of all looks. Hollywood owns many beautiful ladies and you all might know about them right? But we decided to put top ten ladies in our latest list in order to get you best idea. We certainly looked deep in to their career and skills to compile this list but we are sure you have different list but let’s have a look on top 10 actresses of Hollywood right now.

  22. Angelina Jolie is now an idol and ambassador for the women community in the world. She has been the anchor to promote awareness against breast cancer and she got surgery in that regard too. She has a huge popularity as the hottest actress in Hollywood too.

  23. Please have a place for (Gal Gatod) in top 10 most-beautiful-hollywood-actresses she is the LORD OF BEUTI.

  24. Cameron Diaz she is a real hottie super talented love her work in There is something about mary , charlei’s angels. love her sense of humour and comedy and she can mesmerize anyone by her beauty

  25. Jennifer aniston is my life am real obsessive about her so don’t anyone dare to say anything against her she is a superb actress I have seen all her movies and admire her too much

  26. Hi, it’s nice to see this top 10 Hollywood actress. These actresses are very beautiful. I think, more beautiful and attractive images of these actresses would have made this website more appealing.

  27. Wow! This list is really very good, it is showing really some of the top beautiful looking Hollywood actresses in the world. Angelina Jolie is really one of the very beautiful looking actresses in Hollywood.

  28. don’t tell me that Jennifer aniston o scarlet johannson are beautiful because means that you have never seen a beautiful lady.

    • Where is selena gomez??????…………….she is hott too you know……i am also a big fan of jennifer anisto i love you…………..

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