Top 10 Hottest Female Singers in The World

Top 10 bold and Most Beautiful Female Singers In The world in 2017, most hottest female singers.

Singers have always been loved by the audience in the world. Different singers have different genre and texture of singing. The powerful voice is enough to impress the audience but what will happen when the hot voice will generated by a sexy personality.

Take the chance to know about the most popular and bold female singers of the world in 2017

The world of singing itself is very colorful and it gets new dimension when we get to see beautiful singers presenting the songs for our entertainment.

Check out the top 10 hottest women singers of 2017.

1. Beyonce Knowles: She is a very popular female singer today. Her performance makes millions of audience crazy. She has an amazing body. Her color tone and skin texture is irresistible. She has an amazing voice quality which is the major reason of her success. She is one of the highest earning female singers at present.

2. Avril Lavigne: You cannot ignore the cute and hot amalgamation of Avril Lavigne. She just nails the stage while her powerful performance. Anyone can’t even expect such a powerful and melodious voice by seeing her pretty face. She has an amazingly hot body and wonderful color tone. Her eyes are just killers for male fans. She is quite successful singer in the world music industry.

Beyonce Knowles, Hottest And Sexiest Female Singers

3. Shakira: The famous International Football World cup song Waka Waka is still pleasant to hear even today. She is the singer of many hit tracks including Hips Don’t Lie, Gypsy and Waka Waka. She has a very bold personality. There are millions of fans oh her in the world. She has won many awards for her unique and amazing singing style. She is one of the highest earning and famous female singers till today.

4. Mariah Carey: The way see gives a look at audience while maintaining the killer attitude is just can’t be described in words. She is a very successful and famous female singer today. She has given many successful and melodious tracks for few years. She has a huge fan following in which mainly the males are present. She sets fire on the place she performs. Her energy and the confidence are worth watching.

5. Katy Perry: She is the most discussed and loved celebrity related to the music in the world. From her smile to her perfect figure, everything is enough to make anyone crazy. She is so beautiful that she could have a successful career in modeling as well. Still, she has an established career as a singer today and she is doing pretty much justice to it.

6. Christina Aguilera: If you want to experience and unique voice with an unbelievable range then you must visit her live performance once. You will be amazed to listen the extremely high notes which she easily touches. Her voice range and quality is well appreciated and well known in the world. She has made a great career for herself from her extraordinary talent of singing.

7. Ellie Goulding: Anyone who doesn’t know Ellie as a singer, he will consider her as a model by mistake. She has a damn hot and pretty face. Her personality is just hot. She is the perfect example of a bold personality. She is an established singer and has sung many successful tracks so far. She has a huge male fan following. Her attitude can kill you if you stare her for more than few moments.

8. Shania Twain: She has a perfect model like figure. She is a beautiful singer and song writer. She has written and sung many amazing tracks. She is very dedicated and hardworking singer. She is currently involved in few melodious projects which will soon be in front of you. She has definitely a great future ahead if she continues to work like this only.

9. Carrie Underwood: She is the girl from American Idol. Did you recognize her? No? Then you must search for her profile. She is an almost established singer in the world music industry. She won one of the American Idol season and her good days began from there only. She didn’t look back from then and continued to sing many beautiful tracks

10. Jessie James: She is also a beautiful singer. She is not that mush famous like the others on the list but you cannot ignore her cute face. She has been ruling on many male hearts from a long time. She can make you fall in love with her from her sweet voice.

These were the top 10 hottest and bold female singers of 2017 whom you will definitely love to hear this season. Some of them are really heart throbbing; be aware of that.

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