Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Superstars

The top 10 richest, Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers in 2017, most popular wwe superstars.

Wrestling industry reflects the success stories of several wrestlers who have dedicated their entire life in this industry. WWE has given platform to new wrestlers and have provided them an opportunity to earn heavy income every year. Fans also help them to earn heavy revenue due to their attachment to a superstar and they pay heavily for tickets to watch the fight of their superstars. These superstars are known for performing deadly stunts every time and provide reason for their fans to love them for the same.

List of top 10 highest paid WWE superstars in the world in 2017:

The list of high-income WWE superstar is provided below. Below list also shows the dedication and time that a superstar has invested in this industry. In return gets handsome revenue for his exceptionally praising performance.

1. Kane: $905,000 – Kane is one of the appealing WWE superstars who are highly paid for his highly booking for this game. From the past 20 years, these superstars are entertaining the audience and are among the top list of such superstars in terms of highest income.

Kane, Highest Paid WWE Superstars

2. Chris Jericho: $974,000  – This WWE superstar is popular among its fans and has provided path for young talents to enter in this game. Along with wrestling, he is also known for his lucrative acting style. In order to perform in non-televises house show, Chris Jericho is recently contracted for this. He is very passionate and posses true love for wrestling.

3. Big Show: $1.2 million – After entering into WWE, Big Show started learning new techniques of wrestling very quickly and gained high reputation in this carrier.

4. Sheamus: $1.3 million – Sheamus is a quick learner and he is known for his quick success in wrestling. He gained great support from his fans. He is popular for his push and is known that he learned all such from Triple H.

5. Randy Orton $1.6 million – This player is known for her fitness and body structure that fit best in wrestling. He is known for his fighting skills and is known to stand always shifty. He is from wrestling background that makes him better in this game. Hard work and dedication towards wrestling helped Randy to achieved great success. Thus, he deserves to be among the highest income earners in wrestling.

6. Brock Lesnar: $ 2 million – Brock Lesnar is a quick learn and he shifted from low income to the most earner in WWE. After gaining great success in this game, he also shifted to UFC and again gains attention from huge fans. His salary is further increased and within three years, he gained huge increase in his salary.

7. Triple H: $2.12 million – Triple H is a popular name in wrestling, as along with WWE, he is also very popular in NXT and WCW. He married to his boss daughter and thereafter never looked backed in his carrier. He has a great future in wrestling, has contributed a lot in this exciting game.

8. The Undertaker: $ 2.25 Million – Very popular name in wrestling industry, he has great fans and is the great lover of this game. He is an elder statesman and is considered the backbone of wrestling industry. He always remains connected with his fans from long terms and is still a very popular face for wrestling lovers. Although he only fights once in a year, he remains the reason for heavy crowed of fans in ring.

9. John Cena: $2.75 million – He is a popular personality that remained with this industry for past 10 years. People love his new technique, learning skills and eagerness. His match ECW’s One Night Stand with RVD was a turning point of his life and made him popular. In this match, he accepted his lose and put RVD as a new winner and entertained entire crowed.

10. The Rock: $ 3.5 million – The Rock is at the number one in terms of income and is a very popular face in wrestling. He is a superstar that has earned huge reputation due to his hard work and dedication. He loves his work and for this reasons he is able to maintain his high income. Thus, he is very passionate about this work and love to entertain his fans.

Thus, the list of top earners in WWE provides the details of all the superstars along with their income. Each of them has their fan followings and they always perform well to entertain them.