Top 10 Highest Paid Victoria’s Secret Models

Highest Paid Victoria’s Secret Model in 2017, Know the name of top 10, Richest List highest paid Victoria’s secret model.

Are you aware of the secret models? They are the models that you will find in the night shows at your TV. They are all hot models and they are all highly paid for their bold ramp shows. You must be a fan of them and a regular watcher of the show on the TV. Check

A chance to discover the top 10 leading names of Victoria’s secret model who gets paid high in 2017

We worked really hard to find the top 10 names in this category. You will definitely find your top model in the list. All of the models that are there in the list are top paid models of Victoria’s secret shows. Get through the list and find the hot name in the list with the payment they receive a season.

Here is the list of the top ten among them.

1. GISELE BUNDCHEN – The final name is the name that will be there in the list of models, in all the aspect that you can consider. She is a top name among the hottest models, the top name among the most beautiful models and also the top name among the highly paid secret models. She is paid 47M for each season.

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2. DOUTZEN KROES – She is among the top names of beautiful women in the TV show. She has been a great model and she has been in the industry for quite a long time. She is known worldwide for being a hot model and there are many male and female fans for whom she is a true inspiration. She is paid 8M for each season.

3. ADRIANA LIMA – The beautiful aged model is one of the hottest beauties in the show and she has got many admirers too. The age factor has decreased the fan size of this model, but earlier she has been a top name, if fan list is compared. Her ranking among the top paid models is third and she is paid with $8M on every season.

4. MIRANDA KERR – The beautiful and graceful model is one of the top models of the TV show and she is having a great record of hotness. She is definitely one in the top list of the beautiful models. In the lists of the top paid secret models, she is at the fourth rank. She is paid every season with 7M.

5. LIU WEN – The Chinese model is one of the top stars in the secret shows. She has been a top model in the list and she is regarded as the most beautiful among the models too. She is paid with 7M every season. She is also having a great fan base that includes males and females.

6. ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO – The hot model is a role model for many of the females too. There are male fans of this model and their number is much more that the names mentioned earlier in this list, but it is astonishing that the female fans are even more than the number of male fans of this model. She is paid every season with 5M.

7. HILARY RHODA – She is the seventh among the top actresses that are hot among the models. If the hotness would have been regarded, her name should have been much ahead in the rank. She is having a great fan base too and there are many movie directors in the list too. She is paid every season with 5M.

8. KARLIE KLOSS – The third name in the list is hottest among many models and this model claims 4M each season. She has been a bold beauty and she is liked by many of the male fans. She is a hot character and her fan base is even extended to lots of female fans.

9. CARA DELEVINGNE – She has been another great face in the list. She is liked by most of the male fans and even by the directors. That is why she got chance in the movies as well. She takes 3.5M for each season from the show makers. She is one of the hottest models in the industry too.

10. CANDICE SWANEPOEL – The hot star is a beautiful face and is liked by most of the male fans. She is a star among the models and she takes 3M for each season in the model industry. She is a top star and her appeal on the ramp is really great for the male fans, who secretly watch the show.

All the models that are stated above are big name’s in the model industry and there are great many fans of them too.