Top 10 Highest Paid US Actors

Hollywood’s Top 10 Highest Paid Actors 2017, Know the names of top 10 highest paid US actors.

Getting the news of the highest paid actors of the state is the most important thing to most of the movie lovers. If you are looking for the best stars of US that are highly paid for their movies, here is the list of them. All of them are the stars and the superstars and they are having great success stories to find their name at this place.

Check out who are there in the list of top 10 US actors who are paid hefty for signing a film in 2017

You might be a fan of anyone of them and thus check out how much they get for each of the movies that you like of him or her.

The list of the top ten highly paid actors is as follows:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio- The star got 25 million dollars for the wolf of Wall Street. He has been a great actor and has done many good movies. He is topping the list of the top actors who are highly paid for their roles in the movies. This is not the rate of the actor; rather this amount depends on the market of the movie. The highest rates for the movies are definitely for the blockbuster one.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Highest Paid US Actors

2. Matt Damon- He is the actor who will be paid for the movie Bourne, which will released in 2017. The internal report says that he will be earning 20 million dollar cheque for the movie. He has also been a great actor and that is the top reason why his rate is so high for the movies. However the charges differ from one to other movies and that is one the roles in them.

3. Bradley Cooper- He is the third name among the top paid US actors. He has received 15 to 20 million dollars for all the movies. The actor is a genius one and is a popular face in the industry. The directors prefer this actor as he has a dynamic character and that is why his movies are prone to be blockbusters.

4. Robert Downey Jr. – This actor is also a proficient one and he has got many new good movies with him to get a hike in the payment. In avengers 2, he has been paid 20 million dollars, but the average payment he receives for the movies is around 125 million dollars. The actor is a young one and is talented enough to go ahead of all in the future.

5. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – This man is a renowned name in the film industry and he almost fixed his rate at 15 million dollar for each movie. The man is a talented actor and is a hot name among the movie lovers in the nation. He is there in the list with a balanced income of 15 million dollar for each movie.

6. Sandra Bullock- She is the highest paid women in the US film industry. She has been a talented actress and she has taken the position of Julia Roberts after that glamour moved away from the movie world. This actress rakes near about 20 million dollars for each movie and she has received her cheque of that value for the movie Gravity. However the average amount she takes for the movies is 10 million dollars.

7. Angelina Jolie- She has been a renowned name in the film industry and this hot glamour has been a superstar. She claimed 15 million dollars for the movie Maleficent and is at the seventh position among the US actors to get top value for a movie. This actress comes in the second position of the female list.

8. Melissa McCarthy- The star is a hot actress and is a favorite nomination from the directors for the movies. She gets an average of 15 million dollars for all the movies. However for side roles she takes less.

9. Jennifer Lawrence- She is another top young actress and she takes an average of 10 million dollars for all the blockbusters. For normal movies and side roles she takes less.

10. Seth Rogen- The final name among the top ten highest paid US actors is Seth. He has been a great actor in his career and he claims an average of 8 million dollars for all the movies on an average.

All the actors and the actresses are top names in the list of the directors and the fans and thus you must be knowing their name for the good movies they are having.