Top 10 Highest Paid Successful YouTubers

Top 10 richest, highest paid successful Youtubers 2017, Most Popular YouTubers In The World.

You Tube videos has provided a greatest source of income to some of the people who has great potential have gained popularity in uploading popular videos and gained high attention from people. Although there are several You Tube stars, still there are few who are among the highest income gainer from this source.

List of top 10 highest paid Youtubers of the world in 2017

The below list of top Youtubers is a dedicate work of expert team that has extracted this information from various sources and provided a list of some of the highest income gainers form YouTube videos.

1. Annoying Orange: – Dane Boedigheimer created this comedy web series during the year 2010. He gained attention of huge population and because of this; he was capable to earn an annual income of $3.4 million. He has 4,100,240 subscribers and this web series has total views of 2,410,594,143. Due to the great success of these videos, this has spawned video game, TV serial and a T-shirt line.

Dane Boedigheimer, Highest Paid Successful Youtubers

2. UberHaxorNova: – James Richard Wilson Jr owns the popular channel UberHaxorNova on You Tube. It was started in the year 2008 and is the best place to enjoy some jokes and videos. It has potential viewers of 2,713,385 and total views of 1,422,401,817. Thus, due to the highest fan following and viewers, this You Tube channel is able to gain high annual income of $3.5 million.

3. RayWilliamJohnson: – This is a popular channel that was started by Ray William Johnson, his interest in these You Tube videos started when he was studying law in Columbia University. He started his own videos and the comedy that he provided in his videos gain high attentions from viewers. He has an income of $4 million yearly from total views of 2,810,096,227 and total subscribers of 10,827,107.

4. TobyGames: – The annual income is $4.2 million and has total subscribers of 6,917,106. With a huge viewers like 1,867,214,633, this gaming channel is among the highest popular game channel in You Tube. Game series like ‘Watch me fail to be good at video games’, ‘Skyrim’Minecraft’ and ‘Walking Dead’ have successfully gained the attention of large number of viewers. Along with this gaming channel, he also has two other channels like my Lazy Vlog and Tobuscus.

5. JennaMarbles: – Jenna Marbles is a female You Tube channel holder who has successes in placing her in a list of top most earners in You Tube. Her annual income is $4.3 million and has total number of 14,511,148 subscribers. Total views of this channel are 1,650,076,560. His video tile ‘How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking’ gained her world popularity.

6. BluCollection ToyCollector: – This You Tube channel provides an annual income of 4.8 million and has large number of subscribers like 1,513,438 and with total views of 2,622,204,041. It is known for providing kids friendly videos. Most of the videos are in Portuguese and Espanol that is meant for infants, toddlers and preschool children.

7. DC Toys Collector: – This channel provides huge collection of Disney videos that are meant for children and has gained high popularity among this age group. This channel provides an annual income of 5 million and has 3,369,452 subscribers along with 4,560,266,446 views.

8. Smosh: – This You Tube channel provides an annual income of 5.7 million and has 19,545,673 subscribers along with 3,959,654,811 views. Anthpny Padilla introduced this channel along with some of his friends. This channel provides comedy and lip-sync vides that have gained high popularity on You Tube.

9. Yogscast Lewis & Simon: – Yogscast Lewis & Simon have uploaded some of the funniest games on You Tube that has earned an annual income of 6.7 million to its owner. It has total 2,940,251,397 views along with 7,232,198 subscribers.

10. PewDiePie: – Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish video game commentator who has uploaded these popular action video games on You Tube. One of the highest earning video game of this owner is ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’. His total annual earnings from these videos are 7 million. He has 33,525,405 subscribers and 7,400,126,842 viewers.

Here are some of the finest and highest You Tube earners from their channels and videos that they upload. People can pick their best You Tube game and videos and enjoy the pleasure and fun of these videos.