Top 10 Highest Paid TV Actresses in The World

The Highest-Paid TV Actresses Of the world in 2017, Highest Per Episode Paid TV Actresses of All Time.

Television has changed the life of everyone, as it provides entertainment and pleasure at the comfort of home. This is the best source of entertainment and enjoying a pleasure time with dearness. This is the best platform where new talents showcase their expertise and acting skills through various TV programs and get an opportunity to earn heavy income. This is the best industry where anyone can get world exposure through the acting talent. Although there are various TV actresses that are very popular, however, these are the ones that are earning high income from this industry.

List of top 10 highest paid TV actresses of the world in 2017

People who are looking for the best and popular TV actress who are highly paid in this industry can review the below list. Brief description of the entire top 10 TV actress is provided below along with their annual income.

1. Kerry Washington: – Kerry Washington has gained high income from his various endorsement and contracts with Movado and Neutrogena. With an income of $6 million, this actress has doubled her income and has gained her position in this list. Her husband Nnamdi Asomugha is a NFL player.

Kerry Washington, Highest Paid TV Actresses in The World

2. Mindy Kaling: – Mindy Kaling is known for her titular role in ‘The Mindy Project’ and this is the place form where her major porting of earning comes from. Her income is $6.5 million and her major part of earning comes from various lucrative contracts with Hulu Plus. She also promotes XFinity and earns heavy income from it.

3. Amy Poehler: – Amy Poehler earns around $7 million from her various advertisements and contracts. She also earns heavy income from NBC and Universal TV.

4. Alyson Hannigan: – Alyson Hannigan earned an amount of $340,00o from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and his total earning is about $9.5 million. She is a 40 years old actress and is currently working hard in ‘More Time with Family’ sitcom in CBS.

5. Cobie Smulders: – She is a 32 years young actress who has earned huge amount of $340, 000 for popular CBS sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’ last season. Along with such TV serials she is also able to earn huge amount from her acting in popular movies like Captain America: Winter Soldier.

6. Ellen Pompeo: – She earns an amount of $10 million yearly and is among the most popular actress of TV. Her popular SBC drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has made her a popular actress and her role of Meredith Grey is loved by her fans. Moreover, she has also signed for another two seasons and is expected to earn some additional money from her acting.

7. Julianna Margulies: – She has won some of the popular awards like Emmy and Golden Globe award and has earned an income of $10 million every year. In a popular NBC drama ‘ER’ she is well known for her role of Nurse Carol Hathaway. She is 48 years old, and at this age, she has successfully produced ‘The Food Wife’.

8. Kaley Cuoco Sweeting: – Kaley Cuoco Sweeting is a 28 years old actress who has earned an income of $11 million from her hard work in various roles and advertisements. She charges $350,000 per episode ‘The Big Bang Theory’. She also endorses Priceline and gets huge income from it.

9. Mariska Hargitay: – As per her annual income is concerned she is a top 2 highest paid actress and earns an amount of $13 million from TV acting. She is gaining high popularity from ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’. Mariska Hargitay has won various awards in her life. She is among the Emmy and Gold Globe award winners.

10. Sofia Vergara: – Sofia Vergara is in the top position in the list of highest paid TV actress. She earns $37 million annually and is a 42 years old talented TV actress. She is among the most powerful lady in this industry and has huge list of fans. This is her third consecutive no 1 position in this list.

Thus, the above list of the most earned and highest paid TV actress has huge fan followings and has gained their popularity all over the world. Their popularity is increasing every year. They are an inspiration for the young talents and motivated them to gain new heights and success in life with their acting skills in TV.