Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Olympic Athletes

The Highest Paid Olympic Athletes of 2017, Know the top 10 successful Olympic athletes.

There are very few sites that provide the details of the Olympics and thus you face a problem in collection of the Olympic data. You might be a fan of a particular segment and you will be looking to collect the information regarding the top medal collectors in the event of the Olympics.

Presenting the list of successful Olympic athletes 2017

This article will give you the medal count of the top medal collectors in the event till date. Thus you can easily collect the full data from this article. Get through the article and collect the information that is really rare in the website.

#1.MICHAEL PHELPS- The last time winner of six medals has been a star performer as a swimmer from America. This star has collected an overall 22 medals, among which 18 are gold medals. He is at the top rank of all the medal collectors. Thus there are many names that are yet to come in the list, after him.

MICHAEL PHELPS, Highest Paid Successful Olympic Athletes

#2.LARISA LATYNINA- She is in the second position with 18 medals in total. Out of this 18, there are fourteen that are won individually and there are four that are won for the team. She is a Gymnast from Soviet and is a magnificent performer in the events. She participated in Olympics from 1956 to 1964 to win all the medals that are listed here.

#3.PAAVO NURMI- The flying Finn of the world has 22 world records and is in the list at the third position. This star is a great runner and between 1920 and 1928, he won nine medals and he is the only runner who won so many medals. Out of the nine medals, there are 7 that are won individually, and there are 2 that are won by the team.

#4. MARK SPITZ- There is total eleven medals under the name of this swiftest swimmer. Out of this 11, there are nine gold medals. One is silver and other is bronze. The star athlete is one of the top swimmers in the world and there are many other awards in his name too.

#5.CARL LEWIS- He is regarded as the greatest track runner in the world and he has got a total of 10 medals in the Olympics, nine of which are the gold medals. This is a great athlete and has got many records in different style of races. Still now, he is regarded as one of the top racers of the world.

#6.OLE EINAR BJØRNDALEN- He has been a great athlete with a star performance in Olympics in terms of the biathlete games. The star performer is having 13 medals in total. The most delicate athlete is having many good records under his name and thus is regarded as one of the greatest athlete in the world till date.

#7.BIRGIT FISCHER- She is regarded as the best women canoeist in the world. Her career in the Olympics has been extended from 1978 to 2005 and she is definitely a star performer. The most important thing is that she has never won a silver medal or a bronze. All the eighty medals she won are gold.

#8.BJØRN DÆHLIE- He has been the best skier in the Olympics and has won total 13 medals including eight gold medals. The most important thing about him is the super performance of this player. He is never returned from the Olympics without any medal from a stage.

#9.SAWAO KATO- The Japanese gymnast won the most number of medals for the nation. He is among the ten athletes that have wino 8 Olympic medals. He has been a super performer from the nation and has been the best in the segment of gymnastics. He has been a star in the nation and is the best Asian performer in the Olympics.

#10.JENNY THOMPSON- The tenth name in the list of the top name is another one who has won 8 gold medals in the Olympics. She is regarded as the fastest women in the world and she won the most number of medals as woman in the free style races. The star performer has been one of the legends in the Olympics for the speed of her in the free style.

All the stars are legends and they are recorded as the best participants in the game of Olympics till date. Thus collect their name and keep it safe.