Top 10 highest paid successful NFL players

Top 10 highest paid successful NFL players 2015-2016, The Key Factors of the highest paid successful NFL players

The people of American love to play the special American Football. This special American football has been generated from one of the favorite sports in America, Rugby. This game is extremely famous within USA and Canada. Many sportspersons are there who are involved with this game and participate in the NFL. This game is also a good source of income for the players involved with this game. It has been observed that NFL players are the highest paid athlete within the world.

List of Top 10 highest paid successful NFL players 2015-2016

In the world these NFL players are considered as the richest players in terms of yearly salary, endorsement and sponsorship.

Here we can take a look at the top 10 highest paid successful NFL players 2015-2016.

1. Jay Cutler – Jay Cutler is another talented National Football League player and presently he is playing for Chicago Bears. With this team he has a contract of seven years. The total value of the contract is $126.7 million. His is taking yearly salary of $17.5 million.

Jay Cutler, highest paid nfl plater

2. Gerald McCoy –  This famous NFL player is playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he is contracted to play for the team for 6 years. The contract has been valued at $95.2 million. He is paid $2.5 million as signing bonus.

3. Eli Manning – Eli Manning has become as one of the most top ranked NFL players in recent days. He is playing for the most famous team New York Giants. The team has contracted this most talented player at a price of $97.5 million among which he is paid $ 13 million as signing bonus.

4. Peyton Manning – Denver Broncos has taken Peyton Manning in the team at a value of $96 million. His present salary per annum is $19.2 million. He is a talented player in quarterback and this quality has made this possible to make a guaranteed income of $58 million from Denver Broncos.

5. Mike Wallace – He is one of the most talented football players who started his career in Mississippi. At present he is playing for Miami Dolphins with whom he has a contract around $60 million. His huge income has made this possible to rank him within the top 10 highest paid NFL players.

6. Sam Bradford – He is one of the most qualified quarterback in National Football League in America. Presently he is playing for St. Louis Rams. He has singed a contract for 6 years with this team for which he is being paid $78 million. As signing bonus he is received $17.9 million. His take home salary is $13 million.

7. Philip Rivers – Philip Rivers is one of the most talented player in USA and he is recently playing in San Diego Chargers. He is in a 6 year contract with San Diego Chargers at a value of $91.8 million. He is getting signing bonus as $19.5 million. His annual salary is approximately near to $15.3 million. His current asset can be measures at value of $106.1 million.

8. Greg Hardy – At present this famous defensive player is in contract with California Panthers. While he was studying in Mississippi, he started playing football. Today is recognized as one of the top NFL players. He is in contract with California Panthers for one year at a price of $13.1 million. His basic salary during the last season was $13 million.

9. Ndamukong Suh – Detroil Lions is proud to have Ndamukong Suh in the team. This defensive tackle player is in contract with Detroit Lions for 5 years. The contract is valued at $64.5 million. His yearly remuneration has come to $12.9 million and he also earns a guaranteed income of $23.2 million. During the last season of 2014-2015, his earning has reached to $22.4 million.

10. Ben Roethlisberger – At number 10 we can definitely take the name of Ben Roethlisberger. Presently he is playing for Pittsburgh Steelers and he is in contract with them for 6 years which will end on 2016. He signed the team at a price of $87.9 million inclusive of a signing bonus of $25.2 million. His present career earning has reached more than $93.2 million.

So, from the above we can notice the top ten highest paid NFL players during last season.

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