Top 10 Highest Paid Successful NFL Coaches

The 10 Highest-Paid NFL Coaches in 2017, Key factors of top 10 highest paid successful NFL coaches.

In America National Football League has become extremely famous and players are given huge amount as signing with various teams. Not only the players but also coaches are also been paid huge remuneration to make a strong football team to win National Football League. Coaches who are appointed in these teams have immense knowledge regarding how to develop a team and place it at the top. All these coaches are well experienced and have vast knowledge to make the team the best. The success of each team is completely depended on the ability and experience of the coach.

List of top 10 highest paid most successful NFL coaches in 2017

As the National Football League is one of the most favorite games in America, engagement of experienced coaches is a must.

Here we can take a look at the list of successful coaches for NFL who have been paid the most.

1. Bruce Arians : In the year 2013 he has been appointed as the head coach of the team Arizona Cardinals. Previously he was the assistant in college and gather huge experience. He is paid $6 million for his service. He started his coaching career in the year 1975 and till date he is doing it successfully

Bruce Arians, Highest Paid Successful NFL Coaches

2. Jason Garrett: He has been appointed as the head coach of Dallas Cowboys. He has done his job successfully and Dallas Cowboys started winning games under his guidance. At present he is paid $6 million and it has been decided that he will also be doing coaching for this team for next five years.

3. Chip Kelly: Philadelphia Eagles is extremely fortunate to have the coach as him. He is paid $6.5 million as his fees. Under his coaching, the team held a record in the year 2014. He has been appointed as head coach of Philadelphia Eagles for more three years.

4. Tom Coughlin: It is nearly 11 years that Coughlin remains the coach of New York Giants. Though he failed to make the team to reach to the play offs but from 2007 and 2011 he has two super Bowl rings. He has an overall experience over 19 years in National Football League. He is paid $6.67 million for his experience.

5. Jeff Fisher: St Louis Rams has appointed Jeff Fisher as head coach of the team at a value of $7 million. He is continuing the coaching for last 20 seasons since 2012. He has two more years to continue with the deal. Previously he successfully conducted his job as defensive assistant.

6. Pete Carroll: Pete Carroll has presently been appointed as head coach of Seattle Seahawks at $7 million. He made this possible to take the team to playoffs for four times in last five years. He will be here in this team for next three more years.

7. John Harbaugh: At $7.5 million Baltimore Ravens has contract with John Harbaugh. Since he took over the responsibility of the team, the team is doing extremely well. He has made it possible to win almost 64 percent season games. He will be there for two more years in this team.

8. Andy Reid: At present Andy Reid is doing successfully with Kansan City Chiefs. He has been appointed at a value of $7.5 million. In the year 2013 he made the play offs and finished at 9-7 record. Till 2018 season he will be there in this team.

9. Bill Belichick: New England Patriots is really lucky to have the most experienced coach like Bill Belichick. He is doing really well in Patriots which is 175-65 in recent season. After his joining, the team has made it possible to enter playoffs in 12 of the 15 seasons.

10. Payton: Payton is the highest paid coach in the recent days. He is paid $ 8 million by New Orelans Saints. Under his coaching, the team won Super Bowl in the year 2009 and has managed to reach to playoffs for five times.

Accordingly from the above, we can take a look at the top ranked and highest paid NFL coaches during the year 2017.

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